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Space Pirates. Strong on "Space" - weak on "Aaargh".

You know, there’s something very odd about a pirate adventure in which the the actors playing the pirates offer the most restrained and understated performances.  Even their costumes are less absurd than those worn by the other characters.     755 more words

Non human traffic

Having just finished the first draft of my novel Sunder, I found myself at a loose end and so decided to go through many of the book ideas, that had been threatening to overwhelm me recently. 2,933 more words

Short Story

Florrum Crowns A Queen

By Kesare Sauvage

FLORRUM – The self proclaimed Pirate King, Mad Hax, crowned his Queen, Phee Reaver in a brief ceremony christened with rum at the Reaver’s home base. 542 more words

Inside The Never Before Told Story! The Death Of Darth Hex!

By Kesare Sauvage

QUESH – A 10,000 credit bounty placed by Darth Hex for every Jedi light saber collected on Quesh failed to deter the New Alderaan Enclave from joining the Resistance, Mandalorians and Fel Empire in battle, and battle they did, against Sith, pirates and the atmosphere of the corrupted, polluted planet itself. 726 more words

Fel Empire Reclaims Quesh!

By Kesare Sauvage

QUESH – “The Fel Empire remains committed to removing the Sith from the galaxy, and reclaiming our stolen Empire. We were never totally conquered, you know…” 777 more words

Onderon LifeDay Ball A Success

By Kesare Sauvage

The Annual Life Day Ball of Onderon was a successful crowd as usual though only one of the Queen’s daughters appeared, wearing a stunning purple outfit and accessories. 243 more words

Meteor Mags: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy

The first ten Meteor Mags stories are now collected in a 400-page illustrated book: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy. You can find it on that glorious bastion of twenty-first century capitalism, Amazon.com, in both… 340 more words

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