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WATCH: Space junk breaks up over Sri Lanka

The remains of what is believed to be part of a rocket re-entered the atmosphere this morning over Sri Lanka, creating a blazing streak of fire in the sky. 109 more words


WT1190F has returned home

The mysterious object that is presumed space debris and designated WT1190F has returned to Earth.  As predicted, it reentered off the coast of India and Sri Lanka early today.  77 more words


Beware WT1190F!

That’s the designation for the piece of space debris scheduled to hit Earth this Friday the 13th.  It appears that Sri Lanka is the likely location,  so we don’t have too much to worry about in the USA.   31 more words

Space debris to fall to Earth Friday

There’s a lot of space junk orbiting our small planet, and some of it is about to fall to Earth on Friday.

The European Space Agency’s Space Debris… 282 more words


Space Debris Remediation and the Customary Usage of Article IX

A recent essay in The Space Review discusses a plan to effectuate space debris remediation. While their space debris remediation scheme raises a lot of questions, the authors make a puzzling comment towards the end of their essay with reference to Article IX. 2,166 more words

Customary International Law

Look Up! Halloween Fireballs Are Flying Over Ottawa

My husband yells to me to come quick because he just saw something strange in the sky.  I’m like oh not again…

Still watching out the window, he describes a long slow streak of green that stretched along our tree line then exploded into three trails over our garage. 176 more words

Old Dog New Tricks - What I Learned

Space Junk Will Crash To Earth Nov.13

Gizmodo reported –

A rogue chunk of debris that orbited Earth far beyond the Moon is making a homecoming on November 13th, astronomers have concluded. WT1190F is one to two meters in length and probably hollow, but beyond that, we have no idea WTF the aptly-named piece of space garbage is.

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