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10 Oddities That Might Convince You Life Outside Our Planet Exists

Are we the only living species in the universe? This question has been asked since ancient times and remains without a definitive answer despite many people believing there are alien life-forms out there and “evidence” that supports this belief. 623 more words


Embrace your inner-alien!

Hey everybody!
Game day comes around again, and today I’m shining the spotlight of awesome over one of my very favourite games. It’s time to embrace your inner-alien, as we look at Conquest of Planet Earth! 1,108 more words

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Cultural Gutter: Understanding the Aliens

Last month on The Cultural Gutter, I wrote about Nalo Hopikinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring the importance of diverse voices and experiences in science fiction. 73 more words

Science Fiction

Space Aliens: Can our Civilization Live With Them? Can It Live Without Them?

The sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, was released in A.D. 1951.  Michael Rennie starred as Klaatu, an extra-terrestrial who comes to Earth, and gets shot and killed by some earthly idiots.  418 more words


NASA 'flying saucer' in the sky

(CNN)A flying saucer has been spotted over the Pacific. Not a UFO, exactly, since it is identified. It belongs to NASA.

After several delays, NASA on Monday initiated the test of a saucer-shaped craft that could hold the key to a future human mission to Mars. 369 more words



First Statement of Ti and Do,
Sent out from Ojai, California
March 1975
What religions have sought to understand since the beginning of their
origin is what is above the human level of existence. 833 more words
"Ti And Do"

Congressman Proposes Building Fence Around the Earth to Keep out Illegal Space Aliens

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Amid growing concerns that there may be intelligent life in the universe, U.S. Representative Alan Fudd (R-ID) has introduced a bill that would fund construction of a massive chain-link and barbed wire fence that will completely envelope the Earth in an effort to secure the planet’s interstellar border. 222 more words