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On This Day in History: The Chernobyl Disaster

On this day, 30 Years Ago, in 1986, the world’s worst nuclear accident to date occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear plant near Kiev in Ukraine. … 469 more words

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Happy 40th Birthday, Magnuson-Stevens Act!

They bracketed an era. Maggie, first elected as an FDR New Deal Democrat, who created the  modern American fishery, and Ted, the Alaska Republican who carved the empire into winners and losers, shaping the fishing industry of the US for the next century. 995 more words

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Sweet Mother Russia: Putin's "Gangster Rules"

Looking at some of the recent headlines in the news, you might almost feel as if you stepped back into a surreal time when the Cold War was not over and we lived with the constant threat that a war full of icy rhetoric could become hot with bullets and bombs. 1,091 more words

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Cold War Files: Tolkachev, The CIA's Most Valuable Soviet Asset in the 80's

How a troubled past turned a Soviet military engineer into one of the CIA’s most valuable spies.

His family and friends called him Adik. His eyes were the color of ash, under a broad forehead and thick brown hair, with a crook in the bridge of his nose from a boyhood hockey accident. 459 more words

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Cold War Files: 10 Dastardly Secret Operations of the KGB

Like the CIA, the Soviet (and now Russian) spy agency known as the KGB has engaged in decades of secret operations across the world, ranging from blackmail to kidnapping. 748 more words

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Espionage Files: 10 Real 'HoneyPot' Operations

The honeypot might be the most glamorized espionage technique in fiction. It’s a tale of hushed phone calls and late-night rendezvous, of secrets whispered through lying lips. 1,282 more words

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