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Don't Feed the Plants!

“Little Shop of Horrors” played at the high school last night. This is the first musical that they have performed in ten years, since Dave was a senior there. 458 more words

Saint Louis

The New Star Wars Movie

The second trailer for the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens,” came out today. Here is a link to it and in case you have been living under a rock and missed the first trailer, the one that nearly crashed the Internet last Black Friday, here is a… 421 more words

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Intruder Alert

My brush with corporate bureaucracy today involved a dose of mandatory training. Every year, I am assigned about a dozen online courses that cover a wide gambit of subjects, but can be lumped into one of two categories, either ethics or safety. 513 more words

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On Sci-Fi Dreams and Depressed Super Heroes

I had this epic sci-fi dream last night (I should say this morning, didn’t get to sleep till after 4a.m.)  that a piece of an alternate universe had broken off and was rotating above the earth like a huge green gaseous spiral. 355 more words


Brothers and Sisters on Other Planets

Doctrines of Salvation 1:62; “We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and sisters on other earths. They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were created in his image, for they are also his offspring.” –  Joseph Fielding Smith 438 more words

False Doctrines Of Mormonism

2014 Road Trip Photos #22: Platter 9 from Outer Space

Day Five took us to Fargo around lunchtime. Down the street from the Visitors Center was a restaurant that really spoke to us despite their authentic translator problems. 652 more words


Book Review | Arson by CS Boyack

I had read a few of Craig’s books, and greatly enjoyed them all, so I decided to try Arson. I had some misgivings before I began, because it is Sci-Fi, which usually goes straight over my head… all that physics and futuristic technology stuff just boggles my mind and completely alienates me, if you’ll pardon the pun! 477 more words