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Devora de Bris

Devora de Bris,
she breaks her fast
with dwindling hydrogen thrust,
toasted titanium
and a cracked cranium,

and sails her way
         zagging  125 more words


Yes, there is a lot of junk in Space!

Space Debris is still a relatively unknown term. I realized that when a friend of mine who works at the University of Southampton tried introducing himself as a Space Janitor at a family function- let’s just say that the joke wasn’t well received. 1,021 more words


Video: What to do with space debris?

My final film for the Royal Institution features engineer Hugh Lewis and explores the growing problem with space debris. With over 18,000 objects being tracked in orbit and another 170 million too small to be tracked – the problem threatens not only our satellite infrastructure, but the future of space travel as well.


In 60 years since Sputnik, we’ve created 10 baby elephants worth of space trash with every launch

Today is the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the first human-created object to be successfully placed in an orbit around the Earth. Since the Russians achieved the feat, humans have taken to putting stuff in space with vigor. 272 more words

September 2017 Gravity @ AlinaMeridon

What is it with women and moving vehicles?

So, Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive in major milestone for country. Excellent news, of course, but I was amused to read: “In October 2013, shortly after a prominent cleric claimed that medical studies showed driving damaged a woman’s ovaries, 60 women took part in a protest, driving in spite of warnings from the authorities.” 1,035 more words

Alina Meridon

Space | Week 7 | Stars & Space Debris

Poem: Evening Star – Edgar Allen Poe

Constellation: Aquila

Craft: Marshmallow Constellations

Space Person: Willamina Fleming (Wikipedia, Working Women) Famous for developing new star classification system, discovered many novae, nebulae, and variable stars. 162 more words