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From Space.com: "The Strangest Black Holes in the Universe" 2013 But Interesting


July 08, 2013
Charles Q. Choi

Black holes are gigantic cosmic monsters, exotic objects whose gravity is so strong that not even light can escape their clutches. 1,052 more words

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Days of beer and pansies....


“Happiness is a state of mind.  Not happy?  Change your mind.”

~~ Smart Bee ~~

Artist’s rendition of Mars, millions of years in the past… 767 more words

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Living in the Solar System, a colonist's guide

If you have always wondered, like me, how would it be in practice living on another world, you can’t possibly miss the series recently prepared by Karl Tate for Space.Com, which is simply amazing. 583 more words


From Space.com: "New Horizons: Exploring Pluto and Beyond"


January 27, 2015
Elizabeth Howell

NASA/New Horizons spacecraft

New Horizons is a NASA spacecraft on its way to the dwarf planet Pluto. It scooted by Jupiter in 2007, and will pass by Pluto in July 2015 before possibly heading farther into the… 1,588 more words

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From Space.com: "Eagle Nebula (M16): Hubble Images & Pillars of Creation" 2012


July 02, 2012
Nola Taylor Redd

This classic image of the Pillars of Creation inside of the Eagle Nebula reveals a stellar nursery where new stars may be hatched. 656 more words

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From Space.com- "Oort Cloud: The Outer Solar System's Icy Shell" 2012


July 02, 2012
Nola Taylor Redd

A giant shell of icy bodies known as the Oort Cloud encircles the solar system. When its inhabitants interact with passing stars, … 758 more words

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A New Dawn: NASA spacecraft makes history

Confirmed: I am in orbit around #Ceres http://t.co/BeOfCBefeM pic.twitter.com/b8FIZ8kZiK

— NASA's Dawn Mission (@NASA_Dawn) March 6, 2015

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft made history on March 6 as it…

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