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What could wreck Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars isn't science, technology, or money—it's ethics

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is doing great things on Earth. All the while, however, he is dreaming about living on Mars. Yesterday (Sept. 698 more words

Harbingers of Doom - Part VII: Aliens and Space

Should we be shocked and dumbfounded by the absence of an intergalactic alien civilization? Or is the lack of evidence for aliens precisely what we would expect? 5,300 more words


When you colonize a planet, what do you mine first?

Just a brief, science-fiction question.  The background is that I realized I didn’t know much about, but I suspect it turns out to be terribly, terribly important for designing colonies on other planets: 606 more words


Proxima B

It’s been an exciting week for the scientific community.

On the 24th of August, scientists announced the discovery of our nearest exoplanet, Proxima B.  The planet was detected by observers at the… 694 more words

Space 2049

Overheard Through an Apartment Wall in a City Orbiting Jupiter

This is a little flash story I cobbled together while feeling adventurous about format and framing of stories. And, as usual, about the future. It seemed fitting to post it following the arrival of the Juno craft at Jupiter. 1,045 more words

Science Fiction

'The Martian' Might Be A Documentary In The Future, According To NASA

One of the more fascinating aspects of The Martian is that Matt Damon’s potatoes are more or less solid science. There’s water on Mars, and… 240 more words

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The Quest for Artificial Gravity

One of the holy grail’s for space travel is the creation of artificial gravity.

Why? Because of the potential deleterious effects of space travel on the human body. 839 more words

Space: 1999