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Calling the top: 2350 on the S&P 500

How high can the stock market go until it hits a ceiling and tops out? One stock strategist says 2350 on the S&P 500-stock index will be the high-water mark for this bull market. 331 more words


Nasdaq acts as market’s pace car

Just when it looks like the U.S. stock market is tired, the tech- and biotech-packed Nasdaq composite accelerates again and pulls the rest of the market up with it. 271 more words


Market's pricey P-Es could impede bull's advance


NEW YORK Mind your Ps and Es. That’s what Wall Street’s doing, as a key valuation metric – the price-to-earnings ratio, or P-E  – suggests the stock market isn’t cheap anymore. 230 more words


Here's how much YouTube is worth

An analyst at Bank of America thinks your favorite place for cat videos is worth big money.

Analyst Justin Post wrote a note this week saying that YouTube, the popular video streaming site bought by Google in 2006, is worth about $70 billion on its own. 51 more words


Surging U.S. dollar hammers stocks, oil prices

The greenback surged to a one-month high Tuesday, as traders bet that a strengthening U.S. economy will prompt the Federal Reserve Board to hike interest rates in coming months. 215 more words


Stocks Overvalued Compared to Bonds

There was a minor bond scare as prices tumbled and yields soared.

The drop in bond prices makes bonds more attractive relative to stocks, at least that’s what the SPY:TLT ratio says. 243 more words

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Investors that sold stocks in May missed out on gains

Investors that followed the old Wall Street strategy of “Sell in May and go away” are probably second-guessing that trading decision. The reason: The broad U.S. 152 more words