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Patent application

Patent application

To/  Mr One Biertankard
Patent office
Planck Centre

From/  A Kranc

Dear Sir

I hereby apply for a patent that will result in an increased capacity of any car park. 581 more words


Cockroaches of the Space Time Continuum

My mother always said, “Time Travelers are the cockroaches of the space time continuum.”

She should know. They love her. She hates them. I don’t blame her. 1,700 more words


Voyage of time

days go by

turn into weeks

you lay on a bed

stuck in deep sleep

dreams become reality

parallel universe

your new home

while you keep travelling… 24 more words

Daily Prompt

Photography as Time Machine.

I named my blog ‘Time Machine’ for a reason – a camera not only freezes a moment in time but can also explore the space-time continuum within a two-dimensional still photograph. 35 more words


photographic evidence

Photographic evidence I wore makeup on Sunday, this day of our Lord on June 5th, 2016.

Also I wore a bra but you don’t get a shot of that. 22 more words


Back And Forth Through Time and Space.

At times during my recovery I’ve felt a little as if I’m travelling back and to through time, which, for a bit of a sci-fi geek, you’d think would be quite a cool thing. 690 more words


Breaking the space-time continuum in Gradius V (PS2)

Reputed to be one of Treasure’s best games and one of the most ambitious shmups of all time, Gradius V is the stuff of legend. Expensive and difficult to track down on its native PS2, thanks to the PS3’s online store it is finally within easy reach for PS3 owners. 962 more words