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Astronaut's Stunning Photo Shows the Darkness That Sweeps North Korea at Night

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is spending the year in space aboard the International Space Station, tweeted a stunning image of outerspace view of North Korea on Saturday showing the vast country without power while twinkling light illuminated the rest of the world. 110 more words

Watch gorgeous timelapse of Earth from space station

Thanks to Twitter, we don’t have to travel to space to get a bird’s eye view of Earth.

Several astronauts have embraced social media and post amazing photos and videos almost daily. 101 more words

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Like millennials, these stars are moving toward the 'suburbs'

For the first time, white dwarf stars have been captured moving from the center of an ancient star cluster outward.

You could call it a suburban migration… 232 more words

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Thank you, Messenger, for sharing Mercury with us

On Thursday, one of NASA’s most interesting programs wrapped up with a crash landing on Mercury.

Don’t worry, it was planned.

The MESSENGER — standing for “MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging” — spacecraft ended its exploratory mission by slamming into the surface of Mercury at about 8,750 mph, … 125 more words

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Seaweed Farms which you can see from space!

NASA has just released some amazing photos, taken by their satellite ‘Landsat 8’ showing enormous seaweed farms, in the ocean off the coast of South Korea. 100 more words

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Hubble Space Telescope Provides 1 Million Observations Over 25 Years

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided over 1 million observations. The telescope is named after Edwin Hubble, the astronomer who discovered in 1929 that the universe was expanding. 68 more words

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Special Announcement from ESA: "Calling All Photographers!"

13 April 2015

See http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Copernicus/Calling_all_photographers

For the launch of Sentinel-2A, ESA is inviting you to take part in a photo contest focusing on the theme of ‘colour vision’. 393 more words

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