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The Honour of Writing Tie-In

Tie-in fiction can be a curious beast. For those unfamiliar with the phrase itself, “tie-in” involves authors writing in a shared fictional universe, nearly always scifi or fantasy in nature. 413 more words

War Zone Fenris - The Lost King Extract

From the first part of the Legacy of Russ, the continuation of the War Zone Fenris saga began in Curse of the Wulfen. If you like it, the entire first part is… 758 more words

War Zone Fenris Unleashed

After what feels like years of waiting, I can finally talk a bit about my part in the latest thrust of Warhammer 40,000 narrative. Today sees the release of… 122 more words

Redblade: A BL shorts review.

Redblade is one of the Black Library’s new short story ebooks, telling the tale of the former Blood Claw Drenn, and his clashes with authority during a campaign against orks amongst the floating lightning refineries of the gas giant Theron.* 438 more words

[Giveaway] Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf - White Thunderwolf Card

White ThunderWolf Card Giveaway

To redeem the codes and make your maxed out legendary White Thunderwolf card, open the shop and enter each of the codes into the special ‘redeem promo code’ field. 155 more words

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Life, what am I doing on my IPad a follow up 

so, as you may have read previously I came to the realisation that a huge amount of my time was spent playing time wasting games on my iPad. 279 more words

My Life