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[Giveaway] Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf - White Thunderwolf Card

White ThunderWolf Card Giveaway

To redeem the codes and make your maxed out legendary White Thunderwolf card, open the shop and enter each of the codes into the special ‘redeem promo code’ field. 155 more words

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Life, what am I doing on my IPad a follow upĀ 

so, as you may have read previously I came to the realisation that a huge amount of my time was spent playing time wasting games on my iPad. 279 more words

My Life

Inquisitor - Deathwatch Space Marine

When i recently got back into the 40K universe i was rather lucky with my timing as my local GW store was running a promotion for its 2nd birthday. 210 more words


Found 3 boxes of storm claws at my FLGS today (and for $90 each!). Kept all the wolves and sold everything else. I made $400 and got to keep 15 space wolf terminators, 30 marines, one special edition wolf lord and a copy of the 7th mini rulebook for free! 9 more words

Ragnar Blackmane Wolf Lord

Ragnar was born Ragnar Thunderfist on Fenris, a barbarian of the Thunderfists tribe. When he was still a teenager, his village was attacked by a rival tribe, the Grimskulls, who slaughtered his family and most of his tribe. 239 more words

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