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One Trader Doesn't Get Why You're So Damn "Punchy" This Morning

Former trader Richard Breslow is a skeptical fellow, which is probably why I like him so much and why our views on markets generally tend to coincide. 496 more words


"Dude, Stock Market Selloffs Are Rare!" - No, They're Not

When a tail event isn’t actually a tail event…

Via Morgan Stanley

Large equity drawdowns are more common than you might think: Start at any date since 1950,and the likelihood of the S&P 500 being 15%+ lower after 12 months is 8%.

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S&P 500

Retail Sales Rose 0.4% in January from December

Financial News and Portfolio Management Discussion through February 18th

US stocks continued their run of new record highs ending the week at an all time high on strong economic growth and corporate earnings. 197 more words

Investment Advisory

Effective Strategy 2016 Testing | Acceleration Historical Accuracy

Low -> High -> Higher Low -> Lower High -> projected to +75 buy point (then acceleration rockets in markets upwards) – see graphs


Chart Check ("This Should Be Fine")

Compare and contrast.

Via Bloomberg

S&P 500 futures up as much as 0.3% to highest since at least Sept. 2006, ahead of U.S. holiday.

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S&P 500

Markets To Trump: "Show Me The Damn Money, Already"

The market always needs a story – a reason to get out of bed in the morning, so to speak.

In the post-election environment, “reflation” is that story and the extent to which that narrative is waxing versus waning pretty much determines how we’re going to trade on any given day (USDJPY is perhaps the best real time referendum on whether the market is still buying the Trumpian fairy tale). 552 more words


"Alternative Fact": 40% Of US Companies Are Losing Money

I thoroughly enjoy exposing investors to “alternative facts.”

Just call me “Kellyanne Conway” (there’s something I never thought I’d say).

Equity markets provide plenty of opportunities when it comes to shedding light on inconvenient truths. 267 more words

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