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New Review of "Eko Eko Aradia" from the folks over at Ptolmaic Terrascope!

A nice review from Ptolmaic Terrascope (http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Reviews/Rumbles_July_15.htm)

check it out!

“Eko Eko Aradia” by Comets Ov Cupid is a terrific set of four Kosmische drone/synth/effects-laden-guitars pieces, all of which build up a suitably spacey atmosphere. 134 more words


This is a new idea I am trying here, to spotlight the SoundCloud pages of artists, many of which only have their SoundCloud pages as their web presence, especially new or under the radar artists and so this is another means to give a bit of a boost  and shine a light on their music.

This week introduces  Lomita


Blog Post #374: A New Look

Yes, boys and girls, time to do some house-cleaning, add a lick or two of paint, shake out the cobwebs, freshen up the ol’ joint a little. 135 more words


ALTUS - The Time Collection (2015)

review by Richard Gürtler

Acclaimed Ottawa, Canada-based ambient drifter Mike Carss, acting under his moniker Altus, was always known as an artist who focused on digital formats only and offered them for free through his website. 740 more words


Space Cowboy 5-play

After I visited Geoff @ https://1001albumsin10years.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/odyssey-to-2001-top-5-space-tunes/ and briefly chastised him for leaving out Flock of Seagulls with his post —-I thought: “Hey, I got a blog, why not riff off what my Canadian friend is doing and write my own post?”—-and then I saw… 335 more words

Rock Music

Starlit and Bible Black: DAVID CROSS and ROBERT FRIPP's Starless Starlight (2015)

by Allister Thompson

If you are a proghead, there’s no doubt you are very well familiar with King Crimson’s classic 1974 album, Red. This very unusual album is dark, heavy, sorrowful and beautiful, containing both brutal, angular elements and the heights of celestial beauty, usually in the span of one tune. 588 more words


Nurse With Wound - Space Music

This was, believe it or not, commissioned for the Melbourne planetarium. It really makes you wonder what they used it for as it isn’t the relaxing, spaced out float through space the title and cover art suggests (well, not all of it anyway). 21 more words

Nurse With Wound