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Futons: Savvy Space Savers

Chances are, you’ve owned one or at least slept on one at some point in your life, but have you ever wondered where futons actually came from? 539 more words


Tiny Homes Big Ideas

Here’s another great article on how tiny home inhabitants are making the most of their space…


What would you do differently?


Solutions Sought For Somerville's Space Saver Graveyard

SOMERVILLE (CBS) — Space savers are piling up like snowbanks in the city of Somerville.

Unlike Boston, Somerville does not allow residents to hold onto parking spaces they’ve shoveled out with space savers. 111 more words


Too soon? Even as MORE snow falls on Boston, city officials end practice of saving parking spaces

(CNN) — Boston has been clobbered by Mother Nature this winter — buried during the snowiest February on record for the city. After this winter’s storms, the people of Boston saved parking spaces that were cleared of snow — using things like chairs, coolers and other household items. 374 more words


Snow Coming, But City Says Space Savers Still Have To Go

BOSTON (CBS) — More snow is in the forecast, but Boston residents who shovel out a parking space on Monday won’t be able to save it, the city says. 108 more words


Living Minusculey Ever After?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at the ways couples can save space and money when moving into their first studio or one bedroom apartment together. 379 more words

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