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Risk, Uncertainty, and Black Swans: Why Soviet Socialism Was Forever Until It Was No More

Risk, Uncertainty, and Black Swans: Why Soviet Socialism Was Forever Until It Was No More 

Talk given at the Annual Berkeley-Stanford Conference

UC Berkeley, March 3, 2017… 2,850 more words

Soviet History

Also in Media: "Viktor Orbán discovered the culprits of bolshevism in western europe" – Hungarian Spectrum - February 27, 2017

Orbán’s critics are up in arms. What an incredible leap from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to Lenin and Stalin. Accusing Western European politicians and intellectuals of being responsible for Stalinism or Maoism just because in the second half of the nineteenth century a German social scientist and philosopher developed a social model which years after his death was transformed in Russia into something that had nothing to do with Marx’s theories is preposterous.

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21st Century Feudal

Seminar: Khalid on the Russian Revolution and Muslim Culture

The History programme in HPRS is happy to host the talk by

Adeeb Khalid (Carleton College, USA)

A Revolution of the Mind:

Contests over Muslim Culture in the Age of the Russian Revolution… 363 more words


Joint ENU-NU-KarGU seminar: The October Revolution and Kazakhstan

The History Faculty, Chair of History of Kazakhstan, of the Eurasian National University “Gumilev” (Astana),

the History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies department of Nazarbayev University (Astana) 135 more words


Life in a Post-Soviet Melting Pot

These days the museum has no ticket office, schedule, or employees. An elderly Georgian man named Soso, who introduced himself as a former KGB colonel, guides the tours.

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History Reading Circle: Penati on early Soviet water law

The History Reading Circle is back after the Winter break. Our first meeting for 2017 will be on Tuesday 31 January at 1pm, venue TBA. 583 more words