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Designing With Type

We were given a challenge: Don’t use images. I asked if we could use brushes made of images. So I created this poster based on old Russian posters. 13 more words


Cargo Depot, St. Petersburg, Russia (2015)

The port of St. Petersburg is endless logistical mayhem of containers and freight, and the area surrounding the water’s edge has been compressed into mottled collage of industrial halls & storage buildings from different eras. 681 more words


Today in History: 7 February

Back in 1990, КПСС (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) decided to be ecumenical and allow other parties to exist officially and contend for seats in the Supreme Soviet. 37 more words


Little Mathematics Library- An Unusual Algebra

The next book on LML series is here. An Unusual Algebra by I.M.Yaglom Translated from the Russian by G. Volosova.



The present book is based on the lecture given by the author to senior pupils in Moscow on the 20th of April of 1966.

312 more words

It's Been 50 Years Since We First Got Pictures From the Moon

What a difference half a century makes! This week marks 50 years since the Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft made humanity’s first-ever soft landing on the surface of the Moon. 95 more words


All the Reasons: Why Freedom Fighters 2 should be a thing.

Warning: This article will contain spoilers for major plot-points of the 2003 EA video game release ‘Freedom Fighters’. If you haven’t played it; I recommend you do that before reading this article. 3,133 more words

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