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Alien Abduction; When Extra Terrestrials Invade Your Dollhouse

It was a dark and stormy night…

Little Daisy Butterfield had been laid to rest in her plush bed, covered and kissed gently on her forehead for a long and peaceful nights sleep. 666 more words


Space Aliens Communicate With Earth. Maybe.

“Two Canadian astronomers published a study that claims an anomaly in the pulsing of a group of stars is possibly evidence of an alien civilization. …. 154 more words


Rogue One

On New Year’s Eve, Anne, Joanie and I storm-trooped up to the Esquire to see the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One. I liked it and recommend that you go see it. 492 more words


Escape From New York

Early this morning, Dan laced up his combat boots (Really, he just slipped on his loafers.) and then put on his best Snake Plissken game face (Kurt Russell played Snake in the 1981 John Carpenter Sci-Fi flick, … 527 more words


French Town Upholds 62-Year-Old Ban on UFOs

The mayor of the French town of Châteauneuf-du-Pape has upheld a 62-year-old law banning UFOs.

The 1954 law was established after a man in northern France said he had seen two figures that looked like ‘deep sea divers’ emerging from a ‘cigar-shaped’ space ship. 169 more words


George Takei

Last night, we got to hear the actor and activist George Takei speak at the Touhill. Mr. Takei first came to prominence in the sixties through his role on the TV series Star Trek. 489 more words