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They Hate That Ship! 

By G. P. Avants

Ever since I was a kid I have had a love affair with space craft. Now, I’m not a mechanic, mind you, but I am an adventurer. 661 more words

New Release - Turner: Deep Change, Book 5 of Spaceships and Magic


Available at Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Juri Turner, the human-born dragon, has to help fight insurrectionists trying to take over the government of Earth, help rescue humans being held captive by the aliens that invaded twenty-three years ago and help ensure the success of the mission when they go to the enemy’s home planet for a final showdown. 37 more words

Science Fiction

Star Trek: Discovery - Episode 2: Battle at the Binary Stars

Battle at the Binary Stars does exactly what it says on the tin: phasers, disruptors and torpedoes are flying in the first ten minutes, when unsurprisingly the arrival of Federation fire support turns the stand-off of episode one into a full-on space battle. 1,470 more words


Junior Earplug Adventures: The Missing (Part 32)

It was at this point, when it appeared  that all was lost and destruction was assured, that salvation raised its handsome head above the parapet. Sinclair Brooch looked up from hiding his face in his hands in time to see… 223 more words

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The Honor of the Queen by David Weber

I started this book while on vacation. I’d just read two Discworld books and needed a break (I cannot binge anything – I need variety in my life). 449 more words

Book Review

Shoot first, apologize later

Back on The Regent, I felt the irrational grip of fear subside. I willed my ears to return to their normal position and glanced around at my crew. 421 more words

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