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The Kuban Air Battles I

I. Pokryshkin and his squadron mate G. A.Rechkalov

“Achtung! Achtung! Pokryshkin is in the air!” these words made German pilots feel panic. Nobody wanted to meet him in one-to-one fighting. 1,061 more words

Air Warfare

The Kuban Air Battles II

P-39D-2 “White 37” of Guards Snr.Lt. V.I. Fadeev, CO of the 3-rd Squadron, 16 GIAP. Kuban’, April-May, 1943

Major air campaign that marked the shift from German to Soviet air superiority on the Eastern Front during World War II. 205 more words

Air Warfare

Kuznetsov class

Early in the 1970s the Soviet Navy formulated a requirement for a conventional carrier, and a design bureau was assigned to the project in 1973. The initial sketch suggested a nuclear powered vessel of 75,000 to 80,000 tons equipped with four steam catapults and embarking an air group of seventy or more aircraft: fighters, attack aircraft, and aircraft for antisubmarine warfare and airborne early warning. 720 more words