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Space Invaders

I do NOT like people in my personal space and I thought the rules of socially acceptable behaviour prohibit people from getting in your personal space unless you specifically invite them to do so. 959 more words

Shall we play a game?

You know how this works. You buy a game for your PSx or Xbox. You put the DVD in to install the game. You install it, you try to run it and the very first message you get is that the game you just bought requires a patch/update. 904 more words

Thoughts To Ponder

Space Invaders

My sanctuary has been invaded.  My ivory drinking tower over-run by unwelcome guests.  I could hear them talking as I approached.  Knew that I was not going to be afforded the luxury of a quiet solitary pint. 152 more words


From Video Game to Board Game

When I was a child Milton Bradley had the rights to publish board games based on many of the successful arcade games of that time. In the early 1980’s gamers were able to play Zaxxon, Frogger, Q*Bert, & Donkey Kong on their tables. 598 more words


How Do You Throw A Space Party?

You planet!

Get ready for the party with the new and improved Alien Invasion Beanies. Both are 50% off this week only!

The crocheted Alien Invasion is back with new and improved formatting for easier reading. 179 more words


Space Invaders visit Raval

Des de l’Espai Tecnològic, creem amb els nenes i nenes del AEIRaval, una versió adaptada del mític joc Space Invaders,tot incorporant nous alienígenes creats amb material TIC recilcat i es que les andròmines, continuen sent el bo i millor per generar aprenentatge significatiu, aprendre a reutilitzar allò que ens envolta i passar.ho bé mentre nens i nenes aprenen a programa de manera senzilla amb scratch, fent ús de projectes ja creats. 32 more words

Punt Tic

Xbox Backwards Compatibility adds three more titles

Xbox One have today announced that they have added Gyromancer, Moon Diver and Space Invaders Infinity Gene to the ever growing games available on Xbox One backwards compatibility. 78 more words