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Somewhere Over An Alien Rainbow

Many moons ago an ingenious fellow named Hans Lippershey invented the telescope.
Today a distant relative of his innovation, the “Hubble Telescope” floats in a synchronous orbit high above earth. 415 more words


Book Review: Achilles: The Deep Sky Saga by Greg Boose

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I marked this book as DNF.

Summary: Jonah and several hundred people are on their way to colonize a planet called Thetis. 632 more words


Enough Already

Alien Covenant (2017)

els –  2.5/10

IMDb – 6.5/10

Amazon – 3.5/5 stars

Rotten Tomatoes Critics – 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes Audience – 3.3/5

Directed by: Ridley Scott… 432 more words


Space Exploration – Just a big squandering?

Many people are convinced, that the exploration of space is one giant waste of resources. In their opinion manned and unmanned missions to other celestial bodies are by far too expensive and of too little practical use. 723 more words


Should We Colonize Mars Sooner or Later?

Existential threats to the human species (colloquially known as ‘x-risk’) come at three scales. The widest-scale risks would sterilize the solar system, at least, as a whole. 1,749 more words

Planetary Defense

Could Humanity Survive in a Future Colony on Pluto?

Formerly the 9th planet from the sun, now just a large dwarf planet: Pluto. As humanity branches out into space and begins colonizing other planetary bodies, some places like Mars or the Moon seem like logical candidates for the first colonies. 532 more words


Aquaponics Will Be an Innovative Way for Humanity to Grow Food in Space

In the near future, likely within the next fifty years, the first human colony (or colonies) in space will be established. In the news, most of the issues you hear about with regards to space colonization are concerned with transportation, lack of sufficient gravity, or radiation. 439 more words