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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Old Toy Reunion of Regrets

Old toys, new toys, we all love ’em all, whatever their age, whatever their state. I have a Teddy Bear – they’re named after Theodore Roosevelt… 150 more words


Incredible new images show Jupiter and Venus side by side

Stargazers today (Nov. 13) might have noticed Jupiter and Venus appear to be on a collision course as the morning sun began its roasting of the pre-dawn sky. 305 more words

The ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya is visible from space

In just months, more than 600,000 members of Myanmar’s ethnic Muslim minority, the Rohingya, have fled persecution into neighboring Bangladesh. When that many people move on earth, you can see it from space. 436 more words

The company photographing every spot of land on earth, every single day

Planet, the American satellite company, is now snapping a picture of every part of earth’s landmass every single day.

Analyzing the imagery over time promises to unlock critical information about the economy and the environment for Planet’s customers, which range from investors to activists. 685 more words

A quite Universe. Elusive "advanced" Alien life

(Hubble Telescope ultra deep field)

Since the Drake equation, which was developed in 1961 by astronomer Frank Drake.  The equation it’s self holds a broad estimate of between 2 – 280 million advanced civilizations.  446 more words


A conflict-free workplace has been discovered, 250 miles away from Earth

Given the lack of gravity, personal space, or guarantee of surviving any given day, one would think space stations would rank among the more stressful, conflict-ridden workplaces. 800 more words