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Lush Haul

As you may know, I’ve recently been loving Lush products. From the appearance to the smell, they’re just gorgeous. So as I’ve been buying a few recently, I thought I’d put a post together sharing everything I’ve bought and which ones are my favourite! 664 more words


Lush Favourites!

Recently I took a trip to lush and picked up a few of my favourite bath treats so I thought it would share them with you! 233 more words


Lush Haul // #3

So I went into Lush again…

But I have a good excuse this time!

I needed to buy some presents for two of my friends so the majority of the stuff in this haul will be given away (*cry*) but I couldn’t resist also picking up a couple of things for myself after my Christmas supply mysteriously diminished (much too quickly for my liking) 801 more words


Lush Bath Bombs

So this review isn’t going to be about books or movies or TV shows. It’s going to be about cosmetics. So about three weeks ago, right about the time that I left you, I started using Lush’s bath bombs. 228 more words

Bath Bombs

Lush Review  

Space girl bath bomb 

I wasn’t over keen on the smell I liked it but it wasn’t what I would usually go for but it looked interesting so I popped it into my basket anyway. 255 more words


Hello little Jelly Beans ()

I got a few lush goodies for Christmas (after many hints/print screens sent by text) 4 out of 5 I recieved where limited edition Christmas specials so unfortunately I can’t link them but you can always get your mitts on them next Christmas. 615 more words

Basic Beauty

[Toons] Jovians Floating Around

I wanted to whip out something quick and simple before school starts, so here’s my space trio just floating around in space.

Being tired of sitting in their crammed space car, they decide to relax by floating around with no gravity. 93 more words