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Day Eight: Space Cowboys (MotM 2017)

Wow, a Clint Eastwood movie involving cowboys? Next you’ll tell me Charlie Chaplin’s a silent movie icon.

In all seriousness, Space Cowboys is more about space than cowboys. 1,016 more words


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (videos)

I’ve always wanted to play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Since my main board game night is at The Jester’s Court and the groups changing weekly, it never seems like the time is right. 99 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews

Best 3 Games with...Route/Network Building!

To be honest with you I never considered doing this as a Best 3 mainly because I didn’t think there were very many games that included this mechanism.   832 more words

Best 3 Games With......

Post Thanksgiving Game-o-rama!

Just after the Thanksgiving holidays we got in more gaming that usual.  On various dates we managed to delve into some 7 Wonders: Duel, Pandemic Legacy, 7 Wonders with the Babel expansion, and T.I.M.E. 253 more words

Table-top Gaming

Kepler's Cowboys Cover Reveal

I have nearly finished selecting and editing stories and poems for Hadrosaur Productions’ new anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys. I hope to have the process wrapped up this week. 494 more words


Science fiction movies of the 2000s – my top ten

It’s been a while since the last time I set up a “best of” list, this will another trip to memory lane, dedicated to the sci-fi movies made in the first decade of this century. 625 more words

Science Fiction

Space Cowboys (2000) with Major Spoilers of TEH STUPID.

For all that I enjoyed Space Cowboys, and will probably watch it again, oh dear lord there’s a whole lot of stupid in the set up. 781 more words