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Stepan Ivanovich Karagodin: Lost and Found

Stepan Ivanovich Karagodin: Lost and Found

An intriguing story has emerged recently in the Russian press and it’s now being picked up by some of the British media. 515 more words


Declaration of the Rights of the People of Russia

Soviet Government Declarations
Declaration of the Rights of the People of Russia V. Ulianov (Lenin) (Soviet History)

Yesterday at 11:53pm

The October revolution of the workmen and peasants began under the common banner of emancipation. 552 more words


New Facebook page: 'Mark Galeotti on Russia'

Many people, especially in Russia, use Facebook as a professional tool, whereas I keep it primarily for personal friends. To bridge the gap between this blog and my… 63 more words

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The White Rose of Stalingrad

“I knew the only way to survive was to be ice inside, to feel absolutely nothing.”

– Pilot Klavdiya Pankratova of the 586th

(Quoted from “ 3,638 more words

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The Brain-for-Itself: Soviet Psychoneurologists Debate the Psychophysical Problem

by guest contributor Jamie Phillips

At a meeting of the Society of Psychoneurologists-Materialists in Moscow in 1930, the Chairman of the Society, Aron Zalkind, appraised the current the state of their field in the Soviet Union, and spoke in particular about the work of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity at the Communist Academy: “here they not only work experimentally,” he said, “but also sometimes philosophize” (Arkhiv Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk , f. 1,638 more words

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Seminar: Wheatcroft on the Great Kazakh Famine

The HPRS department is glad to host a talk by Professor Stephen G. Wheatcroft, from the University of Melbourne and formerly at NU (2012-2014), on: 69 more words


History Reading Circle: Penati on Soviet Development

The next meeting of the History Reading Circle will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October, at noon, in office 8.402. Light refreshments will be provided. 215 more words