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A new idea in corporate governance - Shareholder Senates

Around twenty years ago I wrote that while the twentieth century had been the era of management, with its new management schools, management consultants, and management gurus, the twenty-first century would be the era of corporate governance.   1,993 more words

Pride in Pride

Happily, my pride socks have made their way to many places: NY, Texas, and even here around China.

 <——- my socks in NY pride parade. 12 more words


Me and my Sexy Britain accent!

Sox and I took Sherri out for sushi tonight. We went to zen sushi on Merrimon avenue. We ended up with the cutest,little waitress when she came over for our drink order I ask for a “Cheerwine” she says “is that beer?” No I replied “it is a soft drink” I don’t believe we have that. 182 more words

Old friends and sunsets

I have been hanging around and old friend lately. Some of you may remember Sox, he has been wanting to join Pari and I on some of our adventure’s. 25 more words

It is OK to start drinking after-noon, right?

Sox, trying to get a grip on early margaritas at white duck taco!

Labor day float

Sox and I had a great float today. The first part was a little crowded for my taste. But still experienced things I never would have, Sometimes you just have to be there. 201 more words

Almost halfway to St. Patrick's day

Its still half a year away…. It makes me so sad that I have to wait so long for the best holiday of the year…. 28 more words