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Alien Spaceships - Global Reality?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s July 17, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  You’re expanding activities to unite your totality. 986 more words


Follow the Goat

The photo shows a Hummingbird Clearwing moth buzzing about Anne’s neck. We were folding the tent’s ground cloth on the back deck, when this insect took a shine to Anne’s green jersey collar. 421 more words

Saint Louis

Cultural Gutter: Beneath the Mysterian Dome

Over on The Cultural Gutter, I’m celebrating Eiji Tsuburaya, Ishiro Honda, and aliens who want to steal our women! Beneath the Mysterian Dome is a look at… 39 more words

Film & TV

Does Intelligent Alien Life Exists—What are the odds?

By: David P. Cantrell

I’ve read science fiction since my teens and accepted the premise of intelligent space aliens as part of rousing and thought provoking stories written by Isaac Asimov and others, but I didn’t accept the stories as proof of alien existence. 693 more words

David P. Cantrell

Embrace your inner-alien!

Hey everybody!
Game day comes around again, and today I’m shining the spotlight of awesome over one of my very favourite games. It’s time to embrace your inner-alien, as we look at Conquest of Planet Earth! 1,108 more words

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Cultural Gutter: Understanding the Aliens

Last month on The Cultural Gutter, I wrote about Nalo Hopikinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring the importance of diverse voices and experiences in science fiction. 73 more words

Science Fiction

Space Aliens: Can our Civilization Live With Them? Can It Live Without Them?

The sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, was released in A.D. 1951.  Michael Rennie starred as Klaatu, an extra-terrestrial who comes to Earth, and gets shot and killed by some earthly idiots.  418 more words