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Let me take you back to 1999

It’s a rainy November lunchtime on a school day. Normally we would be bored out of our minds on wet lunchtimes stuck in our classroom, but this day was different. 411 more words

Space Hulk

Space Hulk: Death Angel – a solo review

After devoting your younger years to expert training and countless hours of practice and drilling, you have fulfilled your purpose. You achieved the highest of honours – you are a Space Marine. 1,220 more words


The Harbinger of Truth

With a silent flash of brilliant white light, the vessel dropped into real space only two hundred thousand kilometres from Listening Post Omega-Five-Five. Almost immediately klaxons blared in the corridors and tunnels of the hollowed-out asteroid as its sensors picked up the massive ship’s arrival. 180 more words

Harbinger Of Truth

The chord Space Hulk struck with me

“Space Marines, to me!” shouts Sergeant Lorenzo from among a hungry horde of Genestealers. They are on him and unless you do something, that cry for help will be the last voluntary sound Lorenzo has ever made – apart from the tearing of his flesh and the snapping of his bones. 862 more words


Discordia Cascade - The NPCs

So, for a recent game of GW’s Space Hulk we decided to swap out the Space Marines for a crew of ordinary, slightly grubby 41st millennium space miners. 1,148 more words

Games Workshop

Nemesis Board Game Unboxing - Awaken Realms Kickstarter

Matt and Jay check out the brand new Nemesis Board Game from Awaken Realms fresh from their Kickstarter in our latest unboxing video! This is an awesome looking board game with an Alien and Space Hulk look to it, and some absolutely fantastic miniatures in the box! 23 more words