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Soweto rising: 1976 - youth day

Today, South Africa celebrates and recognises the power of a youth willing to stand for what’s right.

Today, my country mourns the lives lost in a struggle children as young as thirteen inherited, a struggle designed by a people, a government and legal system that placed premium and prejudice to the colour of one’s skin. 137 more words

Honesty Hour

Being a Wild Dog is a Privilege

The journey to becoming a Wild Dog for Tokelo Martin Mokhesi started when he attended the Johannesburg trials at the Pirates Rugby Club in December 2016, followed by the Cape Town trials at UCT in February 2017. 811 more words


Ukhona umahluko kwiphulo Le-Fees Must Fall kunye nedabi laseSoweto lika 1976? #YouthMonth 

Umbhali: Qinisile Aphiwe.

Ingaba ukhona umahluko phakathi kwephulo Le-Fees Must Fall kunye nedabi lika 1976, ikakhulu kwiindlela urhulumente aphendula ngayo. Masiqwalasele iintsusa yelidabi laseSoweto, sibuye sijonge umahluko okanye ukufana kwiimpendulo zorhulumente wengcinezelo kunye norhulumente wentando yabantu. 668 more words


Soweto's Secret War Zone


The third largest hospital on the planet lies nestled in the suburbs of Soweto and quietly continues to provide service to the over-million people who live there, sometimes people from places as far as Klerksdorp, and it seems to slip into the shadows of the public’s awareness. 999 more words

Hope in Soweto

This afternoon we went to a small school in the Soweto of Jinja. This is one of the two largest slum regions of the city. Help Primary School was started by a man whose name I forget. 314 more words

The Yearning by Mohale Moshego

There are many young black people caught between a world of achievement, consumerism, fast-living and the world of their ancestors. There is a yearning to add meaning to life, to tap into the old ways and find a spiritual home. 579 more words

African Writing

The Sound of Soweto parts 1 & 2 from the BBC

This eye and ear opening documentary is a real must for fans of African music, jazz and African politics. From how the musicians were influenced by American big bands to the total ban on jazz at the end of the 60s this is an essential listen.

Part 1 

Part 2