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Forget Stocks, Look at Euro-Bonds They are the Real Problem

I’ve been banging on for months along with Martin Armstrong that the real problem overhanging these markets is not an over-priced U.S. equity market.  That’s a sympton of a much bigger problem. 1,357 more words


Catalonia Violence is the True Face of the EU

Spain’s response to the Catalonia Independence Referendum was both predictable and deeply unnecessary.  It will be the death of the European Union.

Despite the best efforts of the European establishment, the Catalonia referendum finally went ahead as scheduled. 1,116 more words


There is a dêmos-shaped hole in the centre of Europe – DiEM25 must fill it

‘Saying there’s a democratic deficit in Brussels is like saying there’s an oxygen deficit in space. There is no oxygen deficit, because there is no oxygen.’ These words have been uttered by Yanis Varoufakis on countless occasions since he was ousted from the Greek Finance Ministry in 2015; his recent book elaborates on this conclusion further. 2,841 more words

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