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The dark was comfortable for a while, but then I felt another pinch, but not physical no… it was more of a mental pinch, and a voice in my head saying ‘You can do it! 478 more words

Space Girl

Space Girl (I)

I don’t know who I am.

That’s all my mind seems capable of thinking about. It’s been days since I’ve eaten, and yet my only worry seems to be of my lack of identity. 477 more words

Space Girl

Out of This World

Illustrations and Captions by Sonja Katanic

Couch Surfing

When you finally feel at home somewhere, your new habitat, and it’s just in time for you leave. 106 more words

Lush Bath Bombs Volume One

If I could only ever buy one thing from Lush it would be their Bath Bombs! Close second would be their Jumping Juniper Shampoor Bar. Lush Bath Bombs are such a great pick me up, if you just have $10.00 or so in your pocket to endulge yourself with, they are a great way to make yourself feel pampered. 529 more words


Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

This product is long gone in Lush stores now, it used to be a regular line product but it was discontinued to make room for newer and better things, so this one had to go. 423 more words