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Cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere now are approximately 10% stronger than they were 1 year ago.

Last month, spaceweather.com reported that cosmic rays are intensifying. Measurements so far in February 2016 indicate that the trend is continuing. In fact, the latest balloon flight over California on Feb. 27 more words


From Caltech: "Chasing Extrasolar Space Weather"


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Earth’s magnetic field acts like a giant shield, protecting the planet from bursts of harmful charged solar particles that could strip away the atmosphere. 657 more words

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Aurora Borealis

Ozone Hole Forms Over UK

From SpaceWeather.com

For the past week, sky watchers in the UK have witnessed a rare apparition of polar stratospheric clouds(PSCs). Normally restricted to the Arctic Circle, the fantastically colorful clouds have appeared over the British Isles almost every day since Jan.

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The Sun

Jupiter Visible Early Thursday AM

Take a look outside early Thursday morning towards the east. The skies are clear enough to easily find the moon in the eastern sky. Wear a jacket though, it’s a bit cold outside. 91 more words

Space Weather

Magnetometer in the Making

Space weather has long been an interest of mine, and of many of the students passing through my astronomy courses. The interaction of the Sun, it solar wind and our Earth’s magnetic field are just fascinating. 189 more words


Adventures into Reality, Jan-18-16 ~ Galactic Historian

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Andrew and Kathy will be continuing their fun conversation about the perils and the triumphs of their many years of private and public reading sessions. 113 more words