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Genn’s having trouble lining his thoughts up. He remembers Janice and Jade, but not why he’s on board this ship. The medics have given him a kernel device to help his transition, but Genn knows there’s something else they’re not telling him. 26 more words


The Legion of Space - Jack Williamson (1935)


They were the greatest trio of swashbuckling adventurers ever to ship out to the stars! There was giant Hal Samdu, rocklike Jay Kalam and the incomparably shrewd and knavish Giles Habibula. 516 more words

Space Opera

Book Review: Faith by John Love (Three Stars)

Book Review: Faith by John Love

Three Stars out of Five

A science fiction tale melding hard science (mostly correct), with first (well, second) contact of a really weird kind, with a prolonged (almost book-long) space battle. 98 more words

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Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. CXXVII (Matheson + Carr + Davidson + Sheckley)

Another varied selection of recent acquisitions—the majority are gifts from Carl V. Anderson at Stainless Steel Droppings.  Thanks so much!  A signed edition of Hal Clement’s Close to Critical (1964) is coming your way! 498 more words

Science Fiction

Micro-fiction 017 - Ophelia A.I. (Robot series)


After the apocalypse humanity needs the robots to run the colonies, but what happens when a robot falls in love with a prince?

Echoes | Ophelia A.I. 1,362 more words


Jupiter Ascending

I went to see Jupiter Ascending the other day, and its worth a go. If you want enjoy the great special effects see it at a suitable theatre. 125 more words

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Review of The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord

I picked up this book with delight from the library shelves, after hearing very good things about Lord’s writing. It didn’t hurt that the cover was speckled with stars, either… 547 more words

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