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How Are We Responsible?

Personally, I am not bothered by God’s meticulous involvement in our lives even to the extent in which Jeremiah 1 seems to suggest (see pt. 1). 975 more words

Free Will

Are We Free?

*Edit: As I continued to write, I realized I had molded two topics into one. This was originally titled “Freedom pt. 1”, but I have realized that “part 1” really is a discussion of the question: “In what sense are we free?” whereas “part 2” is a discussion of “how are we held responsible?” So, they are appropriately named. 1,208 more words

Free Will

What is a multi-ethnic life?

“To erase the stain of racism in the SBC requires all racial groups within the denomination to preach reconciliation, to live multiethnic lives, and to reject and fight against he enduring effects of white supremacy with the gospel of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.” – Jarvis Williams, Removing the Stain of Racism… 447 more words


Dissertation on PDF: A Worldview Analysis of Sam Harris' Philosophical Naturalism in The Moral Landscape

Here’s a doctoral dissertation that Southern Seminary has made available titled “A Worldview Analysis of Sam Harris’ Philosophical Naturalism in The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values.”  It is a critique of atheist Sam Harris one of the “New Atheists.”  The dissertation was written by Mike Blackaby and was completed on December 23rd, 2016. 322 more words


The Benedict Option comes to Southern Seminary

I have been looking forward to reading Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option for almost a year now.  Though the book is set to come out in March, Rod laid out a large part of the book in several talks given at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this week.   134 more words

Culture And Christianity

Thankful for Theology on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, TD!

I’ve read numerous Thanksgiving articles this week in an effort to make sure I don’t under-do this holiday (OK, and I watched, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” last night too), and I have loved doing so.   999 more words