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A Year in The Lady Shed

I’m not a great one for anniversaries.

There’s that classic cliche about husbands forgetting wedding anniversaries, much to the wife’s annoyance. Well, I think that’s a bit rubbish. 619 more words


Clearing space

Someone once told me about a Chinese proverb that says the state of your floor reflects the state of your mind, in which case, reserve me a bed at the nearest mental health facility, quick! 150 more words



It Works for Me: Our regular recommendations feature where volunteers and staff share their experience of what works for them when it comes to promoting wellbeing. 572 more words

It Works For Me

Look at this! Artist / writer retreat

 Do you need space to think in? From October 2013 this completely self contained studio live/work space will be available for you to rent for a minimum of 3 days.  30 more words


Space: The Final Frontier?

“Space; the final frontier!”

So, opens Star Trek.

But I don’t want to zoom around the galaxies seeking out new civilisations, going boldly where no man has gone before (notice I avoid using the famous split-infinitive here). 813 more words

Put Your Creativity First; the rest will follow.

This week I have not been dancing, not writing, not painting, not anything that uses my creative brain for the joy of it. Instead I have been crafting plans for my new business. 817 more words


Ask Yourself - What Do I Feel Like Doing Right Now?

Today I find myself in the gorgeous Hunter Valley, 2 hours north of Sydney.

Why am I here?

Yes I realise I am asking a somewhat metaphysical question. 318 more words

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