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Seattle Spring Break

The infamous phrase “spring break” conjures thoughts of sunny beaches, drunken encounters, and hazy memories laced with the regret. Hoping to break the mould, instead I catapulted myself north to the chilly shoreline of Seattle, in Washington. 1,055 more words


Month In Review: February and March wherein I do a lot and also nothing

Once upon a time I became a workaholic who’s social life began and ended in take out and movies at her boyfriend’s place and falling asleep exhausted and waking up exhausted only to go to work and repeat it all the next day. 668 more words


Seattle Nights: View from Kerry Park

Kerry Park offers some great panoramic views when it comes to the Seattle skyline. I was happy I had brought my zoom lens, otherwise the trees would have obstructed the view onto the Space Needle. 58 more words


Seattle Nights: Pier 55 and Downtown

Seattle features some great views at its legendary Pier 55. The Ferris Wheel is one of the most pronounced tourist attractions at this site. I tried to focus on other architecture in addition. 54 more words


Three Visits to Seattle Space Needle

There’s something about Seattle and its Seattle Space Needle that I don’t know why and can’t explain. Just like other places I have ever been have its own “tower” attractions, such as Paris has Eiffel, Seoul has Namsan, Taipei has Taipei 101, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has Petronas. 842 more words


Life List: Visit Seattle

I fell in love…with a city.

I’ve always wanted to see Seattle, but I thought the rain might keep me from really felling head over heels. 329 more words

Space needle employees protest 1000 days without a raise


On the morning of Wednesday March 18th employees of the Space Needle Corporation gathered outside the Seattle landmark to protest working for over 1,000 days without any kind of raise. 140 more words