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Jag har njutit av min ledighet. Jag har haft en föreläsning. Har två föreläsningar denna vecka. Jag har däremellan passat på att sova. Sova. Sova. Sova. 115 more words


Nusret'ten görülmemiş şov!

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Review: Blonde Death (1984)

“What’s wrong with a dad letting his daughter wear her momma’s big heels and walk all over daddy’s face?”

I went into this expecting an entertaining ineptitude, and nothing more. 259 more words


Tutti Frutti at Sovereign

My friends and I went out to the mall to get a bite to eat and I saw Tutti Fruitti, the most popular frozen yogurt shop in the country. 33 more words


16 months of SOV

In EVE Online major power-blocks are fighting over space to put their name on. It’s NullSec: Lawless, wild and deadly for any solo pilot. But for organized groups it’s the opportunity to claim their own piece of New Eden; To become landlords, demand “rent” from others; To fill their wallets with sweet, sweet ISK. 267 more words

EVE Online

555 (1988)

This is a movie about a hippie slasher that murders kids that are just trying to do it. Apparently this guy comes out every five years, in the fifth month, killing people for five straight days. 46 more words


Beauty Queen Butcher (1991)

So if you’re sitting there thinking that this site title could have multiple meanings,  you’re probably right. I know of at least two true statements based on the title. 50 more words