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Happy Birthday to an Icon

Today is Oksana Chusovitina’s birthday. She is now forty-three.

In a world where female athletes rarely get the attention they deserve, I want to mention this… 251 more words


On Whataboutism

When I first learned about whataboutism it was a revelation. Although the term harkens back to the days of the Soviet Union, it still seems like the logical fallacy of our day. 581 more words


BAV-485 amphibious carrier

Derived directly from the wartime 6 x 6 DUKW provided under Lend-Lease, the BAV-485 is a watertight boat-like body on a Soviet truck chassis.

Following the successful use of American-supplied DUKW 6×6 amphibious vehicles by the Soviet army during World War II, it was decided to build a similar vehicle but based on a Soviet truck chassis. 443 more words


Afghanistan's continuous strive for independence and neutrality

Although the country needs international assistance to rebuild as a state, attempts must be underway to restore its lost independence and neutrality.

[Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra… 1,378 more words


Bratislava for a day – not a typical Eurotrip

It is obvious you cannot see and experience everything about this lovely European gem in a day trip. Having heard nothing good about this city from Western movies like Eurotrip, I went there with pretty low expectations. 344 more words


Tunguska Air Defenсe Missile/Gun Complex

For Russian Army air defense, a handful of ageing ZSU-23-4 self-propelled vehicles are still in service, but mainly because their four rapid-fire 23mm cannon are useful in a direct-fire role, as proven in Chechnya. 2,072 more words


Soviet World Republic

Unveiling the truths about Germany and its history, and any nation connected to it in any way whatsoever.