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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - Review – The way a video game should be made!

All I can do is stand and applaud this game. When I sat down to play it I did my typical check list. Great graphics? Check. 582 more words


Monday.... grrrreeaaaat..... The Coffee Break 7 Nov 2016.

Hello folks,

I know it’s Monday, none of you want to head to work this morning but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – unfortunate but such is reality. 775 more words


Moonman Inbound, Part 3

He retraces his steps, instead, and making for the edge of the house sees how back on the patio the sliding glass door is still open. 1,118 more words


Moonman Inbound, Part 2

One time, recalls the Moonman, his eyes unfocused over his yard, them aliens scored a direct hit on a troop ship that was skimming the Lunar surface at maximum speed. 1,493 more words


Review : Ancestral Machines

Smugglers/space pirates meet up with a planet stealing thief who steal their ship. And another planet or two. Then there is the ruthless alien warrior who has a half dozen voices in his head of his deceased predecessors and leads the loyal military that enslaves the worlds of the War Cage. 53 more words


Charlotte Allard gawked as she stumbled through the engine room of the Alliance. Engineers hurried about trying to keep the pulse radiators from exploding and radiation from the engines contained, but still found time to salute as they passed Captain Garman. 4,915 more words

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