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“The 51st State”

Our Goal : Bringing counties of southern Oregon and northern California together to form a new state named Jefferson!

Change is good… sometimes it takes time to realize how much change can benefit us. 190 more words


Race Preview: 2016 Monkey Around 5K Fun Run (Jacksonville, Oregon)

On February 27th, the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association will host the “Monkey Around” 5K Fun Run in Jacksonville, in celebration of the Chinese New Year and the Year Of The Monkey. 180 more words


My experience with low-budget health care.

LA Clinica. I’m not sure if everyone knows about them, but they are here in Southern Oregon. La Clinica is a low-budget clinic for struggling families and or individuals. 902 more words


Coexisting with Identity

“I used to think of having a diseased, broken brain. That was when I was in eighth grade… I thought everyone else was normal and I was the one who needed to be fixed. 148 more words


The Neurodiversity Alliance at Southern Oregon University gathers at a weekly meeting to make posters and invitations. By making posters the club has already gained more members, bringing both neurodiverse and neurotypical students together to collaborate in the fight for social justice. 20 more words

New Series: Seeking Social Justice: Neurodiversity

I am excited to announce that the next project I will be working on is going to deal with an important social justice issue. I am following a local neurodiversity-neurotypical alliance group as they advocate for equal rights, culminating in the group’s attendance of an annual Social Justice Conference. 22 more words

Travel Plans for 2016

Hello friends. Last time I talked about my more basic goals for 2016. But what about travel? If you’ve been here long enough, you know I love to travel, especially tour! 622 more words