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Featured Artist: Michael Kagan

Hi guys,

Sorry for the slight hiatus. My sister and I spent the weekend participating in the Halifax Crafters Spring Market and I worked most of Monday, and then Tuesday I took a break and had drinks with a best pal and spent most of the day watching movies cuddled up!! 448 more words


Blast From the Past!

This one was sold even before it was created.

“Blue Universe” – Spraypainting


Rising Tides

Captain’s Blog; Star Date 05312013WP:

This is my last stop before heading into uncharted territory.  Protocol would have me dropping a communication probe within this planet’s orbit to stay connected with the NET. 16 more words


I Want To Be Alone

Captain’s Blog; Star Date 05302013WP:

I put in a request for a one maned exploration corvette class ship.  I wish to fly into deep space where the connection to the NET requires probes.   233 more words


Gamma Ray Burst

Far off in a distance (unknown light years) an exploded star releases a gamma ray burst.  Is radiation will wash over this planet changing it forever, killing what primitive life forms do live here or mutating them into a new evolutionary direction.


New Home

Transhumans have won the war but at a cost, we killed many Pure-Fleshers in a battle in Sector 110.  This win made many against use lose heart, for their conscious end with death, while ours can be transferred into personal drives, then installed in either clones, machines or The Net.   170 more words