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Insomniac Yardsale Video 111 | Eton's Ion Slug Fest (An Eton & Daddy Imaginext Space Unboxing)

In INSOMNIAC YARDSALE 111, Eton Zootine joins me again for the final member of our Imaginext Space Ion Alien horde. The Ion Slug is a wonderfully strange creature with a wheel on the bottom that when pushed along, moves its claw arms as well as its head protruberances. 52 more words

Insomniac Yardsale

From the Diary of 'Kvizee' Doug in Blog Form: ENTRY 50


Chloë was asleep again. All of us were so tired we could have lain in bed all day. I touched down onto the bed, landing my behind in the slump of the mattress, sighing. 343 more words

From the Diary of 'Kvizee' Doug in Blog Form: ENTRY 49


Chloë and Zawmb’yee in Bed

Oh the joy and hazard of falling asleep with Chloë and Zawmb’yee in the bed with me. I dreamed I was on the railroad in a center seat. 471 more words

Earth Day Part Deux

We revisited the Earth Day festival today, the largest in the Midwest. Crystal blue skies and a wee bit more warmth successfully brought the throngs out. 234 more words


What is Mok?

“Mok” concludes this series set on Callisto. Previous related stories are: And To All A Good NightCallisto ConfidentialWho’s Out There?; and  1,671 more words

Botendaddy Runs with the Aliens

“Whassupp B-word! Yo yo yo it’s me Gryzwaczasdfg in the hizzouse! This my boy Gryzwaczqwerty we gonna be running with you today. You know what I’m saying?” 426 more words


Doxxing, Brigading, Spoofing and Sh!tlording Mark II: A Weak Indoor Run

I was joined by the Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shitlady.

I was trying to do research in my office. She just wanted to hang out. 355 more words