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Dark Minds by Michelle Diener - Feature with Excerpt

I am excited to feature Dark Minds, the third book in Michelle Diener’s Class 5 Series.  The preceding books, Dark Horse and Dark Deeds… 1,753 more words

Scifi Romance

New Map

A galaxy is a big place. Sometimes it’s a little too big. I decided to shrink the scale of known space down to something a bit more manageable. 36 more words


"Star Trek: Beyond"

There’s an ugly secret amongst fans: we don’t know what we want. Oh, we can piss and moan about inconsistencies, have impassioned arguments, write long essays that attempt to prove that we are right (*cough*), and even create petitions with signatures numbering in the thousands. 1,243 more words


Early Preview of My Book Cover. "Katu Justice" Soon on #Kindle, #Youtube, #AudioBook #scifi

Hi  everyone! I’m so excited that my fooling around with the Lt. Mazula’s story turns into a  reality. What do you think of this early version of the book cover? 56 more words

Review: ZIMA BLUE and OTHER STORIES, by Alastair Reynolds

My successful encounter with Alastair Reynold’s short fiction in Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days persuaded me to look for more of his stories collections and this one proved to be again different from what I expected: there is a wide range of themes and moods in this anthology, and it helped me appreciate the different shades of storytelling of this amazing author. 772 more words


In Brief | STAR TREK BEYOND (2016 Film)

Not only did First Contact peak the Star Trek movie franchise in 1996, but its success also triggered Star Trek‘s devolution into the disposable nonsense that J.J. 251 more words


Gay fantasy romance: Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle

Gay fantasy romance Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle is now available at Amazon for only 99p!

Whilst finishing up a good day’s work in the Earth Interplanetary Administration Office, Karlan Staithley is disturbed by the appearance of a strange alien called Tuluscan Six. 194 more words