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What's Your Favorite NASA Mission Soundtrack?

NASA recently commissioned a song for one of its missions (H/T STEMDaily).  The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been orbiting our moon since 2009, taking readings of the lunar surface.  117 more words

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What SpaceX Thinks It Knows About The Test Failure

On September 2, SpaceX conducted a static fire test of a Falcon 9 rocket and payload that resulted in the catastrophic loss of both (translation – stuff blew up in a big way).  348 more words


SpaceX Explosion Mars An Otherwise Solid 2016

Today a SpaceX rocket and payload exploded on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral.  The company was conducting a static fire test, which involves fueling the rocket and firing the engines, when the explosion occurred.  325 more words


It's Too Early To Get Used To Yet Another SpaceX Landing, Right?

I know, frequent landings of reusable rockets are critical to the long term business plan of SpaceX.  But I think it’s a little too early to think that time has come. 182 more words


Commercial Space Launch Update; Some Old And Some New

Sadly, nothing to report that’s quite as exciting as a landing (successful or not), but SpaceX and Blue Origin continue to toil away at improving the cost for access to space. 232 more words


U.S. Government Grants Moon Landing Authority To Private Company

Today Moon Express announced that the federal government granted the company authority for a lunar landing in connection with its 2017 lunar mission.  This is the first of three planned missions that the company has… 225 more words


Wait Wait Talks With NASA Administrator

7/23 Update – Added the topic of the Not My Job quiz.

The NPR radio program “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” taped in the Washington D.C. area tonight, and the episode will air on NPR stations this weekend.  148 more words

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