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Here's The One Strategy That May Work When "There's Plenty To Be Bearish About"

Earlier today, former FX trader Richard Breslow explained that traders are suffering from a lack of confidence. Here’s what he said:

Watching things trade on Friday afternoon baldly made the point that…

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"Do You See What Happens?!" One Bank Explains The "Implications" Of Failure Friday

If you’ve been following along over the past several days, you already know how things are likely to go this week.

And if you needed some kind of confirmation for what you already knew, all you have to do – as we noted earlier this morning – is look at the dollar. 428 more words


It's Falling Apart: Reflation Trade Shrivels Up And Dies As Markets Sour On Risk

Well, the dollar is under pressure on Monday, just as we said it would be on Sunday evening.

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index fell as traders digested the failure of the GOP health care bill on Friday. 712 more words


Do it (trade) like a casino

I day trade the currency pairing GBP/JPY with 5-minute bars as the primary chart. My edge for these trades includes: the recognition of context, or where the chart is in regard to a trend or a trading range; my strict minimum trade requirements (as I’m a retail trader I have to pay and, therefore, consider the spread); and, finally, my Green Line Entry Measure (GLEM). 540 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

Trader: "The Love Has Faded. Get Ready For Long, Tough Week"

Last week, the narrative cracked.

To be sure, anyone who pays attention to this sh*t on a daily basis already knew that the whole reflation meme that’s propped up stocks since the election had come under pressure on several occasions in 2017. 491 more words

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"Traders Have Lost Confidence In Their Ability To Trade," Trader Says

Things should have been worse on Friday for markets. Probably a lot worse.

But Tuesday aside, you get the feeling that everyone is so traumatized by the tendency for bouts of volatility to quickly “mean revert,” that no one wants to make the trades they know they should be making. 449 more words

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