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Skygazers Will See Another Celestial Treat

We have been spoiled the past two weeks with space phenomenons. A lunar eclipse last week, International Space Station fly by Tuesday night, and now a cluster of 3 planets near the moon. 184 more words

Space Weather

Space Weather Centre one year old

The Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) has been operating for one year this month.

Space Weather  can impact all our lives, in particular the technology which we rely on and it is the study of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and magnetic field. 355 more words

Met Office News

Ham radios pick up space weather

Space weather may sound faraway, but solar activity and its effects on Earth’s magnetic field can impact everything from GPS networks to commercial power grids. To understand when space weather will strike, and why, scientists usually monitor it with expensive instruments. 50 more words


When to See the International Space Station Flyover

The International Space Station, which orbits roughly 200 miles above the earth at nearly 17,500 MPH will be visible at times throughout October here in Connecticut.   164 more words

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