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Doorinda - Daliya Truskinovskaya

“Doorinda” (excerpt) by Daliya Truskinovskaya

English Publication History: Red Star Tales (Russian Life Books, 2015)

Original: Russian (Дверинда), 1990

Translated by Julia M. Sidorova, 2015… 610 more words

KOMRAD: A Secret Soviet Story - Coming Soon

You don’t need to be a historian to know that the Soviet Union has collapsed. However, in 1985 the Soviets shut down a super secret experimental project called K.O.M.R.A.D. 166 more words

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T-34: Effective War Winner I

The arsenal of armour in the Soviet Union by mid-1941 included more than 22,000 tanks—more tanks than in all the armies of the world combined; more than four times as many as the Germans had. 2,397 more words


T-34: Effective War Winner II

The German armoured and infantry forces had entered Russia believing that they would simply fight a brief, efficient summer campaign to victory. They were utterly unprepared and ill-equipped for fighting and surviving in the extremes of winter in the region. 2,600 more words


T-34: Effective War Winner III

When the Soviets decided to add these improvements to the T-34 to create the T-34-85, rather than retooling from scratch to build an entirely new tank, the saving in time enabled them to manufacture the new T-34-85 in huge numbers, thereby negating the qualitative differences between it and the Panther (which still had the edge, but an edge that was not seen as greatly significant). 2,432 more words


World of Warships – Tier VII – Soviet Premium Destroyer Leningrad Stats

Hello everyone,

Tier VII Premium Soviet Destroyer Leningrad stats have been leaked. Here’s what we got.

Remember this are Supertest Stats and might change before the final version is released. 113 more words