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The Call Box: The Man From the Kremlin

By Ed Meckle, Retired LAPD

Every word of what you about to read is true. I was not present but verified the facts from two people who were. 511 more words

The Callbox


The shrinking of the Aral Sea is a global ecological disaster, stemming from drainage of water to irrigate agricultural projects unsuited to the steppe environment during the Soviet period. 266 more words


Twelve lines a day, no matter what

Early in life, in order to finish his first book, Stendhal (Henri Beyle) set himself the injunction: vingt lignes par jour, génie ou pas (twenty lines a day, genius or not) 138 more words


Radio - My Best Friend

Desert Island Discs: what items would I bring?  I can’t give you a comprehensive list, but I do know which luxury item I would bring: a radio. 603 more words

Ex-pat Life

J2: Inside the Berkeley Barracks

Wow okay lots of updates

I’m a month in and I guess I’m finally settling into this whole “college” thing. I had a pretty bad cold about two weeks into school (glad that’s over with),  I’ve had several late-night outings for food with friends, and I’ve even ditched class! 736 more words


Destination: Tallinn

  • Mission 1: Roam the grounds of the abandoned Patarei Sea Fortress Prison (ACCOMPLISHED);
  • Mission 2: Visit the Soviet statue graveyard and walk amongst the Lenins (DEFERRED);
  • 3,536 more words