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Starlit and Bible Black: DAVID CROSS and ROBERT FRIPP's Starless Starlight (2015)

by Allister Thompson

If you are a proghead, there’s no doubt you are very well familiar with King Crimson’s classic 1974 album, Red. This very unusual album is dark, heavy, sorrowful and beautiful, containing both brutal, angular elements and the heights of celestial beauty, usually in the span of one tune. 588 more words


Nurse With Wound - Space Music

This was, believe it or not, commissioned for the Melbourne planetarium. It really makes you wonder what they used it for as it isn’t the relaxing, spaced out float through space the title and cover art suggests (well, not all of it anyway). 21 more words

Nurse With Wound

The Geometry of Night/Companion double CD release - shipping May 29th 2015

Here you can find the re-release of ‘The Geometry of Night’ with its new sister album ‘Companion’. Below you can read the lovely promo blurb from Loki Foundation: 199 more words

Dark Electronic Music

Ten beautifully tranquil new age albums

Ah, New Age, ambient’s shunned cousin kept locked up in the attic, well away from the cool kids. Well, it was shunned at one point, anyway. 2,304 more words



Have decided this track is finished so here it is,

Wikipedia definition of a Pulsar…

‘A pulsar (short for pulsating radio star)[1] is a highly magnetized, rotating… 137 more words

Laura Berry

fennel season

Three easy ways to cook  fennels: / Tre semplici modi per cucinare i finocchi:
1–salad / -insalata
2–stew / -stufato
3–with red radicchio sauce / 1,527 more words


Władysław "Gudonis" Komendarek - I Am An Alien

Generator.pl, GEN CD 035, 2015

  1. Prince of Darkness 12:45
  2. Empire of the Pure Souls 12:53
  3. Spring Impressions 09:42
  4. Open Galaxy 25:40
  5. Gunboat 10:24

Польский музыкант Владислав Комендарек всегда казался самым настоящим пришельцем с другой планеты. 28 more words