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Caught By The River - Doves

It may be an old one, but this Doves track still gives me chills. It’s never too late to discover this song, and there’s no such thing as listening to it too many times.


Amplified Observations: The odyssey of space rock started long before 2001


Luke Furman | Columnist

Somewhere between the quasi-classical complexities of post-rock and the hazy melodies of shoegaze exists a certain type of music focused on recreating the atmosphere (or rather lack of atmosphere) of the deepest thresholds in our galaxy. 485 more words

Amplified Observations

Band Of The Week: Lybria

There are two types of bands these days. Those that blatantly rip off the bands they are influenced by, and there are bands out there that use other bands as inspiration to come up with something that really represents them. 98 more words

Band Of The Week


Tarot by Walter Wegmüller is one of those wonderful, dotty follies of vinyl packaging that transcend normal expectations with bravura wackiness. Released on the Cosmic Couriers label ((Die Kosmischen Kuriere, for those who do Deutsch) in 1973, it hovers near the very peak of my LP Grail list. 859 more words

B) Seventies [1970 - 1979]

The Killer Robots! Crash & Burn Hits VOD July 15th

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

50’s B-movie enthusiasts and Robot Chicken fans will most likely love The Killer Robots! Crash & Burn. Trying to categorize this movie is not easy. 645 more words


Space Rock with Radar Men From The Moon

Naming themselves after a 50’s US Sci-Fi TV series does make you think there’s going to be a lot of Shadowy Men Or Astroman? about their sound but these guys aim more for your actual space rock. 209 more words


Black Mountain / Floating Points live on KEXP

I listen to KEXP’s Live on KEXP podcast each week, and if it’s a band or solo act that I really like I tend to check out the live video on YouTube. 82 more words

Black Mountain