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Audio Book Review: How many shares are too many?

The Unincorporated Man

Written by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Justin Cord has been awakened from his hidden suspension unit approximately three hundred years after being stored.  273 more words

Reviews Of The Works Of Others

Killjoys' sixth episode has me cautiously optimistic about the show's future

“One Blood” is definitely the best constructed episode of this show so far. It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than most of the previous half of the season, and it’s the first episode that I’ve finished with a real feeling that the story is moving along. 340 more words


Chapter 2 - Rick 34.15: Repurposed

This is a serial novel, so if you’re new to Home: Sol, it’s best to start at the beginning.

I was mid-stride when I reappeared. 2,531 more words


Firedrake Redeemed Chapter 1

(This is way different from anything else I’ve posted so far. First chapter of a space opera that I’m working on. Still a first draft, and will probably get a rewrite or some major editing at some point. 9,375 more words

Christian Fiction



                Entry into Tramous always made Jacob feel sick. Not entering the atmosphere; that part was pretty tame. But the second the landing pod hit the storm wall, Jacob’s breakfast always threatened to reappear. 2,001 more words


Space Opera: The Terran Sector

An updated map of the Terran Sector for Space Opera, or in fact any other game using a 3D map. The map is a 200x200x200 Light Year cube, centered on the Sol System.  161 more words


James S. A. Corey, Abaddon’s Gate (2013)

As promised, I bring you the review of the third installment in the Expanse series. It started so well with Leviathan Wakes, it got slightly worse but still quite readable with… 777 more words