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Surviving the Wolfhound Century, Part II

City and Swamp

Part I

Alasdair: The point you make about authoritarian regimes narrowing the scope of possibility for the future is an important one. Indeed, all of the major antagonists of the… 2,290 more words


Surviving the Wolfhound Century, Part I

Lost in Leningrad

I read Peter Higgins’s Wolfhound Century after a strong recommendation from fellow blogger Alasdair Czyrnyj. He’ll join me in the next series of posts as we air our thoughts on the… 2,280 more words


Modern Art with a Russian Twist

After a recent visit to the New Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, I was struck by the conversation between Western and Russian modern art that could be seen playing out on the canvases. 927 more words


New publication: Wojnowski's book is out!

It is a great honour for the HPRS department to announce the publication of Dr Zbigniew Wojnowski‘s monograph book:

The Near Abroad:

Socialist Eastern Europe and Soviet Patriotism in Ukraine, 1956-1985… 326 more words


1917: The Peasants Go to Petrograd

Discussion of the Russian Revolution tends to focus on Petrograd and urban workers. Almost from the beginning of the February Revolution, the Soviets and Provisional Government directed most of their energy toward those striking in the capitol or the military. 892 more words


1917: Kerensky's Sidestep

In early 1917, rebelling Russians wanted three things: political reform, economic reform, and for Russia to withdraw from the Great War. The Provisional Government that took over many of the Tsar’s administrative tasks attempted to satisfy the various Soviets that appeared throughout Russia, which represented the interests of soldiers, workers, and peasants (often in that order). 704 more words