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Earth Day Part Deux

We revisited the Earth Day festival today, the largest in the Midwest. Crystal blue skies and a wee bit more warmth successfully brought the throngs out. 234 more words


What is Mok?

“Mok” concludes this series set on Callisto. Previous related stories are: And To All A Good NightCallisto ConfidentialWho’s Out There?; and  1,671 more words

Botendaddy Runs with the Aliens

“Whassupp B-word! Yo yo yo it’s me Gryzwaczasdfg in the hizzouse! This my boy Gryzwaczqwerty we gonna be running with you today. You know what I’m saying?” 426 more words


Doxxing, Brigading, Spoofing and Sh!tlording Mark II: A Weak Indoor Run

I was joined by the Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shitlady.

I was trying to do research in my office. She just wanted to hang out. 355 more words


Who's Out There?

The immediate predecessor to “Who’s Out There?” – Callisto Confidential

A previous related Callisto story – And To All A Good Night

Carly examined the two martini glasses closely. 866 more words

Watch Space Invasion in Lapland

If asked to name a few Swedish alien invasion movies, you’ll have an almost impossible task ahead of you. In general terms, they simply don’t exist. 250 more words


Preview: Hermit: Monster Killer

Finally wriggling its way to audiences is the Swedish indie feature, Hermit: Monster Killer. After years in production, it might be the first of its kind in Sweden. 842 more words