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Wild Wild Country May Be the Craziest Series You Watch All Year,” and such could be true, yet I have been watching a show which shares more soundtrack from… 108 more words

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Messier's List: Hubble Telescope's Stunning Views of Deep-Sky Objects

The Hubble Space Telescope has snapped views of 93 deep-sky objects from French astronomer Charles Messier’s famous list. Here are some of the most spectacular.

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The theory of everything: Space writer helps break down Stephen Hawking's final paper

Senior writer for space.com, Mike Wall joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about Stephen Hawking’s theory about the multiverse, or the idea that our universe is one of many universes.   280 more words

Matt Bubala

Stephen Hawking's last words, Mexico vacation horror stories, a falling space station and everything in between (Matt Bubala Full Show 3-24-18)

This weekend, Matt Bubala is joined by space writer Mike Hall to talk about Stephen Hawking’s last paper, which was released a few days before his death. 87 more words

Matt Bubala

See the Spring Snowstorm Over the US Northeast in These Satellite Views | Space.com

A massive storm is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in some states along the northeastern U.S. coast, and satellites are tracking the snowfall from space.

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Obit: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died today (March 14), leaving behind a massive legacy of work as an astrophysicist, science communicator, activist, and figure of pop culture admiration. And on the day of his death, a question he raised and worked on until the last years of his life remains unanswered: Can information really be lost to the universe? 873 more words

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Should the Media Be More Like Physicists?

A recent article from space.com released in early March suggests that present day media members such as news reporters, T.V. personalities and other media outlets, should act more like physicists or cosmologists when it comes to… 362 more words