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God's Grace in Our Suffering

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I think the hardest part of experiencing the death of a loved one is that everyone else’s world doesn’t stop. 863 more words

Life And Love

yr cloth

yr cloth
can I
take it
from yr
you are
so much
like Eve


18 March 2011

I have turned the mobile phone off
all week
I am hiding in my darkness
grey cloud & a slow rain falls
water zig-zags on the windowpane… 31 more words


I took my halo

I took my halo
and swung it bout my hips
as if it were a hula hoop

I am sorry Lord
but I am that kind

after all


sometimes I look at the weather forecast

sometimes I look at the weather forecast
to see when it will rain
cause I miss it
I like the rain
and I think God does too


The Foes of Joy: Pride

What robs joy of its joyfulness? That is the question we have sought to dig into over the course of a few posts (see parts… 974 more words

Theology Corner

The Main Issue in the French Presidential Election: National Sovereignty

By Diane Johnstone and cross-posted from Counterpunch.org

The 2017 French Presidential election marks a profound change in European political alignments. There is an ongoing shift from the traditional left-right rivalry to opposition between globalization, in the form of the European Union (EU), and national sovereignty. 431 more words

The Euro Debacle