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These three "killer apps" could help humans colonize Mars - CBS News

“The killer apps he identified are mining asteroids for spacecraft propellant, building gigantic antennas in space to address Earth’s exponentially growing internet data needs and beaming clean energy to Earth.” 12 more words

Wireless Energy

Doctor Mars is free today

That’s right, for today only, you can get DOCTOR MARS for free on amazon.com. Click HERE to download,and, happy reading!



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Space Colonization: A Pandora's Box?

We embrace human colonization of Mars and other planets partly as a form of insurance.

If earth, for whatever reason – a global pandemic, nuclear war or environmental catastrophe – is destroyed, we at least can rest assured that people inhabiting other planets will survive to carry forward the banner of human  progress. 233 more words

The Passing Scene

Christians Will Colonize the Cosmos!

Fellow Christian author E. Stephen Burnet has written a thought provoking post over at SpeculativeFaith.com, entitled Will Christians Colonize the Cosmos?

He correctly notes that Christian objections to the idea that we will colonize space center on our eschatology. 1,159 more words


Starea Umanităţii în 2017 de Konstantin Tsiolkovski (din Calea către stele / Dincolo de Pământ)

În Afara Pământului de Konstantin Tsiolkovski e tradusă în română în două părţi: numărul 120 si 121 din vestita colecţie de Povestiri Ştiinţifico-Fantastice. Aicia am încercat o traducere a capitolului 34 din lb engleză. 636 more words


The Magellan

One of my characters surprised me by bringing up the Magellan. I didn’t know he was aware of it. I thought the characters, stories and ideas were all kept segregated in my upstairs. 215 more words