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We have a space debris problem. Here’s how to solve it

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Author: Nikolai Khlystov, Community Lead, Aerospace Industry; Co-Lead, Global Future Council on Space Technologies, World Economic Forum… 841 more words

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Yes, there is a lot of junk in space

Space Debris is still a relatively unknown term. I realized that when a friend of mine who works at the University of Southampton tried introducing himself as a Space Janitor at a family function- let’s just say that the joke didn’t land anywhere in this galaxy. 1,025 more words





Every week, on average, a substantial, inert satellite drops into our atmosphere and burns up. Monitoring these reentries and warning European civil authorities has become routine work for ESA’s space debris experts. 509 more words

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The Sky is Falling

At some point during the end of march, beginning of April the Tiangong-1 Chinese spaceship will fall back to Earth. The vessel will travel with speeds close to 16,500mph and burn up in the atmosphere. 314 more words

How To Survive The Debris From The Chinese Space Station

For those of you who haven’t been obsessively following this over the last few months you may be a little out of the loop. Today marks the day where it is guesstimated that China’s out of control space station Tiangong-1 is going to crash into the Earth – and where will it do this you may ask? 417 more words


Defunct Chinese Space Lab Set to Re-Enter Earth's Atmosphere

BERLIN (AP) — China’s defunct Tiangong 1 space station hurtled toward Earth on Sunday and was expected to re-enter the atmosphere within hours.

Most of the craft should burn up on re-entry, so scientists said falling debris poses only a slight risk to people on the ground. 291 more words





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