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Filling out the Brushstrokes - Space Colonization

One very neat way that we could go about both establishing the Fort and providing the inhabitants of earth with a free source of energy would be to kill two birds with one stone and use the space tether technique.   457 more words


Interview With Nathan Tanner re: Possibilities for Space Colonization

Season One, Episode Six: Interviews With Nathan Tanner, a Modern Renaissance Man

(Note:  This interview first appeared on the site http://civilianslookattheworld.blogspot.com/  in December of 2014) 904 more words


"Colonization" by Josiah Norton

On a lowly planet, way off in the far-flung arms of our own galaxy, orbiting a large red star in the throes of its final sequence, a small group of algae were swimming around in a puddle. 450 more words


Space Colonization and the Importance of Building a Fort for Interstellar Development

In order to properly colonize space, we need to move beyond the ideas of satellite stations and isolation on planets far from earth, and focus instead on the development and establishment of a Space Fort – for docking, security, educational, medical, and commerce and trade purposes. 266 more words


The space elevator and the beginning of the space age

Let me start with this – the notion that space is not economically viable right now holds true. The reason why we haven’t colonized our Moon or Mars is not a technological one but an economical and a political one. 575 more words

Nuclear Propulsion

How Did The Hopi Travel To Other Planets and My Personal Myths

Ever have an off the wall question? I have thought about the Hopi civilization off and on since my reading about them years ago. In their origin myth, the Hopi migrated to earth. 149 more words

Research And Observations