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SP2 final evaluation

The Barnardo’s project was something that I took a lot of interest in mostly because the concept of the ‘Traditions Reformed’ trend was something comepletely new to me and that I hadn’t really explored before. 467 more words


SP2 weekly review 3

After using a lot of last week to create different fabric samples, week three started with more in-depth development of the six-piece collection. After analysing the key details of my three garments I created a number of development pages that explored how they could be combined to create outfits that reflected Traditions Reformed and made use of all of the design details of this trend that were my reasons for choosing it in the first place. 171 more words


The original Peavey SP2 speakers

I still have a pair of the Peavey SP2ti speakers, which were the improvement over these oroginal SP2 speakers. Back in the 80s, many mobile discos had them. 193 more words



Summary covering the concept of hybridization of C, N, O atoms: geometry, Lewis structure, and examples.


SP2 weekly review 2

Week two of Barnardo’s has been focused on creating different samples that we can include in our research but also go on to use in our final makes to add interest and more variety. 434 more words


SP2 weekly review 1

Our second specialism project is a ‘deconstruct-reconstruct’ project and is entitled Barnardo’s. The brief describes this project as being about developing an understanding of the concepts in construction, detail, fabric selection and colour, whilst designing for a current trend. 401 more words



بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Salam bikers Nusantara,

Honda mengumumkan CBR 1000 RR untuk tahun 2017, dimana pembaharuan yang menggunakan konsep “ 289 more words