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I will have to disappoint you, Mars escape might not happen!

My previous post was pointing to our unsustainable behavior on the planet. Still, there was some hope in my heart… Terra-forming Mars! Colonizing a couple of other planets… This hope is now crushed! 35 more words

Goinn' Nowhere

Chandrayaan-1: the Lost and Found Lunar Orbiter

This is pretty cool.  ;-)

On October 22, 2008, India joined the elite group of nations which have successfully sent spacecraft to orbit the Moon.  The mission was successful, conducting joint operations with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and LCROSS impactor, deploying an impactor of its own to help search for lunar ice (and making India only the fourth country to place its flag upon the Moon), and providing the first definitive proof of water ice in the lunar soil.   264 more words


HTV space debris experiment is a bust -- better luck next time!

The Kuonotori-6, the latest H2 Transfer Vehicle (HTV) to fly from Japan to the ISS, also carried a space debris experiment.  After completing its cargo delivering mission (including delivery of the first set of new batteries for the station’s main power system) and loading up with trash and an old set of batteries, it departed the ISS on January 27.   289 more words


Sonic Attack 196


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Russians Think That Space Debris Could Spark Global Conflict

The dangers of space debris orbiting the planet have been well documented in recent times but Russian scientists think that international tensions might boil over if accidents occur. 520 more words

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