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Street art in Paris

If all the world’s a stage, it may as well be a canvas too.

As you visit Paris, scurrying perhaps between one art museum and another, keep your eyes peeled for the many works of art on display right out on the street: sprayed or stenciled on a wall, pasted to a pillar, affixed to a street corner or integrated into a road sign. 1,018 more words


Game Review - Flip Ships

It was just another ordinary day when the invasion happened. The sky went dark and, through the clouds, you could see a massive object floating for what felt like an eternity. 2,284 more words

Board Games

Episode 1 - The Arcade


In episode one Harry Moroz, Rick Wood and Aaron Flohr discuss arcades. Particularly video arcades from the golden age of gaming centered around the Atari corporation in 1979 – 1984.


The 1983 Video Game Crash

In 1983, the video game industry almost died in North America.

Back in the 80s, video games were very popular. To play the latest and greatest meant driving or taking a bicycle to the local arcade or paying $200 for a home console. 467 more words