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Space Monkey (Cont'd)

They had docked the ship at one of its side-entrances. The arena was a gigantic floating city in space, the sole purpose being: Business through Spectacular Demise; the gorier the scenes, the bigger the applause, the higher the adrenalin, the likelier it was that the audience would return. 211 more words


Yippee "PI" yay day!!

Today is “pi day”, and was established by American math geeks to honour the mathematical constant pi.  As you may recall from those long distant geometry lessons, Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle as against its diameter.   307 more words


Music I'd Forgotten About: Space Monkey [UK Psytrance]

Ah Space Monkey. It had drifted out of my mind for a while, as psy-trance isn’t something we get a whole lot of these days in the Tri-state area. 120 more words


Gingerbread project 2014 - T.A.R.D.I.S

After the success of the gingerbread AT-AT last year for our Star Wars Christmas party, I was pleased that I had the excuse to try my hand at another sci-fi classic this year, as I drew a fellow geek-chic-ette in our office Secret Santa. 221 more words


Vivint Enhances Smart Home Offering with Space Monkey Acquisition

Vivint announced the acquisition of Space Monkey, an innovative cloud storage company. Space Monkey uses a peer-to-peer network, rather than a data center, to offer greater speed, security and cost savings for personal storage. 135 more words


Moon Monkeys

We’re sending land monkeys through space,

transforming them into space monkeys

searching for Mars monkeys.

We could pull it off:


Moon monkeys


(if they had proper space suits.) 52 more words