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Why the humanitarian disaster in South Kordofan is allowed to happen. Part 2. Does the international community fail to act on the war in South Kordofan?

Last week guestblogger Nanne op ‘t Ende explored the question – why the humanitarian disaster in South Kordofan is allowed to happen? – by looking at the role of the media. 1,409 more words


Why the humanitarian disaster in South Kordofan is allowed to happen

By Nanne op ‘t Ende

Two prominent questions dominate the coverage of the war in South Kordofan. This piece investigates the first question.

  1. Why does it receive…
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Lost Children?

During the war in Darfur many children got seperated from their parents. For weeks, months they walked and walked in the hope to find a refugee camp. 199 more words


An American in Sudan's Nuba Mountains Tells of Sudanese Bombing

I traveled with Ryan Boyette for a week last month in Sudan‘s Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan. Boyette is an American and former aid worker who has lived in the Nuba for nine years. 901 more words


Situation in Southern Kordofan by CHRIS KELLY

In January this year, I crossed over from Yida refugee camp situated on the border between South Sudan and Sudan, into the Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan; a state roughly the size of France. 48 more words


Don't Give Them an Excuse

There’s talk now of non-negotiated access to Blue Nile State and Southern Kordofan for the purposes of providing humanitarian aid. Sounds like a laudable goal, and it would be nice to get food and medical care to those that really need it (and I’m not talking about the SPLM-North, because anyone in the Sudans who has a gun is a bad guy–Full. 377 more words


The Hypocrisy of Demanding Justice Without Enforcing It

In questions of justice in conflicts authors have often described a marked divide between the interests of Western countries and the needs of the local populations directly affected by the conflict on the ground. 1,137 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)