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[Free eBook REPEAT] Space Trap by Juanita Coulson [Science Fiction]

Space Trap by Juanita Coulson is her science fiction space opera adventure novel, free again for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint. 310 more words

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Dark Wine



An interstellar war is brewing.  Races will come together in common purpose to fight against a dark and evil foe.

A temporal anomaly propelled humans from the 21st century into the future.   1,614 more words

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Amy J Hamilton introduces Radish Fiction

Amy J Hamilton introduces Radish Fiction.

Radish what now? I’d never heard of it before either. What, you have? Well, go and read my books then. 409 more words


The Expanse Read-along: Cibola Burn - Week 2

On Ilus / New Terra, the human colonists are locked into a vicious cycle of violence and revenge. With no back-up, there’s little Jim Holden can do to calm things down – and every sign that both sides are more interested in first strikes than striking deals. 1,110 more words


Skills & Layout Preview

Here is a sneak peek at the new skills system and the new book layout for the next draft! With specializations gone, players can freely select skills to build the character that fits their desired playstyle.

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Lightning mark

Lighting marks, alot of the returning veterans had them, fighting on the stoney mountaintops, there was high risk of getting struck by lighting. A red, spidering mark spidering down my neck and wrapping around my chest and down past my hips screaming, ‘warning: ptsd and various other physical and emotional baggage.’ 381 more words