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Life is Sweet in the SEC

Southern Living said it best, “Tailgating is an occasion for your Sunday best, just a day early and in team colors.” While setting a date for my wedding, I had to wait for the football schedule to come out. 118 more words


Southern Living

“Southernisms” are things southerners say and do, including myself, every single day even when they don’t realize it! The south is such a relaxed and easy lifestyle. 178 more words


Game Day

The grandeur of an American game day is nothing like we know to experience back home. In comparison, I don’t think we’ve had anything quite as big, which shuts down a city, since the 2012 London Olympic Games.  774 more words

South Carolina

Southern Roots

Welcome to the south where the accents are strong, the summers are hot, and every home is full of pure southern hospitality. Growing up in the south has been a privilege. 81 more words


Now THAT'S Southern Hospitality

My family recently started frequenting a tiny one-room Mexican restaurant where we’ve developed an addiction to the tacos and gorditas. We’ve been working our way down the menu methodically, but we keep missing the shrimp tostada, which has been sold out. 536 more words

Frugal entertaining at home [classic article]

That office holiday party this year – if it still exists for you – is likely to be at your house or the boss’ house instead of a restaurant. 352 more words


The Great Lake Day

After my scepticism with religion, what will forever be known as the “Great Lake Day of August 2017” has opened my eyes as to why the church still takes a hold of 83% of people in the USA. 398 more words