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Paper Umbrellas

(she is unable to appear
in a fashion other than

“I find it better
to view life as a
from oblivion”

(from her purse she… 28 more words

Writing And Poetry

upon hoping to have shed the last tear regarding a topic of which I dare not speak

I despise the elaborate
I detest the ornate
I want to smash glass cabinets
filled with all the precious things
I want to chisel the cartouche… 48 more words

Writing And Poetry

Full Credit

You came to the Interstellar Convention to obtain three credits toward your Alien Studies degree. Few women attend the convention, but you meet another female at the evening mixer. 425 more words

'Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?' (2016)

Remember this? Like, damn, we ain’t found no space brothers yet–it can only be because they’s all died out!


To the atheist excuse for a mind, the presence of life on another planets would “prove” there is no God. Or something like that.


Reluctant Alien

The little green man

nursed his slight gash

bleeding little green drops

resulting from

a deliberate bite

from a discontent, hairy beast

known as Bozo… 80 more words

Could space aliens hack our planet?

A science report from NBC offered an intriguing if not scary idea that what the FBI says Russians did with the #US_presidential_election_hack might be done on a far more profound scale by #space_aliens. 243 more words

Science Oddity

Unique in Creation

No worries, I don’t usually write posts about “out-there” topics, as I typically write on life-application, but I’ve found too many “Christians” believe in space-aliens, and I’ve not seen anyone ever use this approach to disprove the idea (though this only works for Bible-believing Christians who are willing to let go of pride to see the truth.) 538 more words