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Garford-Putilov Armoured Cars were produced in Russia during the First World War (starting with 1915). They were built on the frames of Garford Motor Truck Co. 346 more words


2S4 Tyulpan [SM-240(2S4)]

The Soviet forces used the 240mm 2S4 self-propelled Tyulpan mortar for the first time in combat in Afghanistan. It is a particularly accurate weapon when it fires the laser-guided Smel’chak round. 400 more words


Kyrgyzstani Classics: Jamilia

Fellow PCV and Central Asian culture enthusiast Mark, who blogs at Monday Bazaar, agreed to do an exchange of posts on the work of Kyrgyzstan’s most famous author, Chyngyz Aitmatov. 538 more words

Peace Corps

The War and the Provisional Government

“We have nevertheless compelled the Provisional Government to renounce annexations.”
—From a speech by Y. Steklov, delivered at the Tauride Palace on April 4.

“Whatever our attitude towards the slogan ’peace without annexations’ may be, the principles accepted by all the Allies cannot be ignored.” 755 more words

Call Me!

Hex colour reference:  #dbd7d2

A colourful note:  the timberwolf Crayola crayon was named after a large type of wolf with grey brindled fur, found mainly in northern North America.   53 more words

Colour Challenges

Powder Tower

Dear Ladies, and Gentlemen as appropriate, Riga’s Powder Tower is not a fashionable place to powder your nose. Rather, it part of the Latvian War Museum but more on that later. 497 more words

Riga - Old City