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Sept. 14th – 18th, 2017

My first time visiting Seattle, Washington. As soon as I stepped out of that airport, I fell in love. The trees, the weather, the obnoxious hipsters and the humble hobos made me feel right at home. 515 more words



Kerry Park is the place to be for one of the best Views in Seattle. Most days you are able to see the Space Needle and Mt. 452 more words


My Trip to Seattle

My random plan to Seattle was a blast. Stayed in the city for a week and did a bunch of sight seeing and walking. Seattle to me looks like San Francisco, but green everywhere. 113 more words

November Project

Space Needle 

I finally went to the Space Needle! Let me start by saying that if you’re afraid of heights don’t go on. I’m not scared of heights but being up there made me a little dizzy. 204 more words


Seattle - The Fancy Navajo Travels

I am happy to start my travel series of some of the places I have visited. I am total foodie at heart and a lot of my travels revolve around food. 2,663 more words

#399: Go to Seattle


I guess the title should be Go to Seattle AGAIN, because yes, I have been there before but also not really. I went in 2009, however upon arrival I got extremely sick and didn’t take any photos or remember much other than throwing up outside of Pike’s Place market. 373 more words

Bucket List

Elves live here

I never level capped in the world or warcraft, but I did get to explore and played until maybe the level of 40. I remember playing as an ork shaman and so started off my Wow life in Draenor. 875 more words