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Meteor fireball observed across 11 southern U.S. states

If you saw a bright flash in the sky around 6:16 a.m., it wasn’t lightning. It was a short trail, exploding fireball that lasted around three seconds. 100 more words

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Mystery object (possibly a meteorite) lands in UK garden after loud thump in middle of night

This mysterious rock like object is causing quite a stir in Lowercroft.

Now the couple in whose garden it was found are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what it is — and where it came from. 324 more words

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Space Weather, Planet Connections, Oarfish | S0 News Feb.13.2017

This is one of our favorite Utube channels – suspicious observers. Time was when we used to think that only the moon exerted gravitational effects on the earth (lunar cycles & tides, etc) but today we are coming to learn of the tremendous electro-magnetic effects between the earth & Sun. Amazing, the more we learn.


Earthquake, Earth-Facing Quiet, Top News | S0 News Feb.11.2017

We hope that you in SC were able to get a view of a meteor show @10:00pm – 03:00am last night. Due to very clear skies, there were many meteors to be seen streaking across the night sky. 14 more words


Getting Familiar with Space Weather: What Happens at the Earth During a Day of Calm Weather in Space?

An angry sun at the center of our solar system from time to time blasts the planets with solar flares, proton hailstorms, and magnetic tsunamis. These aspects of space weather are the… 2,601 more words

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