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U.S., Russia and other global rivals unite against a UN call to shed their nuclear weapons

For all the divisions among world powers, one concern unites Russia and the U.S., India and Pakistan, North Korea and Israel at the United Nations: Keeping their nuclear weapons. 786 more words


Clumsy waiter knocks thumb off Roman statue of Venus in 'unfortunate incident' at British Museum

LONDON — The greatest fear of any waiter at a prestigious event must be to drop a plate or spill a drink on an eminent guest. 375 more words


'I had no idea': Justin Timberlake discusses his illegal voting selfie on The Tonight Show

In what was meant to be a well-intentioned effort to encourage Americans to vote, Justin Timberlake cast an early ballot earlier this week in his hometown in Tennessee, and… 170 more words


'Shall we not revenge?' After 15 years, doctor convicted on 4 gruesome murder charges

“If you shall wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

That’s a quote from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” one police found among Anthony Garcia’s Internet searches. 1,286 more words


Russia drops request to refuel Syrian-bound battle group at Spanish port after NATO uproar

BRUSSELS — Russia cancelled a request to refuel a flotilla of its Syria-bound warships at a Spanish port Wednesday, according to Russian state-run media and other news reports. 734 more words


‘They’re not human’: How 19th-century Inuit coped with a real-life invasion of the 'walking dead'

It was easily one of the most unearthly and chilling visions that had ever struck the land that would soon become Canada.

Eight or nine lurching figures: Their eyes vacant, their skin blue, unable to talk and barely alive. 1,447 more words