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Product Review: Pinkberri Kosmetiqué - Chocolate Espresso Freshly Brewed Body Butter

I need help from my chocolate addiction, but it’s not my fault, that everywhere I turn there’s always something to remind me and tempt me and I can’t help myself and I can’t even wait to go visit a spa that offers chocolate as a spa treatment, I will be in heaven. 176 more words

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Product Review: Nola's Turmeric Night Cream

Many of you might not have noticed, but I have struggled with both uneven skin tones and acne for years, even thou I don’t wear make-up, because I don’t really wear any sunscreen either, when I go to the beach and spend more than two hours at the beach, even an entire day with friends. 355 more words

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Five (5) Favourite Facials (masks, oils, scrubs, soaps)

Many of us are die-hard lovers of facials, we love to get facials and even do our own facials before a special occasion, or even before we go to bed or work. 343 more words


Five (5) Favourite Soaps

Apart from Dove, Lifebuoy and Protex and Irish Spring Soaps – I have a total love and weakness for all natural and organic soaps, once they agree with my skin and body. 607 more words

Spa Products: Essential Oils In Aromatherapy & Their Benefits

Essential oils are considered the backbone of aromatherapy, due to the fact that the concentrated liquid and aromatic oils from plants has various healing properties. 2,704 more words

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Spa Products Recipe: Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Massage Butter

This rich chocolaty massage butter or moisturizer is great for persons with extra-dry skin or classic rough skin spots, such as feet, knees and elbows. It can also be used as the ultimate massage balm, by rubbing a small amount between your palms and treat a loved one to a decadent and relaxing massage. 141 more words


Spa Product Recipe: Do-It-Yourself Cocoa Mint Foot Scrub

Cocoa Mint Foot Scrub, this scrub is said to be invigorating for your feet at the end of a tough day with its rich and minty scrub. 135 more words

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