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Art, Propaganda - Which is which ?

Throughout history, propaganda has used graphics to get its message across – from the paintings of Holbein during the 15th century to the politics of the current day. 251 more words

Origin of the Red Star (2)

Having Google-translated three Russian texts that Roland Boer (Stalin’s moustache) was kind enough to suggest to me, I believe these authors argue for a French genesis for the red star. 195 more words

Heraldry And Vexillology

'By their example and solidarity, millions of human beings were liberated'

In homage to the centennial of the Russian Revolution

By Gabriel Ángel

How easy it is to dump on the Soviet Union. Success is guaranteed. Lenin was a hundred years ago, a century of Stalin and the cold war.  1,141 more words

The Four Phases of the War in Afghanistan

The war is usually divided into four distinct phases. The first lasted from December 1979 to February 1980, and covered the initial deployment of the Soviet forces throughout the country. 2,115 more words


Trekking the Urals for a Soviet Mystery

Book review: Dead Mountain, by Donnie Eichar

In February 1959, nine experienced hikers died under mysterious circumstances on a cross-country ski trip in the Ural Mountains. 1,157 more words

Book Review

Soviet Berlin with Holger Raschke

Berlin is a city haunted by the past, built on layers of memory. Holger Raschke, founder of Berlins Taiga, a tour company that focuses on the Soviet history of the city and its surrounding areas, is also fascinated by the past. 327 more words