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Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre - third anniversary

Mark Gibbs – Head of space weather

It was nearly seven years ago, when my boss said “Mark we’ve got a little project for you called space weather “. 544 more words

Met Office News

Severe Space Weather on Mars

Oct. 4, 2017: More than 150 years after it happened, scientists are still taking about the Carrington Event—a solar storm in Sept. 1859 that sparked Northern Lights as far south as Cuba and sprayed the entire surface of Earth with high energy radiation. 562 more words

Space Weather

Solar Stormwatch is back!

We’ve just launched Solar Stormwatch II.

This new, improved version of the project needs you to track solar storms through space to improve space weather forecasts. 49 more words

Citizen Science

Watch "Second X-Flare in Two Months Signals the Grand Solar Minimum is Intensifying (450)" on YouTube

What David doesn’t consider is the growth of social media and technology which allows these heavenly events to be captured and shared easily…which has also affected reporting of hurricanes (satellite coverage) and tornadoes.