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BBQ Soy Curls

This is quite a simple recipe to make and very tasty.  We eat this one only on occasion or when we are cooking for non-vegans.  They get the texture from the food without harming any animals.  217 more words


Super Tasty Barbecue Sandwich

I made this for my people the other day, and it was a HUGE hit.  So much so, that I’m sharing the love with all of you.   565 more words


Soy Curls

I have seen soy curls on various blogs and in recipes and decided to give them a try.

Half of an 8 ounce package makes two generous servings.   97 more words

BBQ every day, yardin' all the time

since we got the BBQ up and running for Thor’s 10th birthday that’s pretty much the only way i’ve been cooking. hanging out in the yard, picking our vegetables, cooking em up, lounging around. 250 more words



I headed up to Portland over the 4th of July weekend. The purpose of my trip was to see some fireworks, drink beer, and eat as much Vegan food as possible! 305 more words


pizza party (and my fav dough)

PIZZA PARTY PIZZA PARTY! i like pizza. it’s so good, i like making it, i like baking it, i like eating it. i like eating the leftovers cold for breakfast. 455 more words


Brown Baggin' It: Smoky Salad Rolls

Ok, so months ago, maybe even a year? I got all overly excited and ordered a big ass box of soy curls, and by big, I mean freakin’ huge! 979 more words

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