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24th Century Cruiser Part 11

This is a more substantial update than the last one. I got the rest of the saucer section windows in. I put quite a lot of windows on the saucer bottom, to fit with other Star Trek ships. 378 more words


24th Century Cruiser Part 10

It’s not a massive update, but I’ve kind of been picking at the lower saucer grid lines all week. It’s tedious work, so I’ve been breaking it up. 43 more words


Silver Pod Part 25: The Last Clones

I find myself spending more and more mental energy on how the structure of this story will look when I rewrite it. I think I have resolved far too much of Ohnsy’s internal tension and the tension between her and Besh too quickly. 930 more words


24th Century Cruiser Part 09

So, despite my claim that I was done with this for now, I can’t help but be nitpicky. My escape pod hatches were bothering me. What really bugged me was that some of them were close to the phaser arrays. 76 more words


24th Century Cruiser Part 08

So, one last update before I call it a day. I’ve been thinking about how to add text to the ship. Of course, textures are always an option. 31 more words


24th Century Cruiser Part 07

I found a shortcut to doing booleans in Blender without leaving behind a bunch of geometry I don’t want and it’s been a real time saver for getting these windows in. 109 more words


24th Century Cruiser Part 06

I started adding windows to the ship. I decided to start with the saucer perimeter. I opted for one row of windows here, as they did with the Enterprise-C, as I feel two rows would be too cluttered. 296 more words