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The Evening Post: A Long And Exciting Week Ahead

This upcoming week for me will be the busiest and most worthwhile week I have had in a long time.  For now I can not talk about what is happening, but I have several guests coming and meeting me from different parts of the United States.  140 more words

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Friendship Through The Hard Times

APRIL 2018

Did you have a chance to watch Barbara Bush’s gorgeous funeral? Living in Houston, her service was the buzz of the weekend and well deserved. 842 more words

Southern Hospitality

I’ve read about Southern Hospitality, and now I’ve experienced it — it’s real and it’s refreshing. During this trip I met the most friendly, helpful, sincere strangers in my life. 420 more words

Tasty, fun and meaningful: House of Blues Myrtle Beach Sunday brunch

North Myrtle Beach, SC is the location for a great way to celebrate the seventh day of the week. Whether you’re coming from church or music itself is your salvation, … 263 more words


Retirement - Who Knew?

My husband and I are 9 years into our “retirement” – and in my humble opinion we need to rethink that word. Webster defines retirement as “a withdrawal from active service”, or “a withdrawal into seclusion”, neither of which even remotely describes our social calendar. 289 more words

Twice in one week, I have been driven via golf cart directly to my vehicle at the end of the night, instead of my just walking the half mile (or more), as I was entirely willing to do, and it both times made me feel a little bit like a princess.


Post-a-day 2018

New Orleans Food Explosion

New Orleans has been on my list of places to visit for a while and this year, my friend and I got the chance to visit the city (there was a seat sale and it was my birthday, not that I needed an excuse). 1,770 more words