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Friday Night Frights: We Are What We Are

The horrors of the working week are over, time for a terrifying start to the weekend with Friday Night Frights. Tonight, We Are What We Are’s… 475 more words

Under The Overpass, A Southern Gothic Sky - Rowlett, TX-66

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away”

It’s odd how some songs just feel so appropriate to places, no matter how little they actually have to do with said place. 422 more words


That Southern Gothic Feel- Trees In The Water

Where does it come from, this longing I have to dip and tiptoe through drowned marshes under highway overpasses?
You could blame it on the imagery used so lusciously throughout the first season of True Detective. 137 more words


Stormy Southern Gothic

Didja know that was a genre?! Yeah, well, I didn’t either.

I can’t say enough about this playlist. Forreal.

The other day in Cincinnati, it was so dark that it looked like it was nighttime. 103 more words


I'm Not the One: A fiction character's POV

As you know my favorite genre to write is Southern Gothic. Maybe it’s what I know, or maybe the possibilities for developing complex characters against a background steeped in a history full of dichotomies. 527 more words


What a SaaS Startup and a Southern Gothic Novel Have in Common

This week, I completed two accomplishments in my life. First, I finished my research examining character interactions in the novels of Carson McCullers, a Southern Gothic author from the 1940’s. 684 more words


Have you ever wondered about the lyrics of a song–theĀ  story behind the words? I often do, trying to piece together what is told and what is left unsaid/unsung. 416 more words