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Galaxy Heist, Sets Their Sights On Kickstarter

Since our original announcement Space Bear Development has been making great progress on their upcoming epic sci-fi adventure, Galaxy Heist.

They’re creating a massively open world galaxy where you engage in epic space battles and experience close quarters, first person FPS action. 407 more words


Holy Shit! It's Ben's birthday!

Have I ever mentioned that I fucking love Ben? Because it could never be mentioned enough. Today is Ben’s birthday which is basically the best fucking day ever because it’s the day my life was forever changed by the birth of BEN. 105 more words


Chapters 16 & 17 of the novel Shipp

Chapter 16

(Dad writing in his Journal)


Samantha has been an exceptional child, Thomas wrote. He had not actually thought of himself as a Thomas, but now with Shipp and Daniel using that name all the time he realized he was thinking of himself as Thomas, not Tom. 2,666 more words


My Space Guy hates my physics

Specifically, my space ships do not behave like ships in space.

I lay the blame at everyone else who ignores physics. I’ve seen two authors do it right – David Weber nails it in the Honor Harrington books (though I’ve read some criticism of the main character being a bit too shiny and brilliant), and Jay Allen’s Crimson Worlds series gets it right all the time. 284 more words


Chapter 14, The Physical

Chapter 14

The Physical

“I see you have all arrived, and welcome to my medical bay” Shipp intoned. “We have much to do, but first I think you all must know more about what I intend to do, and what it entails for you. 4,541 more words


Chapter 13, Prisoners: The Sci-fi novel Shipp!

Chapter 13

 The Prisoners

“Before we go in, a few facts about our guests might help you.” Daniel said, leaning against the wall. “Go ahead,” I indicated. 4,525 more words