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Squeek & Sausage tabletop game

Oh no! The evil Professor Noside is doing something evil… as usual. Will you solve the mysteries of Squeek & Sausage to stop him? 499 more words


The Formula tabletop game

The agency has asked you to investigate the laboratory of a genius chemist to find evidence of a truth serum he invented. Can you find The Formula and escape? 582 more words


Jane In Space - "Captain, Meet Miss Jane Austen"



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 19 – “Captain, Meet Miss Jane Austen”

Raw, wild, the latest thing from far beyond the Pleiades or old-tyme Terran hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll, they’d danced to anything with an animal rhythm and an urgent message relating to sex or love or freedom, all of them.  261 more words

Jane Austen

Rodeo Day

I’ve been working days this past week at the Mayall 4-meter telescope at Kitt Peak. The telescope is undergoing a roughly year-long refit to equip it with a 5000-fiber spectrograph which will be used to obtain optical spectra for tens of millions of galaxies and quasars, constructing a three-dimensional map spanning the nearby universe to 10 billion light years. 530 more words



 You are a gem merchant, you are competing with other merchants to be the first to amass a small personal fortune. You will purchase gems and trade gems to acquire gem mines, and other sources of material wealth.

458 more words

Firebrandt's Legacy at Patreon

I’m releasing chapter two of Firebrandt’s Legacy for patrons to read at my Patreon page today. Firebrandt’s Legacy is a book that collects my short stories about space pirate Ellison Firebrandt and his crew in one volume. 638 more words


Burning Man

We recently had a friend from Istanbul visit for a couple of weeks as she made her way to and from Burning Man in the Nevada desert. 534 more words