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Project Adrift - The Hidden World of Space Junk, November 2016

When I get an invite to the Royal Astronomical Society at Burlington House to hear about ‘Space Junk’, I’ll admit it is not a normal day. 1,052 more words


Chinese Perspectives on Space Debris Mitigation

Written by Yun Zhao.

The 2007 Chinese ASAT test, which destroyed a defunct weather satellite FY-1C, raised serious concerns from international society over the production of a large amount of space debris and its adverse impact on the space environment. 966 more words


China's Tiangong-1 space station to crash to Earth in 2017

After months of speculation that China’s Tiangong-1 space station was out of control, the Chinese space agency confirmed this week that it would indeed fall to Earth in the latter half of 2017. 208 more words


The Threat of Space Debris to Systems in Space

The Threat of Space Debris to Systems in Space

In the Fall of 2015, I participated in a self-study through the University Fellows Experience on the threat of space debris to systems in space. 228 more words

Photos: This is the damage that tiny space debris traveling at incredible speeds can do

On Aug. 23, engineers at the European Space Agency spotted a problem. A solar panel on the Sentinel-1A satellite, which does routine environmental monitoring, had been… 428 more words

The Visible Threat of Space Debris

Small, untrackable space debris is, according to NASA, the number one threat to human spaceflight, and according to the USAF, it’s also a major threat to national security — and these days, it’s not just a threat to nations with space assets.   828 more words


Bug War

Kimi slammed through three reality-wells in quick succession, trying to stay conscious as her body morphed and changed in each new reality. The dog-sized bugs chewing on her arm in one reality-well turned into a swarm of bees trying to sting her to death in another. 2,222 more words

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