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Why Putin Bothers the West!

Under President Putin – many Socialist structures in Russia have been re-built and are now functioning to relieve the suffering of the ordinary people. Of course, the capitalist West (led by the US) does not want this because it contradicts the brutality of free market economics. 209 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

All that’s Left is Truth and Fear, Part II

Part I

Nukes are Kind of Magic

Michal: Higgins is very clear that the introduction of nuclear weapons represents a cosmic-scale shift in humankind’s relationship with the supernatural. 1,844 more words


All that's Left is Truth and Fear, Part I

Amidst the Ruins

As promised, I’m bringing back Alasdair Czyrnyj to continue our discussion of Peter Higgins’ Wolfhound Empire trilogy. This time, we’re taking on the middle volume, … 2,458 more words


1917: The July Scandals

By summer in 1917, the Provisional Government and Petrograd Soviet were stuck in gridlock in the capitol, and Russia continued to lose ground and soldiers’ lives in the Great War. 808 more words


Istina, Pravda, Ostalgie

“The job of the fiction writer is to invoke verisimilitude. Real and factual research helps, of course, but the purpose should be emotional. The more abstract truth comes from the deeper meanings of stories, factual or not. 26 more words


Surviving the Wolfhound Century, Part II

City and Swamp

Part I

Alasdair: The point you make about authoritarian regimes narrowing the scope of possibility for the future is an important one. Indeed, all of the major antagonists of the… 2,290 more words


Surviving the Wolfhound Century, Part I

Lost in Leningrad

I read Peter Higgins’s Wolfhound Century after a strong recommendation from fellow blogger Alasdair Czyrnyj. He’ll join me in the next series of posts as we air our thoughts on the… 2,280 more words