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Space Will Save Us

It’s not about wanting to go individually. It’s about running out of ideas about how to expand the human race, running out of energy and resources, and generally needing a new frontier to expand into. 369 more words


Luxembourg Goes into the Asteroid Mining Business - Luxembourg!

Today the Luxembourg government announced it’s going into the asteroid mining business. It plans to provide incentives and a favorable regulatory climate to encourage the industry to flourish in the small country. 458 more words


Europe wants to build a village on the moon

How cool is that! When I turn 80 (it’s ways away), I’d like to rent a Writer’s cabin on the Moon with the Earth view, bring a vintage Remington typewriter and write my Great World Novel! 20 more words

Separating gas from substance..

Recently when I was reading the newspaper I came across an article that cited a reference to theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who speculated that the… 282 more words

To planet or not to planet...

I cannot stress enough that the principal technology which underlies the stories set in the Elysia Universe is orbital space settlements. Further it is important that all stories of the Elysia Universe are set in  175 more words

Elysia Universe

Can the Universe be Colonized?

I read a Scientific American  article that I’d like to share. It discusses the problems of interstellar colonization.

Basically, since it would take millennia to reach an inhabitable planet – and people live for decades, the ship would need to carry a breeding population, thus being huge and fragile. 115 more words