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The Author as a god...(updated)

Science fiction authors have the challenge of being a virtual god when they set out to create the universe within which their characters are required to function. 535 more words


Get 'r done, then do it over...

Finally decided I needed to do a major overhaul on my first book. I never really expected it to do well so I haven’t been particularly disappointed. 289 more words


Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance Book Banners

Why do you need Cutlass!: A Sci-Fi Space Pirate Romance? Because it’s got sexy rival space pirate captains and non-stop action as they hunt down an alien ship from a lost civilization. 41 more words


Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

When I heard about this book, I thought it would be really interesting. I’ve been trying to read more books that take place in space because I’ve started really liking space adventures. 711 more words


Characters Are What They Eat

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat.” My post’s title though refers less to nutrition than what you can reveal about a character through scenes set at mealtimes. 622 more words


Factions: Space Pirates and Criminals

Throughout the Galaxy, those who don’t accept the Council’s rule live on the fringe of society and make their way however they can. Not so much a faction as a loose group of law breakers who will band together if need be to avoid prosecution. 11 more words

Rampageo Industries

Jane In Space - A Rude Awakening For Miss Austen



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 10 – A Rude Awakening For Miss Austen

They called out, and she could see them, but not hear a word.  243 more words

Jane Austen