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Silver Machine -- Hawkwind / David Brock

Dave Brock

Of “Hawkwind”. I’ll post this, too, as it is a fun live show. 12 more words

Paleons: Hyperborean LP

I have been waiting this one¬†like waiting for the moon to rise. Preordered this months ago and finally it arrived today. I’ve been listening this album a lot within last few months (MP3 files I got when I ordered physical copy) and have to say I’m very pleased. 39 more words

New Ones

We Will Always Be by Windy & Carl

If you’ve yet to check out this wonderful drone duo, now is your time! It’s essentially just really good drone. Perfected even. The entire act of listening is pleasurable. 11 more words


Cool album by a pretty crazy Peruvian group from Lima. If you know anything about the psych scene there, its pretty nuts. Dance beats and crazy space rock guitars. 16 more words

The Comet is Coming - Death to the Planet

These are clearly very well known by the standards of who I usually blog about, but I don’t care. I don’t have a prejudice against well-known bands, it’s just that they so rarely do anything which actually interests me, let alone blows me away. 251 more words

My Epic Wishlist

Gong - You (1974)

4 out of 5 Stars!

I’ll admit, I’ve always had a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with Gong, loving much of the French group’s excursions into Canterbury Prog and Jazz-Rock territory, but hating (or rather, “not fully embracing,” since “hate” is too strong a word) much of the silliness that appears on some of its albums, like the hippy-dippy-trippy Psychedelic ingredients that occasionally seem to go on too long, and the spacier, free-form elements that sometimes seem more “endless, boring noise” than actual “engaging music.” 165 more words

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