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New Orleans: That famous Southern hospitality

Our flight from New York to New Orleans was at 6am, and that should have made me sad, but I was so excited that I felt like a kid at Christmas. 182 more words

Things I Miss About Gatlinburg that I Don't Have in Ohio

If some of you haven’t already figured it out, I am not from Gatlinburg. I live here in Ohio and maintain this blog with the purpose of writing about my experiences — and things I have learned — so I can pass this information to someone who has either never been here, or likes visiting and wants to know more. 689 more words

Coconut Cake


I decided yesterday that instead of giving you a healthy recipe for Feel Good Friday, I’m going to give you cake. You’re welcome. 384 more words

Nottoway Plantation House ~ or my Gone With The Wind moment!

Oh my how grand is Nottoway House, from the minute you leave the freeway and enter the  drive you know that you have arrived big style. 484 more words

Traditional, Eccentric or Colorful...

Southern women are traditional, eccentric or colorful creatures; sometimes we are just one or the other- a straight up Traditional, an Eccentric, or a Colorful Southern woman-though sometimes you will run across an… 338 more words

Alabama Lifestyle

Southern Hospitality

I have now lived in Colorado for over two years. We’ve passed the dating phase and are into full-blown commitment with our western citizenship. My husband and I are preparing to move into our third apartment this coming weekend, and a trip to Nashville couldn’t have been more needed. 529 more words


It's the people...

It isn’t long since I finished writing the dissertation for my Masters degree. Just a month or so, actually. Since I was studying Creative Writing my dissertation took the form of a piece of creative work – in my case, extracts from a longer novella – and an essay commenting on that work in a critical sort of way. 1,010 more words