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The Titanic in Myth and Popular Culture

On the 10th of April 1912, RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage began from Southampton in England to New York City. Five days later, the passenger liner sank within less than 3 hours in the North Atlantic Ocean, after colliding with an iceberg. 793 more words


#BookReview: Prophet - The Story of Nat Turner #ASMSG #BlackHistoryMonth


Nat Turner, born into slavery October 2, 1800, on a Southampton County plantation, became a preacher who stated in his confession he’d been chosen by God to lead slaves from bondage. 1,718 more words


Profile For Wyvernstales Larp


About Your Group: We have been running over 15 years using a variety of systems, currently we are running Forest Argent and occasionally Fairy Tales. 298 more words

LARP Clubs

Southampton/London - The Widow - Fiona Barton

Why a booktrail?

2010: You know those women who stand beside their husbands who have been accused of terrible crimes? What do the wives really think and know? 571 more words


A blogging resurrection.

My longest (again) between blogs and I guess it’s not that I lost the passion, but I think some of the spark definitely wore off. After 2 years of blogging and my views dwindling rather than growing, I took a little hiatus over the Christmas period. 249 more words


Well that’s it.. we are southbound on the 17.04 from New Street to Southampton.

We gave the keys back to our house yesterday, the Huyi was shipped on new years eve and our household items when at the start of December and we have sold the daily driver. 115 more words