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FEAR #1: Space Debris

The internet is a smorgasbord of fearmongering. Climate change, Ebola, gluten intolerance, skipping leg day… what should we really be afraid of? And to what extent? 1,527 more words


THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. Or: Why Folks Follow You Around With Loaves Of Bread And Waffles.


Things To Worry About: Essential to someone like myself, having never yet failed to fill in a Job Application without listing “Living In Fear” … 1,609 more words


The Moon's Demise

The moon tumbled down.

Its string snapped by space debris.

Stars reached out. Too late.

(Photo by Depositphotos.com)


NASA Created A Material That Can Heal Itself In Less Than A Second From Hurtling Space Debris.

Scientists at NASA’s Langley Research Center are studying new materials that can self-heal in seconds under extreme temperatures and from flying space junk.

The research is a combination of work from a student on fellowship at NASA from the University of Michigan and nearly a decade-and-a-half of study on self-healing materials for both aircrafts and spacecrafts. 256 more words


The last ten months: publications, events & the future

A lot has happened in the ten months since my last post here. My debut book is coming out, plenty of writings, a few events, and post-graduate plans — all with many friends, colleagues, and mentors to thank along the way: 503 more words


How to Kill a Satellite — and Why You'd Want to Do It

Odds are you wouldn’t care much if a team of researchers told you they’d mastered a multi-objective optimization problem to create a reliable orbit propagator (with the help of resonant tesseral harmonics, of course. 807 more words

Assessing the U.S. House of Representatives’ SPACE Act of 2015 (H.R. 2262) and the related U.S. Senate Bill (S. 1297), Part IV – Providing for or Allocating On-Orbit (or In-Space) Jurisdiction

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On-Orbit (or as some like to call it, “In-Space”) jurisdiction or regulatory authority seems like legal jargon but it is an important issue. 1,953 more words