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Senate to dock Mike Duffy's pay until he's paid back $17,000 in disputed expenses

OTTAWA — Sen. Mike Duffy is going to find his Senate paycheque will soon be a little lighter.

The Senate is going to start clawing back Duffy’s salary after the Prince Edward Island senator refused to repay almost $17,000 in disputed expense claims before Saturday’s deadline. 232 more words


Mysterious 1934 death of Belgium's King Albert I may be solved thanks to some bloody leaves

On the afternoon of Feb. 17, 1934, King Albert I of Belgium asked his valet to wait in the car while he went for a climb in Marche-les-Dames, where the rock peaks reach 200 metres above the River Meuse. 780 more words


Instead of denying our own sadness to our kids, we should teach them how to cope

“You sad, Momma?” asked my 2-year-old daughter. I quickly replied, “No! Momma is happy, don’t worry!”

I had been watching the news. There was a mother grieving for the loss of her son during the shooting in Orlando last month, and I was overcome with sadness about the pain that she was experiencing. 727 more words


Dion sits down with Lavrov for first meeting of Canadian foreign minister with Russian equal in years

OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion sat down Monday with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov — the first meeting of its kind in years. 310 more words


How New Zealand aims to eradicate rats, possums and stoats from 'every nook and corner of the country'

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Their abilities to travel, multiply and spread disease have always made rats one of mankind’s greatest pests.

New Zealand says it’s time to wipe them out. 456 more words


Indian police say men gang-raped Israeli tourist in car after she accepted their ride offer

NEW DELHI — Police were questioning two men Monday in the alleged gang rape of a 25-year-old Israeli tourist who accepted a car ride while traveling in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. 219 more words


‘Deadly and serious offence’: U.S. Coast Guard searching for person behind 28 hoax ‘mayday’ calls

It’s the Coast Guard that is summoned for nautical emergencies, such as a sailboat taking on water in the Chesapeake or a fishing boat in trouble in the Atlantic off the Maryland coast. 385 more words