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Is Space Tourism Travelling Faster Than Space Law?

By Gbenga Oduntan

Space Daily

Space tourism is fast becoming the new frontier in the transportation business. Driven by profit-making private venture capital, the push to offer customers some direct or indirect experience with space travel is no longer the stuff of comic books or science fiction. 188 more words


why india needs a space law ?

Space age begin :-> with LAUNCH of Sputnik 1 by the former USSR in 1957

INDIA’s evolution :->> india passed through various eras with its own goals propelling it… 411 more words


Comet Lander, Philae, Wakes up #space #law #science #realestate

The Philae, which landed on a comet and then shut down, has woken up. So, once again, we await data on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

In light of… 180 more words

Real Estate

The US has space experts worried about an extra-terrestrial land grab

Plans to make money in space are missing one of the fundamental ingredients to any business: property rights.

If you go mine an asteroid, as… 844 more words

Trial and error part 9

Defense lawer jim drake called various down philosophical perponents. He tried to prove that this was iligitiment. He was going for jury nulification.
Linius and cuyler attacked there cradibility. 1,135 more words


Why international law matters in outer space - Part 2: because, military!

In the first part of this blog post yesterday, I described the extent to which we are dependent on space technologies for our daily activities, and the role of international law.  1,394 more words


Law in Space - by Frans von der Dunk

As the technology to expand space travel develops and proliferates, the law of space becomes increasingly important. Professor Frans von der Dunk examines the key areas of space law and looks towards the future. 1,080 more words

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