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The following is a list of board games that I would play immediately (pending organising a group) when they come out:

TIME STORIES: A bit hard to organise as we need a group of 4, but as soon as it comes out I am ordering it and giving people the heads up to organise a day. 174 more words

Cities of Splendor expansion coming from Asmodee

Splendor is a relatively fast, pretty fun game about collecting gems and using those gems to buy more gems. It plays in about half an hour and is actually a joy to play (maybe because it’s one of the few games that it’s not surprising when I win). 332 more words

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Games Talks: T.I.M.E. Stories

Jett from Board Game Talks published 2 Youtube videos about the game that are interesting to watch. Those videos were released in the last week, the 1st one covers the base game and the 2nd one covers the expansions.

Games Talks

Seven Samurai ... In Space!

I’m a big fan of both Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Seven Samurai and John Sturges’s American remake with gunfighters instead of swordsmen, The Magnificent Seven. Here at the Web Journal, I’ve discussed both the anime series… 581 more words

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Day Eight: Space Cowboys (MotM 2017)

Wow, a Clint Eastwood movie involving cowboys? Next you’ll tell me Charlie Chaplin’s a silent movie icon.

In all seriousness, Space Cowboys is more about space than cowboys. 1,016 more words


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (videos)

I’ve always wanted to play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Since my main board game night is at The Jester’s Court and the groups changing weekly, it never seems like the time is right. 99 more words

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Best 3 Games with...Route/Network Building!

To be honest with you I never considered doing this as a Best 3 mainly because I didn’t think there were very many games that included this mechanism.   832 more words

Best 3 Games With......