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Extreme Pain’s Share

One who wishes to follow Christ all the way to excellence must be willing to endure extreme suffering. But that’s nothing new, for all of life runs along the same principle, only that suffering endured for/with Christ is most worthwhile, even most judiciously calculated. 48 more words


Patience brothers

Reaping doesn’t follow sowing as quickly as a thunderclap, lightning. But surely as day follows night, it will come. All it takes is some patience, some perseverance. 30 more words


Too Much Activity 

There’s been so much going on that I’m not even really sure where to begin…

These newest piglets are giving me fits. True escape artists, they are often found out to pasture with the cattle or hanging out on the bedding pack for the cows racing between animals 100 times their size! 445 more words


Fruits of joy.....

To seek a HIDEOUT

from the crushing

pains that this life

without mercy inflicts

on me,

I search for the Father,

The Almighty,

Closing my eyes… 68 more words


Not striving to reap but simply to sow,

I was thinking this morning about sharing our faith.  One comment I read earlier said:

“It was impossible to feed 5,000 until one shared the little he had. 397 more words

First Love

(Also, a Valentine’s Day post of sorts.)

First Love1 is one of my new favourite P&W songs. We began using it right from the start of SOW, and when R declared that this song would always remind him of the truths he learnt in SOW, I fell a little in love with the song too. 423 more words


Sower of Love.

Come, friends,
let us be sowers of love.

Like the farmer
who diligently sows seed,
let us persistently
sow seeds of God’s love

for ourselves and… 273 more words

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