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Progress flies to the ISS in just two revolutions - a new record!

Progress MS-09 launched to the ISS today and docked with the station just two revolutions later.  This is the fastest ever ascent to the station.  (It is not the fastest ever ascent to a target in Earth orbit; I believe that record may still be held by Gemini 11, which performed a direct ascent to its Agena target just 94 minutes into the flight.   8 more words


Amazing view of one of Ceres' white spots (in Occator Crator)

When the Dawn spacecraft left Vesta and began its transit to Ceres, scientists already knew from Hubble and ground-based imagery that there was something odd about Ceres: there was a big bright area on one side.   440 more words


Beautiful ground footage of the CRS-15 launch

USLaunchReport, a disabled veteran-run enterprise on Florida’s Space Coast, provides ground footage of launches, and they got some beautiful footage of this one.  Skip ahead about four minutes to staging, where it’s up high, lit by the Sun, and the humid air near the ground is less of an obstacle to photography, and watch to the end when they start to cut in shots of the plume in the background and in the foreground you can see the impressive optical tracking system they got to use for this:


Final Block 4 Falcon 9 Flies with Dragon

The last Block 4 Falcon 9 flew yesterday, boosting an unmanned Dragon capsule to the ISS for the CRS-15 mission (skip to about 18:50 for the launch): 208 more words


Beautiful Japanese dessert looks like slice of starry space, only available at convenience stores

Celebrate the arrival of Japan’s deep space probe at its asteroid destination with a dessert both achingly gorgeous and totally affordable. 308 more words


Hayabusa 2 has arrived!

JAXA has confirmed the engine burn to allow Ryugu to capture Hayabusa 2.  Up close, the asteroid doesn’t look quite as clearly octahedral, but it’s still showing a remarkable diamond silhouette.   157 more words