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Empty of Shadows

I stumbled into some deep, dark drones yesterday and before I mucked it up by trying to tweaking it I thought I’d share. I’ve been pushing myself to do more improvisation and less painstaking messing around on the computer, which sort of seems like a rationalization for laziness in retrospect but it’s pushed me in a lot of good directions and made me better understand the tools at my disposal. 47 more words


Stellardrone - Cosmic Sunrise

Stellardrone is the musical pseudonym of Lituanian composer Edgaras Žakevičius, who began making music in 2007. Cosmic Sunrise comes off his second release Sublime released in 2010. 161 more words

Track Of The Day


hSOp0116_space_2 – space music and image by Haldor Paulsson. Copyright 2016. https://youtu.be/bvMpzM0Perg

Haldor Paulsson

FM-84, Syntax Keep Us Grounded While Taking Us Into Space

There’s a very excited, nervous vibe in the air lately — at least at Vehlinggo — and so I’ve been listening to a lot of chill, downtempo, ambient, galactic and other forms of electronic music that focus on the contemplative side of things. 713 more words


WARM - This is What I Became

Most of these posts are meant to pretty relevant regardless of when some future person might stumble upon them, but this one has got a tinge of urgency because Gap Dream (aka… 245 more words

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Symphonies of the Planets

The artist of the above track is in part the Voyager space probes themselves, who collected the raw electromagnetic data from space which were edited into the sounds you hear. 568 more words

Track Of The Day

Mirum Mulier - Metaphysical Spectra

Artist: Mirum Mulier
title: Metaphysical Spectra
keywords: ambient, IDM,
label: GV Sound

Just because we came back with commercial shit,
I thought it is nice to also have something to celebrate with a free downloadable thing. 573 more words


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