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Venus Passes Pleiades

Venus has risen high in the evening sky and is a very bright beautiful sight. During the evenings of April 1 – 5, it passed through the star cluster Pleiades. 179 more words


CSI in Space: A Futuristic Mystery Coming Soon

From novelist Beth Barany

By Beth Barany

I love writing about adventure and about strong women having adventures. A few years ago, I decided to write mysteries set on a space station hotel casino because I thought it would be an exotic location, especially if I set my story in the future and especially if I wrote it from the point of view of my detective, Janey McCallister. 780 more words

Writer's Notes

Returning to The Day of Skylab's Demise

Remember Skylab’s last few orbits? The damn thing split apart as it passed overhead. Orbs with tails streaming behind them then disappeared over the horizon and we awaited news of its crash. 479 more words


The independence of Space City

The Core Module

On year 3, the 17th of Minmydon an unusual contraption took off from the Desert launch facilities.

Having doubled down on the production of the Orbiter product, Space X had repurposed a launch stage by replacing the top of the tank with a fairing and removing the orbiter, thus straightening out the tank engine. 778 more words

Space City

The Second Space Station

Tensions were high in KSC command room. Today would mark the day that the second orbital station around Kerbin would become a fact, but where one might think that this would be cause for excitement and joy, most Kerbals thought of this with stress. 683 more words