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The Moon Village

Did you hear about the Moon Village ? In March 2016, ESA’s Director General Jan Woerner was interviewed on his proposal on his proposal of a Moon Village, the quest for exploration and 3D printing in space. 262 more words

Space Law

How do lawyers search for life in outer space, by Mihai-Claudiu Dragomirescu

Are we alone in the Universe ? This question has been obsessively asked since the dawn of modern astronomy. One might venture to say that the issue transcends science, and has in fact preoccupied the minds of philosophers and religious thinkers of ancient and medieval times [1]. 2,009 more words

Space Law

The Moon, common heritage of Humankind

The Asgardia Project, revealed to the world on October 12th, aims to create the first ever nation in space, meaning a need to create a new framework for ownership and nationhood in space. 129 more words

Space Law

A Quick Reality Check: Asgardia Does Not Pass The Sniff Test for an Independent State

The proposed “nation” of Asgardia has generated a lot of buzz in the media since its announcement and even more so with its spread through social media. 800 more words

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The United States on Space Legislation?

   U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015-2016


The United States government recently put a measure into place, H.R. 2262, which in effect is spurring space flight in the private sector. 131 more words

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Space Law

To the Moon & Back


Juno’s launch to Jupiter by NASA is a reminder that space technology is steadily inching closer to achieving what was considered impossible before.The mission will open up new vistas in space exploration as it goes to set an unprecedented record. 726 more words