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Arctic Circle have reported nightly displays of bright noctilucent clouds.

NASA’s AIM spacecraft took this picture of the entire Arctic surrounded by an electric-blue glow on July 24th

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'Heart Will Explode' Malware and Solar Events ... by Alice ..

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • The ‘Heart Will Explode’ Malware
    • Why the kP Index Extremes Trigger Heart Health Problems
    • Removing the ‘Heart Will Explode’ Malware Will Allow Us to Benefit from the Incoming Light…
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Demonic Realm - Satan - Fallen Angels

Red dwarfs tend to be magnetically active, displaying gigantic arcing prominences and a wealth of dark sunspots. Red dwarfs also erupt with intense flares that could strip a nearby planet’s atmosphere over time, or make the surface inhospitable to life as we know it.

Dunn Solar Telescope

NASA filled the night sky with glowing blue and green clouds

❝ Since June 1, NASA has been trying to launch a small rocket to study the Earth’s upper atmosphere. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, the rocket finally carried its payload into space, giving a spectacular light show along the east coast, from New York to North Carolina.

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At a cost of up to $2 trillion, FEMA takes solar storms seriously.

NMSU professor McAteer comments on the FEMA plans to mitigate the perfect storm.

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