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Dangerous and Exciting Times | Sovereign's Handbook (20th Anniversary Edition)(Book in Process)

Editor’s Note: This 20th Anniversary edition of the Sovereign’s Handbook will be released not only as a special print edition, but as an affordable eBook to assure maximum distribution of the ideas behind the life’s work and vision of Johnny Liberty. 935 more words


The Saturday Post(s)

A Funny Rant About Nonsensical Worship Music. Certain things deserve rants. Nonsensical worship music is one of those things.

God Doesn’t Have Accidents. “Wherever we find ourselves and whatever we have to deal with we can know that God in his infinite wisdom has designed it for our good and to make us like Christ and bring him glory.” 120 more words

poetry should be

poetry should be
like a flower
in a vase
with no water


The TPP Trade Agreement, Sovereignty, and Secrecy. Economic Dislocation, Environmental Degradation

“National security secrecy may be appropriate to protect us from our enemies; it should not be used to protect our politicians from us.” Margot E. Kaminski, NYT, April 14, 2015. 1,245 more words

The International Reporter

He Māʻona Moku: A Satisfaction with the Land

He māʻona moku.
A satisfaction with the land.
Said of a person who is contented with what he/she has.
(Pūkuʻi, 1983, p. 88)

“Is it because we have become so bitter that our people now crave so much sweetness?”

1,353 more words

Moses Supposes Erroneously

Lia’s tears are further humidifying the twilight of the upstairs nursery. My hair is sticking to my temples. She’s writhing, wailing. I’m waiting and wondering why this evening is going south so quickly. 620 more words

A Losing Battle: International Law Against National Law

On July 14, Russia’s Constitutional Court found that the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is legally binding, yet does not have the ability to override the Russian constitution. 373 more words

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