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Poem: Evening Star – Edgar Allen Poe

Constellation: Aquila

Craft: Marshmallow Constellations

Space Person: Willamina Fleming (Wikipedia, Working Women) Famous for developing new star classification system, discovered many novae, nebulae, and variable stars. 162 more words

Wednesday Wanderings: Satellites That Take Themselves Out of Orbit, Plankton Photos, Goat Yoga, And Cat Foils Burglar

This company is designing and testing a system that will allow satellites to decommission and remove themselves from orbit to combat the problem of space debris: 529 more words

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Misconception of high concentration of space debris in near Earth orbit

Satellites are the mainstay by which we communicate digitally to friends in different parts of the world. However, with more frequent rocket launches for propelling satellites into orbit as well as the decommissioning of old satellites, there is attendant increase in space debris orbiting the low earth orbit region where many weather satellites orbit, as well as the geostationary orbit space (360000 km away from Earth) where many communication satellites sit. 390 more words

Space Exploration


The latest figures related to space debris, provided by ESA’s Space Debris Office at ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany. Courtesy of: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Operations/Space_Debris/Space_debris_by_the_numbers



News: QB50 and Space Debris Conference

Yesterday was a very long and a very busy day for me – I traveled to Europe to attend the 7th European Conference on Space Debris and we had two satellites launch into space as part of the QB50 mission. 671 more words

Kessler Syndrome

I will have to disappoint you, Mars escape might not happen!

My previous post was pointing to our unsustainable behavior on the planet. Still, there was some hope in my heart… Terra-forming Mars! Colonizing a couple of other planets… This hope is now crushed! 35 more words

Goinn' Nowhere