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Grab that calendar off the wall and mark the date: Monday, April 24th will see the launch of my next film, SPACE MONKEY: ORIGINS! 308 more words


Space Monkey Soap Co.

I make art, I write, and amidst an eclectic myriad of other things, I also make soap. Thus, in an attempt to make the one thing that I don’t really make: money, I made advertising. 231 more words


Evil Space Monkey vs. Space Monkey - Alpha-1 (03/05/2017)

Trask: Bananas are akin to streamers when Space Monkey is being introduced. I’m just going to refer to Evil Space Monkey as Evil Monkey. The match kept pace as a hot opener that never slowed down. 115 more words


Buck Nasty & Kody Rice vs. Mike Hartenbower & Space Monkey - AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: I don’t really know what to say about this match, it was…something. Space Monkey has some great banana based offense and can do some really impressive things while holding two potassium filled fruits. 99 more words


National Wrestling Day & Chikara Pro.

Chikara Pro are putting on matches today in honour of National Wrestling Day, which benefits the Superkick Foundation. A foundation that is so needed, helping those who are veterans, or those or those who are dedicated to the craft of wrestling and need help living. 782 more words



Good news, everyone! My longstanding love-affair with the wonderful world of professional wrestling is alive & well! I recently shot SPACE MONKEY, a short film / promotional video for the oh-so talented independent wrestler, … 162 more words