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This TTM Is Mo-Mentous

My recent return is a legend of sorts from the 90s and early 2000s that played the majority of his professional baseball career in the northeast. 87 more words


Nopol Hills: Pushing Myself to my limits and getting it paid off.

NOVEMBER 30, 2016. Wednesday

I laid on the grass and thought of what went wrong. Have i gone past my youth? Is this what they call old age? 578 more words


A new front opens in the SOX battle

One of the issues that I address in my SOX Master Classes (the next one is in February) has come of age.

I am talking about the certification signed by the CEO and CFO and included in the quarterly filing with the SEC – the one required by Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. 586 more words


Getting Duration of wav files in Linux

Here it is a python code needed to get the time in hours for a folder that includes wav files.
make sure that you’ve installed SOX. 79 more words


The Baseball Fandom of "What Teeth They Had"

A hearty congratulations to the Chicago Cubs is in order after their unbelievable comeback against the Indians in the 2016 Word Series. As a resident of the South-side of Chicago, my allegiance has always been with the White Sox, but seeing the joy in Cubs fans’ eyes over the course of this post season has left me humbled. 393 more words


Some White Sox fans are a little "sour"

During my travels this past week, I came across some White Sox fans. Now, me being who I am, took it upon myself to ask their opinions about the Cubs and the World Series. 222 more words