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Space Invader Rigel

In all the kerfuffle of arranging moving (which isn’t even going to happen for another good month) I had a bit of a break from the sewing machine. 420 more words


Pixels (2015)


So, you take a pretty good three-minute short that a lot of people loved and you turn it into a full-length movie.  Hey, we’re Hollywood, we do this sort of thing all the time. 236 more words

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Space Invaders Extreme [Nintendo DS] Review

You probably think there isn’t much you can do with Space Invaders – a game so universal that it surely requires no introduction. Yet, the developers Space Invaders Extreme on the Nintendo DS have done an excellent job in proving you wrong. 854 more words

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Space Invaders: Best Buy

Periodically, we’ll dig deep (really deep) into outrageously large packages which hold the smallest items. We’ll pull back the wrapping and see exactly why these companies do what they do. 237 more words


The INSECT INVADERS are coming!

Space Invaders – the 1978 arcade classic – can teach us a thing or two about Insect Invaders…..? Sure, why not! The space things (insect invaders) are trying to reach the bottom of the screen (enter the ecosystem). 332 more words

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The abuse of power and the descent into barbarity

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,391

Sunday 03 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sure it has troubled people oppressed by governments and dictators throughout time, what do you do when the state becomes the enemy of the people? 326 more words

Keith Lindsay-Cameron

So Simply, very good?

In the podcast’s inaugural episode, the Volcano Bakemeat Radio Crew talk about the games that that turned them into gamers and what makes a game “so simply, very good.” 199 more words

Eternal Darkness