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First release of my final project for my Architecture of Computer Games (SE456) class to my personal website. This game was developed as a C# console application… 41 more words


SpaceWaves 2.0 update.

Yesterday (7/23/2016) I decided to update SpaveWaves a bit, and bring it into a more modern project setting.

Indie Dev

64 bit graphical hand held

I read a post on Hackaday about a ‘64 bit graphics’ hand held game system powered by the atmel 328…an Arduino Uno like handheld. Well, the headline was a bit deceptive, the 64 bit part was correct, as there is an 8×8 LED matrix being use for the ‘screen’. 243 more words

Computers And Internet

Another bit of 8 Bit. And some Supeedo Raisuru.

It’s quite some time since I drew these us, but this is the last one. Closure bro! and onward and upward!! and pash the antelope!!!


Retro game review: Super Stupid Space Invaders

This was a game I discovered on dosgames.com.  It’s based on the classic Space Invaders arcade game, except it’s text-based and runs on MS-DOS.  I  downloaded it and started playing it in DOSBox.   268 more words