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To the Stars By Hard Ways

Despite the flashing lights and attempts at post Star Wars special effects, To the Stars By Hard Ways fits in much more comfortably with the more contemplative science fiction of the 1970s than it does the 1980s, and in particular the overall mood reminds me of nothing so much as it does the winsome melancholy of the anime series… 5,878 more words


Angry Red Planet

When producer Sid Pink set out to tell the epic tale of mankind’s first trip to Mars, he did so with a budget that would barely get him down the street. 2,690 more words


'P' is for...

Primary Day! (New York) or, Is It Over Yet?

The second of the big delegate states (the first being Texas I guess) is happening. I’m actually composing this on Sunday, after missing the talking head shows earlier. 368 more words


Wizard World's Comic Con

Wonder Woman

Unknown Cosplayers

Stormtrooper Showing His Tartan

Lou Ferrigno and the Cosplayers

Anne went off campaigning today for her school tax issue, so left to my own devices I headed downtown and attended Wizard World’s Comic Con. 310 more words

Saint Louis

Their Is Too ET's!!

This moning my freinds had to beet up this guy he was sayin bad things about Sceince! Hear at collidge us interllecturals we dont allou nobody to say nothin bad abuot Sceince! 237 more words

Just For Fun

Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

Here are some space aliens! Hey, it’s all about knowing where to look…

Is science even science anymore?

Take, for instance, this “scientific study” from Australian National University, as reported in some of our major newspapers: the one that says we haven’t been able to discover any extraterrestrial life because it’s all died out already ( … 176 more words


“In the Balance (World War, Book One)” by Harry Turtledove

Alternative historical fiction! A new genre to explore! And what a great idea! After all, who can resist speculating on “What if the South had won the Civil War?” So I downloaded this highly recommended book. 287 more words