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A gigantic asteroid will fly very close to Earth today

Today, an asteroid about a third of a mile in diameter will zip by Earth, closer than any celestial object its size until 2027. 245 more words

When you wish upon a...spent multi-stage booster rocket?

Mornin’ all.

I just read a depressing article.

Actually, I read MANY depressing articles. If you haven’t loaded up a news site today, save yourself the gloom and doom and spend your internet time finding happy kitty pics instead. 2,220 more words

Beth Reason

Space junks and low orbital debris, the new CleanSat is coming to clean up

(ESA PR) What goes up must go down. When it comes to satellites, this dictum has become a statutory requirement. Otherwise, key low orbits may well become unusable as they fill with debris. 147 more words