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A Beautiful Day in my (Moscow) Neighbourhood

My quest continues to give my friends & family an idea of my life here in Moscow. And since a picture’s worth a thousand words, here we go…. 264 more words


Breaking into the Buran graveyard: Aging Soviet vehicles still impress

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Exploring the Unbeaten Path

  • Exploring the Unbeaten Path

  • Exploring the Unbeaten Path

  • Exploring the Unbeaten Path

  • Exploring the Unbeaten Path

  • Exploring the Unbeaten Path … 430 more words


    Lost and Found in Uzbekistan


    Lost and Found in Uzbekistan

    The Korean Story

    Victoria Kim


    “The personal story of my family is at the same time the story of suffering of all Korean people… I want to tell this story to the world, so that nothing like that ever happens again in our future.” Nikolay Ten… 248 more words

    North Korea

    8/19/1960 - Doggos in Space

    8/19/1960 – Korabl-Sputnik 2 launches two Soviet dogs, Belka and Strelka, into space, and returns them the next day, marking the first successful spaceflight, orbit and return of animals.   140 more words





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    Total population

    Regions with significant populations
    Russia 176,411[1]
    Uzbekistan 176,000[1]
    Kazakhstan 105,000[1]
    Kyrgyzstan 19,000[1]
    Ukraine 13,000[1] 2,985 more words


    Forced deportations of Korean ethnics in Soviet Union

    In 1937, approximately 172,000 ethnic Koreans – the entire population of Posyet Korean national district and neighboring territories in the Far Eastern Krai – were forcefully relocated to Central Asia on cargo trains by the Soviet government. 2,568 more words


    Rift Tech Radio - Episode 3 - The Soviets in K47

    So we’re back!    This time we’re looking at the Soviets in K47 with help (as usual) from our co-host Scott of Boss Miniatures.     This is a fairly lengthy episode which should download automatically via Podbean or iTunes if you use either of those apps. 110 more words