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Heeresgruppe Nord retreats from Leningrad, 14 January–1 April 1944

Otto Carius

For nearly three years, Heeresgruppe Nord had been holding its positions outside the city of Leningrad, with little change in the opposing lines. Although the Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts had opened a land corridor to Leningrad with Operation Iskra in January 1943, a year later the Germans were still within artillery range of the city. 2,963 more words


Staying with Scientists, and Volcanos! 

Somewhat hungover, we wandered out of Yerevan in the general direction of Mt. Aragats. It was hot, and we were sluggish, but the hitching was relatively easy. 1,078 more words

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.


Mephisto Waltz

“En Viena (…) Hay una muerte para piano
que pinta de azul a los muchachos.”
Federico Garcia Lorca, Pequeño Vals Vienés 22 more words

Soviet HMG Company

Now that I have the basics done for most of my armies I’m working on adding some odds and ends, or cleaning out the painting queue. 112 more words

Flames Of War

Soviet Steel - The KV-1 / KV-ZP

Hi all, I thought I’d start with some brief information about the The KV-1 (source: Wikipedia) . It first saw action during the Winter War, where it out performed both the SMK and T-100 (rival prototypes for production as a break through tank). 1,610 more words


Prison Guard's Block, Rummu, Estonia (2016).

Barbed wire was hanging like a garland when I stepped into an empty house at the old prison area.

Behind the famous Rummu quarry (see my earlier update… 342 more words