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Sheepcare Afterthoughts

After the volunteer project I thought to myself:

Did I help?
An unspecialized volunteer like me definitely didn’t help the school tremendously, but…

I was a visitor. 302 more words


Guy Fawkes in Soweto

Guy Fawkes day is celebrated a little differently in Soweto than the rest of the world.  No fireworks but kids dressing up in their parents clothing and collecting money. 249 more words


Races: #12. Soweto Marathon

‘The race of the people.’ ~ South Africa’s most iconic marathon.

This race was super cool–its course runs past all the historic sites and monuments in Soweto- a subdistrict of Johannesburg that’s incredibly rich in history and culture, thus dubbing this race as South Africa’s most iconic race. 527 more words

Peace Corps

Visit Soweto Soon Before It Becomes Gentrified

One of those travel cliches you always hear is “You know, you haven’t visited (insert city) if you haven’t gone to (insert part of city).” So here we go — you haven’t visited Johannesburg if you haven’t gone to Soweto. 571 more words

South Africa

PLAYFUL – Hussain van Roos

When you’re given the chance to be better at being yourself, take the opportunity and renew your thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to be complacent; doing the same things and choosing to change nothing about your circumstances and where you are headed next. 1,466 more words


Meeting Nelson Mandela in South Africa

Africa, a romantic name. A
name that brings to my mind the color of rich brown creamy chocolate. Africa is the land of heat and dust, but also beauty, nature, and endless possibilities. 3,043 more words

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Day 8: 6am in Soweto

As part of this in-depth project we all have to work in a group mainly for assistance during the filming and sound part of the multi-media features, it is in my opinion what our class really needed. 622 more words

Raquel De Canha