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Astronauts take shelter from space junk, safe after object passes by harmlessly

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – A piece of space junk forced the three space station astronauts to seek emergency shelter Thursday.

For nearly an hour, the American and two Russians hunkered down in their Soyuz capsule, which is docked to the International Space Station, in case they had to make a quick getaway. 475 more words


Solar Flare Will Probably Trigger Northern Lights

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the first time in a week, a massive solar flare has sent high speed particles on a collision course with Earth. 208 more words


China Has the Duty to Take over US Leadership in Space

It is human Race’s duty to explore the space. Since the US has reduced its funds sharply for space exploration and prefers to be world leader in military power, China has to make more contributions in space. 210 more words

Dream Job Finally Emerges

Today’s post comes from perennial sophomore Bubby Spamden of Wendell Willkie High School

Hey Mr. C.,

Just when I was starting to feel discouraged about finding work that matches the skills I’ve built up through years of ignoring my teachers and spending homework time playing video games, NASA has come up with a great idea that would suit me perfectly. 320 more words


Laser Cannons & Space Debris

Well, I finally know what I want to do as a career. I’m going to become a space debris sniper. Send me to space and give me a laser cannon. 11 more words

You probably won't be hit by debris as this out-of-control Russian spacecraft plummets to Earth on Friday

Update, May 8 at 4pm in Hong Kong: The Progress harmlessly fell to Earth at 2:20am UTC over the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s the bad news: An out-of-control unmanned Russian spacecraft loaded with tons of cargo for the International Space Station is expected to plummet back to Earth on Friday, and no one really knows where or when, exactly. 500 more words