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Space Cowboys

A few days ago, I attended a “Space Cowboys” themed party for Silicon Village Burners.

As usual, the party was amazing and the creativity was really flowing. 157 more words

Burning Man

Via Nebula

Via Nebula is an upcoming game by Space Cowboys and Asmodee. The game looks whimsical and the artwork is breathtaking. Via Nebula is a game of exploration and transportation, where players must venture forth and bring back resources in order to rebuild their society. 187 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews

In My Crosshairs #8

So many great new games… so many great upcoming games… so many great games that aren’t even new but that I haven’t had a chance to play yet! 362 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews

Cowboy Bebop

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through the video section of a local store when I came across a recent release of the TV series… 671 more words


Elysium: Build your own Olympian legend


  • Designer: Matthew Dunstand, Brett J Gilbert
  • Artist: Various
  • Publisher: Space Cowboys
  • Player count: 2-4
  • Play time: 60 minutes
  • Mechanics: Set collection, drafting, Tableau building…
  • 1,163 more words

A Reintroduction to Cowboy Bebop

An anime that used give me reasons to stay up late trying to catch episodes on Adult Swim. I was drawn to this anime by the opening song and the coolness personified that is Spike Spiegel. 762 more words


C.O.O.L Story, Bro

As a kid, I was never any good at those Choose Your Own Adventure books. For one thing, I wanted to see every twist and ending the book had to offer, even the ones where my character died a grisly death or suddenly woke up and realized the whole thing had been an elaborate dream. 1,139 more words

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