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Decision on Bunco-I

“Scotty, prepare the transporter for Mr. Spock and me to beam down to the surface.”

“I dinna think that’soo a good idea, Captain … nae wi’ the Klingon battle fleet bearin’ down.” 458 more words


Aliens Among Us

Have you seen recent TV shows, movies, or magazine articles about animal intelligence? What you think about this probably depends on your point of view. Hardline Humanists might begrudge any intelligence—human or animal—that fails their hubristic standards. 1,069 more words


A Comet Tale

Sol Monitor. Not the challenging career step Khss was promised. The only action was on the third planet, where terrapods had spent the last sixty char perfecting self-degradation. 385 more words


Nerdvana: Our Favorite Fictional Aliens

Today Nerdvana pays tribute to one of our favorite tropes in fiction: space aliens, those guests of ours from beyond the stars.

Today we’ll be listing some our favorite fictional Visitors from Beyond. 1,314 more words


If Politicians Were Controlled by Space Aliens, Would We Notice?

This explains so much.

From reason.com, about CBS’s new show, Braindead:

The only real question about BrainDead is which CBS division produces it: news or entertainment.

109 more words
2016 Election

Unauthorized fiddlin'. Party on.

Just ’cause ya’ can, does it mean ya’ should?

Ignore the gorilla in the room, and be a party to this unhinging:

What if there was a dead planet – no matter if it died from natural causes or tragic error by inhabitants, 303 more words


Mom versus the Alien Girl

When you twenty year old son is texting with his friends about the Star Trek preview with the Kirk and the weird space alien girl… 16 more words