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Terrific Bakery!

This week I was introduced to http://www.mixedbakery.com

They bake from scratch with real ingredients that you have in your pantry if you bake at home. They will work with you on avoiding allergens and getting a soy-free cake was very easy, all she had to do was double check that the chocolate she was baking with was free of soy. 50 more words

Soy Allergies

Soy-Free Vitamins

I’m sure I have posted about this in the past, but am revisiting it today. We have to make sure that our vitamins and supplements don’t have hidden soy ingredients. 70 more words

Soy Allergies

Trader Joe's Blew It This Time - Gluten Free Brownie Mix Has Soy In It Now!

I used to really enjoy these brownies. They used to be free of the top allergens, including soy. They have repackaged their Gluten Free brownie mix and in the newly packaged version, there is soy lecithin in the ingredients. 63 more words

Soy Allergies

The Yes Bar. Gluten free, soy free, GMO free

A friend turned us into these snack bars. They are safe for us soy-free folks to consume and they are yummy! Just above is the ingredients to the bar I tried. 36 more words


Allergic to soy? Watch your olive oils!!!!


Did you know some olive oils are cut with soy? I found out the hard way which is why I am posting so others don’t have to be subjected to the allergic reactions my son and I have gone through! 57 more words

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Going Vegan for Allergies

I feel as if I should cry out for help. I am pretty much a vegetarian, I will occasionally eat chicken and salmon, but other than that, I stick to my veggies, grains, cheeses, and yogurt. 269 more words


A restaurant with a soy-free options menu

Last night I discovered that Rubio’s has a soy-free menu on line.  We ordered take out.  On the below page they have an option to get allergen information.   33 more words

Allergic To Soy