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My Space Guy hates my physics

Specifically, my space ships do not behave like ships in space.

I lay the blame at everyone else who ignores physics. I’ve seen two authors do it right – David Weber nails it in the Honor Harrington books (though I’ve read some criticism of the main character being a bit too shiny and brilliant), and Jay Allen’s Crimson Worlds series gets it right all the time. 284 more words

Science Of Science Fiction

Chapter 14, The Physical

Chapter 14

The Physical

“I see you have all arrived, and welcome to my medical bay” Shipp intoned. “We have much to do, but first I think you all must know more about what I intend to do, and what it entails for you. 4,541 more words


Chapter 13, Prisoners: The Sci-fi novel Shipp!

Chapter 13

 The Prisoners

“Before we go in, a few facts about our guests might help you.” Daniel said, leaning against the wall. “Go ahead,” I indicated. 4,525 more words


What about remakes that are really good?

Apparently, something really good happened. A game was released that didn’t have a whole lot of hype leading up to the release. But then people got a hold of this game and thought, “Wow this is actually pretty special.” Isn’t that a great feeling? 267 more words

Better Late Than Never: Star Command

For anyone who grew up watching Star Trek, having a tablet is kind of a window into the future. Or, maybe that is just me and my inherent dorkiness–you know, whatever spins your warp drive. 550 more words


Starcrash (1978)

Imagine you’re a movie producer in the late 1970s. Everyone is talking about this new science fiction phenomenon called Star Wars. You naturally want a piece of that pie but you’ve never actually seen the film: you only know there are space battles, some kind of doomsday weapon, a comedy robot, there’s a space princess, a guy with special powers and a laser sword who disappears when he dies. 1,321 more words


Short stories?! "Space Dreadnoughts" edited by David Drake

I don’t usually read short stories. It’s too disappointing to like a character or situation and be cut short, when further development has so much appeal. 222 more words