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A New Cold War?

I was recently asked to offer some commentary for this BBC piece on whether or not we’re in a new Cold War. Obviously, such articles can only use a tiny fraction of the submitted information, so I thought I’d place my full responses here. 1,404 more words

Cold War

Launch events in London for 'The Vory'

So, although alas it will be be weeks before I get to see the final version myself, the advance copies of my new book, The Vory: Russia’s super mafia… 294 more words


Corbyn. Neither Philby nor Fool

I am old enough, alas, to have been active and adult when the original Cold War was still on, and I have retained my childhood (but hopefully not – always – childish) interest in intelligence matters. 600 more words


CCCP: History and Meaning of the Red Flag

The national flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  – the official symbol of the USSR (along with the State Emblem and the State Anthem) was “a symbol of the state sovereignty of the USSR and the inviolable alliance of workers and peasants in the struggle to build a Communist Society”.  309 more words

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The Russian government cancels the release of the comedy ‘The Death of Stalin’

Update: The Russian Culture Ministry has revoked the film distribution license it granted to “The Death of Stalin,” a film satirizing the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. 214 more words


“Enemies, in other words, could no longer be identified by their openly professed views. A later NKVD boss Laverenty Beria would also frequently quote Stalin, noting that ‘

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'The Death of Stalin' - arguably all the more accurate and honest for not pretending to be either

A few people have asked me to give my take on the film The Death of Stalin, so here are my thoughts, in no great depth or particular order. 543 more words

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