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Les Sorciers du Theil

I can’t remember where I heard or read about these. Apparently they convene annually and improvise some music. Maybe they should convene more frequently. 55 more words


Minami Deutsch-Minami Deutsch (Cardinal Fuzz CFUL051)

Japan has reputation of being a bit of a hotbed for outsider music. Those of you who have read Julian Cope’s excellent ‘Japrock Sampler… 264 more words


Random Start: Hum - “The Very Old Man”

So, Failure was absolutely incredible earlier this week, but I’m still suuuuuper jealous of everyone on the east coast who got to see them with Hum.


(New Album Review) The Soviet Space Programme- Space Is Hell

Space is Hell by The Soviet Space Programme, the brainchild of prolific North English poet and musician Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison, is a conceptual one-off hinged on a ghastly alternate-history– suppose Ivan Ivanovich, the dummy sent into space twice by the Soviet Union about a month before Yuri Gagarin’s historic orbit and the true first “man” in space, was in fact a real man forever expunged from Soviet record. 103 more words

Still Editing…

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m still working hard at editing The Good Four. Hopefully I will have Act 1 complete very soon. 15 more words


Streaming Now: The Quash Wagon Reclusion - "A Room With Tempered Walls"

Rock’s most deviceful act since the Melvins surprise us with a mind-altering jazz record, dubbed le jazz infini — a most probable allusion to Blanchot’s seminal work, … 42 more words