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Aerospace company Blue Origin is going to crash a spaceship on purpose. Here's why

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It’s such a nice spacecraft, so shiny and new, it seems a shame to crash it.

But that’s what Blue Origin may very well do on the next flight for the rocket it calls New Shepard. 814 more words


Tunnel Vision

British craft beer is an exciting subculture to be a part of, but whilst its proponents and their beers are progressive, many are blind to what might be holding it back. 1,893 more words


From Brunskill School to Mars: Dream big

Olaf Storaasli was in his early teens the first time he drank coffee. He bought a cup for a nickel to warm himself up after an afternoon of tobogganing on a neighbourhood hill. 1,876 more words


Have lunch with a NASA astronaut at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

When you sit down to have lunch with NASA astronaut Don Thomas he can tell you about the time he was all strapped in and ready to blast off into the wild blue yonder in the Space Shuttle Atlantis. 713 more words