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My first game..... SPACE INVADERS!

This is my first game! It was made for my final project for our web module last year.

We were tasked to create space invaders, using Javascript and jQuery. 58 more words


Pixel Graffiti |Tokyo|

I passed this graffiti image in Tokyo and if you aren’t familiar with pixel graffiti then now you. Space Invaders is an arcade video game developed in Japan and released in 1978. 105 more words

Curious About It?

Overdose on Retro Brilliance with PacaPong

Pacapong might be the most amazing thing I play this week.

Created by designer Dick Poelen as part of the Ludlum Dare 58 game jam, Pacapong is a competitive Pong-style game where players fire Pac-Man at each other, collecting points / building a life bar. 42 more words

Video Games

Game-Based Learning

I appreciated this article. Our instructors keep telling us to find ways to “gamify” our instruction. And Game-based learning seems to be all the rage these days. 258 more words

"Pac-Man's a bad guy?" Pixels trailer!!

Well, well, well.  What have we here?  An Adam Sandler and Kevin James movie that actually looks worthwhile?  Say it ain’t so!!

As a life long gamer, this movie speaks to every ounce of my inner geek.   47 more words


Retro Gaming: Space Invaders

I haven’t done a retro gaming post in a while so I figured now would probably be a good time to do one. Last time it was Pac-Man and this time it’s Space Invaders. 443 more words


Space Invader Cake Bites and Chefs Who Inspire Me

This post isn’t going to write itself, is it?



Admittedly, this week has not been a good week. At all.

If one were to re-label the Space Invaders as ‘Stress’, and the lone gunner as ‘My Brain’, that’s kind of how it’s been. 1,095 more words