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The Quest for Artificial Gravity

One of the holy grail’s for space travel is the creation of artificial gravity.

Why? Because of the potential deleterious effects of space travel on the human body. 839 more words

Space: 1999

Gliese 581: The Depature

Gliese 581: The Departure

Christine D Shuck

guest post by Evan C

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-genre: Colonization/Apocalypse

Novel, novella, short story: Novel

Serial or stand alone: 576 more words


Garbage Time


Her Lady was amused.

One man held center stage in a corner of like men. He seemed like a natural actor, with a voice that traveled the room like a machine gun firing. 805 more words

Her Lady

Five foot eight inches tall, rumored to be white with short dark hair and perpetually wearing sunglasses, the woman behind the Stellar Queen was mysterious. 577 more words


There is a buzz of excitement in the literary world today. For the first time ever, all three books of The Eeks Trilogy are available in a single e-volume. 107 more words

Science Fiction

Space Will Save Us

It’s not about wanting to go individually. It’s about running out of ideas about how to expand the human race, running out of energy and resources, and generally needing a new frontier to expand into. 369 more words