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Vladimir Putin is positioning himself as the main player in the Middle East

It would be Russia who does the rebuilding of Syria after the war and Saudi Arabia who paid for it. The two vast oil nations now seem to be set on a course of mutual collaboration. 224 more words


Minneapolis celebrates 100-year anniversary of Russia’s October Revolution

Minneapolis, MN – The walls were covered with red stars and Russian revolutionary posters, as more than 70 trade unionists, community, anti-war and student activists came together here, Oct. 416 more words

Nasty Scenes

Time to take a brief break from all the happy stuff and talk about some real shit.

Romanians like to have collective amnesia about their history and forget that beyond all the crazy Communist Ceausescu shit, there was also a “fun” period of fascism. 929 more words


October (in October)

Film theory is usually visually driven, and the Soviet kind – with its emphasis on editing – especially so. And since the theorisers were often directors, they are better known than the men (and, inevitably, they were almost always men) who argued about the music. 2,094 more words


Microcosm - Communism is love

The world, in general, is divided on many fronts but the one which takes the cake is economics. There is a huge ideological clash between capitalists and communists or socialists and there is a free exchange of arguments, logic, facts, abuses, memes, sarcasm, insults, ego and war. 638 more words