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What is hybridization?

The intermixing of two or more pure atomic orbitals of an atom with almost same energy to give same number of identical and degenerate new type of orbitals is known as hybridization. 68 more words

General Chemistry

Final Evaluation

Overall I feel my project had a successful outcome that linked to both the themes of Hyper Human and Boxing, whilst having a specific market in mind. 235 more words


Hyper Human week 6.

I began to edit the images; selecting a few and editing them to look more like film- with a matte finish and faded colour.

I edited the cover to suit I-D magazine, selecting a photo where one of the eyes was hidden, and edited the rest for the editorial. 17 more words


Hyper Human Week 5.

In week 5 we did the Photoshoot. My time-slot was 1.30 so I got my model, Sally to come in about 45minutes early to do Hair and Makeup. 95 more words


Hyper Human Week 4.

I researched Hair and Makeup that I could apply to my photoshoot.

Creating mood boards I wanted to convey a more futuristic look. As soon below, the looks hold a lot of intense highlighter and glossy skin, which was both fresh and futuristic. 112 more words


Hyper Human Week 3.

With the project coming together and the photoshoot nearing I began to model scout. Amir is a photographer and a close friend and let me view some of the models he uses in his own work. 107 more words


Hyper Human Week 2.

In the second week of this project I researched fashion publications, to gain an idea od how I could tailor my fashion photoshoot to one of them. 282 more words