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An Unexpected Visit

My dad used to tell me about studying in St. Petersburg back when it was called Leningrad. He was a transfer student from the States majoring in Russian literature, part of a group of other American students living in dorms trying to scrounge up money for borscht and bread.  527 more words

Science Fiction

Entering a Radiant State, Part II

Stalin, Stalin, wherefore art thou Stalin?

Part I

Alasdair: But even the Lodka cannot outrun Rizhin forever. As Lom searches the abandoned Lodka for Chazia’s secret archive, he is followed inside by Rizhin’s police agents, tasked by the President-Commander with demolishing the building. 2,315 more words


Archetypes of Stalin: Evolution of the Warrior

Starting in the 1930s, Soviet art was dominated by the officially sanctioned “Socialist Realist” style. Socialist Realist art portrayed the world not as it was, but as it ought to be under Socialism. 350 more words


Entering a Radiant State, Part I

There is only the future

At long last, we’re down to the last volume in Peter Higgins’ Wolfhound Empire trilogy, 2015’s Radiant State, and Alasdair Czyrnyj’s back for another round of discussion. 3,178 more words


The Forgotten Women Who Brought Liam O'Flaherty to Soviet Russia

I was recently invited to address the Liam and Tom O’Flaherty Society on the subject of my research. It was an opportunity too good to miss – the festival takes place on the island of Inis Mor, one of my favourite places in Ireland, and I had quite a story to tell. 92 more words

History welcomes Dr Wendy Slater

Dr Slater is joining the History team at the University of Gloucestershire as part-time lecturer in Russian and Soviet history for semester 1, replacing Prof. Melanie Ilic who will be on a research sabbatical. 228 more words


The ‘Prophylactic Conversation’ and the management of Russian organised crime: the Ekaterinburg example

Back when Yuri Andropov headed the KGB, the Soviet political police replaced, or at least supplemented the blunter instruments of earlier times with more subtle and insidious ones. 676 more words