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N.J. Tanger's "Ascension": Masterfully Written Science Fiction

This intriguing and suspense-filled tale intricately describes what it might take to reach an interstellar destination, both in the way of motivation as well as technology, to say nothing of the type of individuals who would assume such a feat. 746 more words

Space colonization through adaptation

Featured image: http://scottr5680.deviantart.com/art/Biodome-375817102

As appealing as the idea of deep space exploration sounds, we as humans may not actually be at the most advantageous point in our abilities to undergo exploration at a larger scale. 1,379 more words


New SpaceRip video: 'The Quest to Live in Space - 4k'

The YouTube channel SpaceRip has finally released a new video as of last weekend. In this video they explore preliminary steps the space industry is taking in preparing humanity for life in space. 275 more words


Why we need to prioritize space exploration

We need to focus more on space: exploration, colonization, and the planetary sciences need to be a higher priority of the general public. Humanity’s future depends on how dedicated we are to exploring the solar system and other stars. 1,088 more words



Earth’s population is projected to grow to 9 billion by 2050. This brings into question how much real-estate and how many resources Earth can actually provide for humans in the long run. 2,098 more words


Scéal an Spásgharda (tús)

Scéal an Spásgharda

le Panu Petteri Höglund

Bhí Diarmuid Mac Cuarta díreach ar patról timpeall ar Sceolaing, nuair a fuair sé an chéad bholadh nach raibh gach uile shórt díreach mar ba chóir. 8,256 more words

Lón Léitheoireachta

Our Emerging Future: Revised

Several months have past without adding to the emerging future visual. In this post on Visualizing our Emerging Future, I described the origins of the visual and how it is being used. 452 more words

The Future Of Humanity