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Lack of sanitation in India: Culture or Class?

A while back I read a short commentary on the BBC’s website titled “Is India’s lack of toilets a cultural problem?“. I knew that this would certainly be a question I would also have to engage with. 595 more words


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The newspapers are running columns and pages of it. The news channels are devoting tens of minutes (and millions of rupees) to assemble the stars. 243 more words


Is Manmohan Singh near his 'best-before' date?

Is change in the air in New Delhi?

First, everybody and his uncle have been attacking him for the bushfires raging across the nation—Telangana, Kashmir, Maoist terrorism, corruption, price rise, CWG etc. 364 more words


3 minutes 22 seconds on the coming skirt rivalry

Author-columnist Anand Giridharadas, the former Bombay correspondent of the International Herald Tribune, on the wedding of the year (so far).

Soutik Biswas/ BBC… 29 more words


If you can have nine, why can't we have two?

Soutik Biswas of the BBC:

“You have to visit the Telangana region to see how different it is from the rest of the state although people share the same language.

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Are women less corruptible than men?

YOGESH DEVARAJ in San Jose, California, draws attention to a November 2007 story by Soutik Biswas on the BBC website about women in the Banda area of Uttar Pradesh wearing pink sarees, forming a vigilante “gang for justice”, and striking fear in the hearts of corrupt officials and boorish men. 168 more words