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  1. Causa Sui – Dust Meridian – Return To Sky (2016)
  2. Forced Order – Unexist – Vanished Crusade (2015)
  3. Circle of Reason – Questions – Faith or Theory (2016)
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Sonic Attack

Space Debris Vaporizer

Patent No.: 8,873,168

Date: Oct. 28. 2014


Inventor: Bradley G. Boone

Space debris, also known as space junk is little known environmental problem. 248 more words


In the Space Between the Things

Earth’s next chapter begins here, in the space between the things, behind a visor shielded with a thin layer of chemically-treated protection designed by well-paid engineers. 341 more words

Science Fiction

First Person Killed By Meteorite Under Investigation

LiveScience reports –

For the first time in recorded history, a meteorite is reported to have killed a person. The incident happened Saturday (Feb. 6) when an object, thought to be a meteorite, hit a college campus in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India …

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Space debris: How dangerous is it to people on Earth?

Over the past few months, people have captured footage of space debris burning up in our atmosphere. While certainly startling, the truth is, there’s been a lot of junk up there for a long time and so far no one has been hurt here on Earth. 819 more words


Rings of Trash Around Earth?

I was reading an article posted by the National Geographic, on orbital objects,and was shocked to see how much garbage was floating around earth. 904 more words

Editorial: Houston, we have a litter problem

Published in The Hindu on April 4, 2013

The change in the orientation and orbit of the 17-cm glass-sphere Russian nano-satellite BLITS that was noticed in early February was caused by a January 22 collision with a piece of China’s Feng Yun 1C weather satellite; Feng Yun 1C was intentionally blown up in the 2007 anti-satellite weapon test by China. 383 more words