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SDJ Buzz: Kennerspiel des Jahres 2015

In 2011, the jury that awards the Spiel des Jahres began also awarding the so-called Kennerspiel des Jahres.  Whereas the regular SDJ goes to the family game of the year, the KedJ is the “connoisseur’s game” of the year, or more complex game.   1,434 more words

Game Buzz

Interpretation, pt 2: "We must consult the bones..."

Players don’t tell the GM what their PC does, they say what their PC tries.  The dice say what the PC actually does. 674 more words


Why no mandatory Sense of Duty?

At one point, early on, when I was seeing the amount of treachery and back-stabbing going on, I speculated about the possibility of making “Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions)” a required trait. 657 more words

Mississippi Jed

Splendor Game Review

On International Tabletop Day, Ninja and I went to our local game shop to play a few games with some friends. We asked the owner if he had any recommendations, and he suggested… 456 more words

Episode #67: Movies and Clint Eastwood

Hooray, The Brick Room is back once again.  We’re excited for the Brick Room.  You know what we aren’t really excited for?  Movies coming out in 2015.   92 more words


Frederic De Carvalho (feat. CS Rucker) - Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys comes off of Frederic De Carvalho’s massive, debut album, Freak, as a truly sensational, electropop hit! Featuring fresh vocals from California native, … 64 more words


Copperhead or Dudes Just Can't Write Women

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One of the refrains I heard constantly during college was that women just can’t write men. Every time we try they come out overly emotional and feminine, and we either should stop trying or discuss our male characters with the men in our lives to get it right. 1,289 more words