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rat girl

and now i am a cold, hairless rat. skin tinted pink from the heat of the shower and the scrape of the blade.
crimson roses sprout up from small cracks left behind by the blade. 130 more words


my toes are cold

seriously, i just froze my toes running around my apartment building, barefoot in the snow. why?

because i have this psycho ex roommate who likes to torment us. 50 more words

Space Girl

pills have to swim

a small barrel, followed by a waterfall, rushing down into an empty, red-bottomed pool. the waves will stir and crash against each other and the barrel with toss and turn with the sea. 41 more words


it's too cold in here

crystalline drops of weightless white float on the icy whispers that reach down from the mountains. slowly at first, like dandelion seeds carried on the summer breeze; as they draw nearer, the winter’s gusts turn to gales and the soft ice crystals turn hard. 170 more words