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The Gospel of Sovereign Grace

Joel Beeke:

One New Testament book that especially emphasizes God’s astounding sovereign grace is Paul’s letter to the Romans. According to Paul, this grace makes both Jew and Gentile co-heirs of God’s kingdom with faithful Abraham (Rom. 685 more words

Sovereignty Of God

Why you need a good dose of Grace today.

This 8 ft. banner hangs in our church as a reminder, a motto, a mission and purpose statement: Everything to the Praise of the Glory of His Grace. 646 more words

6 Ways Peter Identifies the Church: Part 1 (Election)

The Ultimate Difference Between the Church and the World: Election

“To those who are elect…”

What is the governing factor that determines whether or not you are a part of a human institution? 258 more words


The Wednesday Word: Glorious Gospel Grace!

Salvation is entirely by grace. It is both unearned and undeserved.

We are chosen by grace (Ephesians 1:4).

We are given to Christ by grace (John 6:37). 502 more words


Kingdom83 - The Generous Grace of God - Mat20 1-16

Cary Cox, from Matthew 20:1-16. Disciples of Jesus will be rewarded, but God is in charge of how he distributes his blessings. Jesus calls his disciples away from a mindset of works, entitlement and earning blessings, and points us to the generous and sovereign grace of God! 8 more words


The Struggle to Believe in Sovereign Grace

If you have ever struggled to believe in God’s sovereignty in the salvation of sinners. Below are quotes from distinquished authors who recount this struggle and explain succinctly the practical implications for resting your salvation in the hands of a sovereign God: 214 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Explaining Sovereign Grace in terms that an End Times Nerd would understand

How do you explain the doctrines of Sovereign Grace to those who are well versed with the End Times?

Calvinism is not Awill; It is the belief that God’s saving grace is… 8 more words