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Book Review - "Spacejackers : The Lost Sword" by Huw Powell


PB, 312 pages, Bloomsbury

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Jake Cutler, teenage space pirate and rightful ruler of the lost planet of Altus, has to face down the might of the Interstellar Navy and prevent them from starting a war that will consume the galaxy. 218 more words


AD 2400 Firedrake Redeemed Chapter 6

(First chapter of this space-opera is HERE.)

Level 4 Darkspace

Main Kir-Tenz/Sol Trade Route

Federated Galactic Planets Jurisdiction

Teska Jzakaneth, the tall, auburn haired, tan furred, half-Mrin defense officer of the Clydesdale-class merchant freighter Tara Lane, watched the numbers dance on the combined sensor/astrogation display for the ship and tried to ignore the fact that they were in the deepest level of darkspace. 5,257 more words


Flash Fiction: Barium Deeper

More Star Citizen related art, just because.

I wrote this piece for terribleminds, because my last piece was 1000 words too long for this week’s space opera challenge… 1,083 more words


Rayessa and the Space Pirates

“There is no new thing under the sun” — Ecclesiastes

Young adult fiction is the most satisfying segment in publishing these days, so I sometimes check out (literally in this case, as I got it from the library’s Kindle collection) titles that I wouldn’t normally consider. 344 more words


Supergirl vs. Space Pirates

In this 1970s story from DC’s Adventure Comics #415, Supergirl gets abducted by evil space pirates to serve as their captain’s unwilling wife while the rest of Earth is destroyed. 217 more words


Inkitt Writing Contest!

Another story for an Inkitt Writing Contest! I can work with this. It’s just the first chapter of it, but be sure to check it… 18 more words

Short Story

A Bad Idea 57

There were three of them, each odd in their own way.

First there was Doctor Madd, the German student with the metal hand. He wasn’t actually a doctor — he said his parents had named him Doctor, in the hopes that it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 288 more words

A Bad Idea