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In light of the fact that they are now once again juicing up the flux capacitors at CERN (they use flux capacitors at CERN, right? I’m pretty sure they do…) in order to rip holes in the space-time continuum and collapse the dimensional divides, in order to usher in some Nephilim-horde army, I’ve been thinking about portals a fair bit lately. 608 more words


Definition #150 (Jeanne from Queens #22) Speed of Light

Freckles on Mom’s cheeks

emerge on baby’s face: pink

with daughter’s  blushes!

Albert Einstein:

The only universal constant is the speed of light, which never changes under any circumstances. 31 more words


Time-traveling Redemption

Modern man, particularly modern Western man, lives with the illusion of having mastery over time. We strap it to our wrists or consult it on our phones. 2,479 more words

Day 71 wherefore art thou!?

Well it finally happened, I missed a day. Yesterday I forgot to post here. I had sat down a few different times yesterday to write but each time I got interrupted by other things: the whining of my children, the chirping of our guinea pigs (needy little things), the cat, the kettle, the phone and whatever else may have distracted me from my task at hand. 55 more words


'Snomme' my goodness, an update!

Hello, everyone!  I don’t feel like getting too deep into an update, but I feel it’s necessary.  It’s like stirring the waters, keeping the magic real, and making sure I don’t become a lazy son of a gun.   255 more words


Saving Daylight

Hello and welcome to another week of flagrant fibs here at Factually Deficient. This week, I would like to once again address a highly topical matter raised to my by my friend Jack. 312 more words

Blatant Lies

Random Space-Time Theories

Okay, so I have had some crazy talks about space and physics and ridiculous things with some friends as of late that have my head spinning faster than a grown up on the teacup ride. 643 more words