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Reaping What You Sow

When we pray about our problems,sit & reflect on them or worry about them,or talk to others about those problems…we are reaping what we sow. We are attracting what we don’t want. 77 more words

Sowing warm climate veggies in February.

6th February. In January I have little to sow but garlic and peas. As soon as February starts, I get overly excited: It’s time for my greenhouse veggies: Tomatoes, (Bell) Peppers, Eggplants. 886 more words


Hi, How are you??

Good afternoon purposeful beings, just wanted to post to say I hope all of you are having a blessed day. I hope you’re all still thanking God and giving him all the praise. 64 more words


Fantastic and Strange GCSE Scheme of Work

I have been running the above scheme of work this term with my Year 10 class. The majority of the class are generally fairly low ability but so far they have produced some great work that they are enjoying. 105 more words

GCSE Art And Design

Meg GP5/17

Meg is a black and ginger female guinea pig born in 2016. She came to us with her companion Pom Pom in 2017 because of Pom Pom’s health issues. 41 more words

Current Residents

Dusty GP3/17

Dusty is a gorgeous silver agouti female guinea pig born in about 2013. She arrived in May 2017 with her friend Carmel. They now love living in Sowcester. 8 more words

Current Residents

Carmel GP2/17

Carmel is a lovely caramel coloured female guinea pig who came to us in May 2017 when her owner was unable to look after her and her friend Dusty anymore. She was born in about 2013.

Current Residents