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Sins of the Fathers (5)

He screwed off the gas cap, which was on my side of the truck, and began pumping. A small smile curled his full lips when our eyes met. 3,014 more words

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A conversation with Travis Mulhauser

Travis Mulhauser’s debut novel may be set in a fictional county in northern Michigan, but Sweetgirl reads very much like an Appalachian or Southern Gothic novel akin to Winter’s Bone. 1,368 more words


A Prologue to 'True Detective'

My commentary on HBO’s True Detective (season one) is going to be a bit more incremental than I would have liked.  But hey, such is life. 627 more words


Tie, Mueller

Say what you will about the dress code. About having a dress code, I mean. We’re “professionals,” and after all, you dress for the job you want. 1,226 more words


Sins of the Fathers (4)

The sun rose a bright-orange hot, promising another scorcher. It crept across the cloudless blue sky at a snail’s pace, seeming to mock my urging it to hurry by traveling even slower. 3,031 more words

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Augury (at childhood's end)

Something covered his face,
a flash of green, of something grotesque—
something cartoon bright and monstrous,
like a grinning snake
or sharp-chinned goblin.
The screen door’s springs screeched, rusty. 630 more words

Dark Poetry

Sins of the Fathers (3)

The days following Daddy’s departure passed by uneventfully, one much like the other. I came to know and love Granny as I worked along beside her. 2,562 more words

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