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Bar Fight -Chapter 33 – Dakota

The food tray she’d been placing on the counter was rattling against metal, adding to her headache. It had been Dakota’s second night without much sleep and she was starting to feel the weariness it brought, and the touchiness about sharp sounds. 1,495 more words



Dear readers,

it has been a while since I wrote my last post but I’ve been quite busy and there haven’t been any news about ASPS work (or better: there is an interesting one but it’s Laureti’s wish to not talk about it, at the moment). 803 more words


Bar Fight -Chapter 32 – Kyle

By the time he looked up from his trousers, Tyton was gone. He checked the time, it wasn’t past three yet, so he could still get some sleep if he wanted to. 961 more words


The Officer - coming June 28

Summer is here! Do you have a good book to read?

Well, I’ve got one for you! The Officer is almost here. Eleven science fiction stories examining the duties, challenges, and downright chaos of authority in strange places. 119 more words


The Last Generation

Kalki popped another dilaudid pill into his mouth. His arms were beginning to lose some function. His head turned to the glass of water next to him, and he swallowed the opiate dry. 705 more words


Weightlessness in space!

It’s commonly believed that astronauts on the space station are weightless because of the absence of gravity, yet the pull of gravity on the space station is virtually the same as here on Earth. 35 more words