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Unleashing My Geekiness With The ZBox*

I’m a real geek at heart – whether it be for reading multiple books at once, watching numerous episodes of anime or playing on the PS4 for endless hours! 493 more words


Bugs: Not Always Something to Squash

An interesting part of game development that I hear so little about are “accidental features”. Sometimes the code doesn’t work quite as intended and produces a resulting system or mechanic that is interesting. 653 more words


Pacman + Pong + Space Invaders = Awesome!

Check out PACAPONG,  the mash-up of Pacman, Pong and Space Invaders.  It’s super retro video game fun.

Cool Stuff

Even More Emulated Microcomputers: 8080 on a Stellaris Launchpad

just sent us his work on emulating a handful of 8080-based microcomputers on a Stellaris Launchpad, including the bare-metal to run Space Invaders. We know what you’re thinking:  181 more words


I is for... Invader

There has been an invasion of little, and sometimes not so little, pixellated men across the globe, starting in Paris in 1998.

They seem friendly enough so if you want to meet some of them you can track them all on… 132 more words


Chapter 14, The Physical

Chapter 14

The Physical

“I see you have all arrived, and welcome to my medical bay” Shipp intoned. “We have much to do, but first I think you all must know more about what I intend to do, and what it entails for you. 4,541 more words