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The new covers together

I thought I’d share with you the new promo postcard I put together featuring the revamped cover of Rayessa and the Space Pirates and the new book Rae and Essa’s Space Adventures. 183 more words

An Idea, an Idea, My Kingdom for an Idea!

You ask any author what the hardest part of the job is, and you’ll get one of a hundred different answers. Some think it’s editing and revising, some think it’s naming characters, some it’s writing a satisfactory ending, and so on. 432 more words

Space Pirates, and Some Angels

In latest writerly news, the official release date of the anthology Accessing the Future, home of my big bad space pirates as well as fourteen other brand-new disability-themed science fiction stories, has been set for July 1st. 376 more words


Rae and Essa Space Adventures

The story continues. Once again Rae is out in space, but this time she’s chased by Essa. Both go searching for Opi, their mother and for Alwin Anton, who have gone missing. 48 more words

Book Covers

Robert Curbeam

So first out of the barrel we have Robert Curbeam, which I thought was a pretty ridiculous name for an astronaut until I realised that it’s pronounced  158 more words

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: Boldly Experimental, Not Entirely Successful

Nintendo recently had a digital sale where Metroid Prime Trilogy was offered for only $10. Being the cheapskate Nintendo lover that I am, I couldn’t pass up that deal. 1,458 more words

Video Games

Harlock, Firebrandt, and Reynolds

During the holidays, while watching Space Battleship Yamato 2199 with my daughter, the subject of another anime icon came up—Space Pirate Captain Harlock. … 889 more words