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Florky's first mission - dump Trump

Distracted by all the wonderful oddities that surrounded him, Florky almost forgot that he was here to save humanity.

His first mission was to find this Trump, take him several light-years away, and then dump him back on Earth – so that by the time he returned, humanity would have either evolved past him, or become extinct. 27 more words


The Starflower

Many readers of Strange Things Done are also writers of speculative fiction—science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and/or horror—and are writing or have written novels. My posted stories, what I call bagatelles, are offhand pieces that I use to clear my thoughts while working on my own novel, … 374 more words

Decision on Bunco-I

“Scotty, prepare the transporter for Mr. Spock and me to beam down to the surface.”

“I dinna think that’soo a good idea, Captain … nae wi’ the Klingon battle fleet bearin’ down.” 458 more words

Aliens Among Us

Have you seen recent TV shows, movies, or magazine articles about animal intelligence? What you think about this probably depends on your point of view. Hardline Humanists might begrudge any intelligence—human or animal—that fails their hubristic standards. 1,069 more words

A Comet Tale

Sol Monitor. Not the challenging career step Khss was promised. The only action was on the third planet, where terrapods had spent the last sixty char perfecting self-degradation. 385 more words

Nerdvana: Our Favorite Fictional Aliens

Today Nerdvana pays tribute to one of our favorite tropes in fiction: space aliens, those guests of ours from beyond the stars.

Today we’ll be listing some our favorite fictional Visitors from Beyond. 1,314 more words