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The Architecture of Space Colonization

Admittedly, the way we’ve designed our future already seems out of date when we look back at movies (although Star Trek’s Spacedock is still pretty realistic). 59 more words

Space Art

Martian Aria: A Science Fiction Review

I had some time to read this last week, as I was on planes and in airports killing time waiting for those planes. In those situations, having my tablet loaded with books to read is a very good thing. 492 more words

Science Fiction

100 people will vie for the 24 spots on the one-way mission to Mars

Mars One, the Dutch organization that hopes to one day establish a human colony on Mars, has narrowed its volunteer pool down from 200,000 to just 100… 375 more words

From Cosmos To C.A.O.S.?

Once the cosmos was thought to be painted on the veil of the firmament, or to be some kind of divine metaphor, a flatness inscribed with thousands of meaningful stories.

1,412 more words
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Flash Fiction Friday Story: Escape

Captain Jan A’Mungo’s forehead glistened with sweat as her brown eyes shifted over the displays on her pilot console.

“Jan, your ‘fro is drooping. You’re not worried are you?” 991 more words

Connie Cockrell