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Picking the Next Stop

Picking the Next Stop

Every assignment can’t be Miami, Florida or Honolulu, Hawaii, some considerations need to be made and some pull and tug will inevitably occur.     305 more words

Around the RV Park

You just never know what you might run across here. I have smurf villages popping up everywhere.

On this day …..

Oregon Adventure

The Oregon adventure starts with us leaving my actual “hometown” Sudan, Texas. It all started on October 29th, 2016. We wanted to take our time traveling up to… 724 more words

Colorado is over for this round.

Here are the last few pictures of our Colorado adventure. The next assignment we are off to and currently on is Roseburg Oregon. Thank you… 143 more words

Don't Forget The Map

Don’t Forget the Map

Technology is great but there are lots of stretches of really lonesome highway where cell reception is nonexistent.   It is always good to have a paper atlas/ road map with you.     356 more words

Trail Ridge Road

Day trip on Trail Ridge Road in mid-August. What a great day!  We had a great ride and were joined by the kids and grandson. That always make for a better day. 35 more words

Grocery Shopping

When you travel quite a bit it is hard to be loyal to any one chain of stores, but sometimes what is not readily apparent is many of the regional chains are owned by the same national company so they just look unfamiliar. 208 more words