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Pretty much how I spent my entire Tuesday


Featured Artist: Michael Kagan

Hi guys,

Sorry for the slight hiatus. My sister and I spent the weekend participating in the Halifax Crafters Spring Market and I worked most of Monday, and then Tuesday I took a break and had drinks with a best pal and spent most of the day watching movies cuddled up!! 448 more words


Blast From the Past!

This one was sold even before it was created.

“Blue Universe” – Spraypainting


Rising Tides

Captain’s Blog; Star Date 05312013WP:

This is my last stop before heading into uncharted territory.  Protocol would have me dropping a communication probe within this planet’s orbit to stay connected with the NET. 16 more words


I Want To Be Alone

Captain’s Blog; Star Date 05302013WP:

I put in a request for a one maned exploration corvette class ship.  I wish to fly into deep space where the connection to the NET requires probes.   233 more words


Gamma Ray Burst

Far off in a distance (unknown light years) an exploded star releases a gamma ray burst.  Is radiation will wash over this planet changing it forever, killing what primitive life forms do live here or mutating them into a new evolutionary direction.