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Beyond Black: Project 'Preserve Destiny'

This is a reworking of the ‘Above Black’ album, imagined as data recovered after millennia locked on magnetic media. Partially corrupted; only some of the original data remains, so interpolation has been used to reconstruct the messages left for any sentient beings who discover them. 16 more words

Dark Electronic Music

Best Modern Classical and Meditative Music in 2017 (so far), the Playlist

In the previous post we have selected the musicians and the works which impressed us the most within the Modern Classical and Medidative musical category. Five beautiful albums spanning from the spatial soundscapes of Erik Wøllo to the neo-classical music of… 65 more words

Best Of

A new ambient mix called Drifting in Space

A dreamy ambient voyage into Space. NASA shuttle included, you find yourself drifting in Space with the likes of Monolake, Tetsu Inoue, Biosphere, Lustmord, Mick Chillage and ISHQ! 70 more words


Oophoi & Tau Ceti - Celestial Geometries

‘Celestial Geometries’ transports you to the far reaches of space and leaves you stranded there alone.

Gianluigi Gasparetti (Oophoi) and Enrico Cosimi (Tau Ceti) present ‘Celestial Geometries’ an album of large, droning ambience released on… 698 more words


Steve Roach - Immersion : One

Designed as “Tone meditations for the living space” ‘Immersion : One’ is the first of a series of long form releases from ambient musician Steve Roach. 408 more words


Announcing, “Feel The Slowness”!

I am taking a momentary pause now from posting my poetry so I can bring you an announcement. I am proud to announce that my long-awaited second soundscape album called “Feel The Slowness” has dropped via my Bandcamp ( 112 more words


Album Review - Celldweller - Transmissions: Vol 4 (2017)

Availability: Spotify, Bandcamp, FiXT Store, iTunes

You Are Radio Transmission
, is a short interlude to the electronic instrumental album and the fourth installment of the Transmissions compilation. 978 more words