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Dark Lords Welcome Initiate, Entrepreneurs

Byss – Dark Lord Infestus again led the weekly meeting of the Dark Lords of the Sith on November 7th, and began with notice of a new Initiate, Superbia, a former Jedi now seeking vengeance on the people of Thustria. 159 more words

Anime Review ~ Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space Pirates

(watched it dubbed in English)

(Haven’t read the light novel yet)

This show follows Marika Kato as she finds out that her father has passed away and was actually the pirate captain of the space ship The Bentenmaru. 241 more words


2. The Derelict

     Everyone filed out of the locker room suited out and kitted up. Geral with his many heavy tools and weapons hanging from various straps and belts, Georgia in a pressurized suit designed by Felix to keep her together as well as bend and flex with her, and Buzz and Jax in the space-walk uniform of the fringe that is, suits cobbled together from various parts. 994 more words


1. You have to start somewhere

     The earth was dead humanity had been uplifted Conscripted retrofitted resurrected inserected and finally liberated. But now the earth was dead it wasn’t due to an attack in a grand battle or a war on the planet’s surface it wasn’t even to build a new hyperspacial express route. 1,136 more words


Book Review - "Spacejackers : The Lost Sword" by Huw Powell


PB, 312 pages, Bloomsbury

Buy it from Amazon

Jake Cutler, teenage space pirate and rightful ruler of the lost planet of Altus, has to face down the might of the Interstellar Navy and prevent them from starting a war that will consume the galaxy. 218 more words


AD 2400 Firedrake Redeemed Chapter 6

(First chapter of this space-opera is HERE.)

Level 4 Darkspace

Main Kir-Tenz/Sol Trade Route

Federated Galactic Planets Jurisdiction

Teska Jzakaneth, the tall, auburn haired, tan furred, half-Mrin defense officer of the Clydesdale-class merchant freighter Tara Lane, watched the numbers dance on the combined sensor/astrogation display for the ship and tried to ignore the fact that they were in the deepest level of darkspace. 5,260 more words


Flash Fiction: Barium Deeper

More Star Citizen related art, just because.

I wrote this piece for terribleminds, because my last piece was 1000 words too long for this week’s space opera challenge… 1,083 more words