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Luxembourg’s New Space Law

Luxembourg has become the second nation, the first in Europe, to provide a legal framework for space resource utilization activities (i.e. space mining). Their law comes into force a little over a week from now, on 1 August 2017, and an English translation can be found… 1,007 more words

Commons Science and Technology Select Committee Review of UK Draft Spaceflight Bill

The Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology recently conducted an enquiry into the UK Draft Spaceflight Bill[1] and have now published a report on the subject. 1,134 more words

Space Law at the UN

I spent the past week in a windowless room in Vienna, and had a really interesting and enjoyable time. I went as part of the SGAC delegation to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) Legal Subcommittee (LSC). 1,190 more words

Mining and Construction on Mars

One of the most exciting aspects of the bootstrapping process on Mars will be acquiring the resources from the indigenous environment for the colony to consume. 1,781 more words

Space Policy

Spexit: What Does Brexit Mean for the UK’s Place in Space? Part 2

This is the second of what will probably be three posts on the consequences of Brexit on the UK Space Sector. The first post served as a general introduction to the UK space sector and Britain’s membership of the European Space Agency. 1,696 more words

UK Spaceflight Act 2017

A UK spaceport has been on the horizon for a few years now and there are number of different sites scattered throughout the UK that have been positioning themselves as the most viable candidate. 1,088 more words

Spexit: What Does Brexit Mean for the UK’s Place in Space? Part 1

This was originally intended to be a single post largely derived from a presentation I gave at a conference on ‘The Impact of the 2016 Referendum on UK Membership of the EU’ at my alma mater, Newcastle University in September 2016… 1,662 more words