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Chapter 13, Prisoners: The Sci-fi novel Shipp!

Chapter 13

 The Prisoners

“Before we go in, a few facts about our guests might help you.” Daniel said, leaning against the wall. “Go ahead,” I indicated. 4,525 more words


What about remakes that are really good?

Apparently, something really good happened. A game was released that didn’t have a whole lot of hype leading up to the release. But then people got a hold of this game and thought, “Wow this is actually pretty special.” Isn’t that a great feeling? 267 more words

Better Late Than Never: Star Command

For anyone who grew up watching Star Trek, having a tablet is kind of a window into the future. Or, maybe that is just me and my inherent dorkiness–you know, whatever spins your warp drive. 550 more words


Starcrash (1978)

Imagine you’re a movie producer in the late 1970s. Everyone is talking about this new science fiction phenomenon called Star Wars. You naturally want a piece of that pie but you’ve never actually seen the film: you only know there are space battles, some kind of doomsday weapon, a comedy robot, there’s a space princess, a guy with special powers and a laser sword who disappears when he dies. 1,321 more words


Short stories?! "Space Dreadnoughts" edited by David Drake

I don’t usually read short stories. It’s too disappointing to like a character or situation and be cut short, when further development has so much appeal. 222 more words


Here at GeekOut we embrace both Sci-Fiction AND Sci-Not-So-Ficion news, but occasionally the line between the two gets blurred (and that’s before the 10 A.M. Scotch pour). 17 more words


Let's Play - Endless Space

For my second attempt at a Let’s Play I am trying Endless Space. This is another 4x strategy game WOOT! The planet and empire management in the game are very satisfying and the combat is is different than anything I have seen before. 40 more words